Win a Galaxy S6 Edge with AppLock+, the new security app from Avira

Update: Winner announcement for the Galaxy S6 Edge drawing
Win a Galaxy S6 Edge with AppLock+, the new security app from Avira

Would you like to secure applications like banking, messaging or photo apps, with an additional PIN? What about automatically locking apps at certain times, like when you're at work? Maybe you'd like to ensure your child only uses chat apps in the evening and not when in school. If so, Avira AppLock+ could be just what you need. 

Update: We have a winner for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge drawing. Head below to see if you won

1200x899 APPLOCK Press v3b
Keep your files secure with Avira AppLock+ / © Avira

What is AppLock+?

AppLock+ gives you a secure way to lock your files. Using a four-to-eight-digit PIN code, you stop others from using the apps that you wish to keep safe. 

1200x899 APPLOCK Press v2B
AppLock+ offers complete control over which apps are locked and which aren't. / © Avira

What are the key features of AppLock+?

This video offers a brief introduction to AppLock+ and its main features.

Privacy Protection - Share on your own terms with Pass Lock

When lending your phone to colleagues, or showing pictures to friends, you can’t always control where they look next. But with AppLock+, you can restrict what they see. Simply lock individual apps or group them together and grant access, for example, to your notes but not your personal communications, social media accounts or browsing history.

Unlimited remote device management

Remotely lock and unlock apps on your managed phones (as many as you like!) from Avira Online Essentials – our online dashboard. Our intuitive user interface displays an overview of all active apps per device and their lock status, which can be changed with one click. This feature is ideal for both concerned parents and device administrators.

avira advertorial one
Create a time and place for locking your apps. / © Avira

Parental Controls - Smart parental controls with a soft touch

AppLock+ helps you set healthy limits on your kids’ smartphone usage without being intrusive. Easily restrict purchases, new downloads, system setting changes and app uninstallations. With the premium version, you can even block games while your kids are at school, or set time spans when it’s OK for them to access Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

avira advertorial two
With a clean and clear interface, locking apps is easy. / © Avira

What are the premium features of AppLock+?

ScheduleLock for €1.49

Automatically lock apps at a given time, for instance, on workdays between 9 AM and 6 PM. Ideal for keeping your kids off Facebook Messenger while in class or keeping Pinterest from distracting you at work. Available as an in-app purchase.

GeoLock for €1.49

Automatically lock apps at a given location. Just enter the address on the map and determine a radius of 1-10 km around it to establish the 'safe zone'. Within it, your selected apps will be locked. Available as an in-app purchase.

avira advertorial three
Some of the advanced features of Avira AppLock+. / © Avira

Our free app locker lets you easily protect your privacy by requiring a PIN code to access confidential apps of your choosing, such as WhatsApp, Skype or Facebook. Avira AppLock+ is the best way to share your Android without giving access to your calls, messages or financials. 

1200x899 APPLOCK Press v1B
Location-based locking allows you to set which apps are automatically locked where. / © Avira

Drawing to win a Galaxy S6 Edge

Coinciding with the launch of the amazing Avira AppLock+ app we held a drawing to win a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and we have a winner. The winner was drawn right here at AndroidPIT.  

The winner has come from France. Congratulations to nicolasS7edge! You've won a brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. 

AndroidPIT Applock winner 2961
German, American and Italian Heads of Content look disappointed that the French Head of Content (3rd from left) celebrates a winner from his domain. / © ANDROIDPIT

That was the easiest way to win a Galaxy S6 Edge we’ve ever seen! 

androidpit Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus 1
This is the easiest way to win a Samsung Galaxy S6 ever. / © ANDROIDPIT

We look forward to reading your comments below.

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  • LEO Privacy is great I had to download it because it said a veris I was scared but LEO Privacy help it and you can also lock apps in case you don't want your bother or sister going I'm your game like I have a game called poke mini and I let no one play it

  • Thanks for the explanation. My faith is restored.

  • I'm sure I must have understood your winner announcement. You really didn't allow a member of AndroidPIT to enter and win your giveaway, right? If so, I gotta agree with Sean S. Tell me I misunderstood.

    • No, a member of AndroidPIT did not enter or win. The picture is of the Heads of Content for their respective countries. From left to right is Germany, USA, France and Italy. The person who won the contest is from France so the Head of Content from France is happy that someone from his country won the contest, which is why he is smiling.

  • this 'advertorial' kinda got under my skin. not cool that aPIT ran an ad that's a blatant scam like this.

  • Just instaled it, This Applock has a very nice feature like Geo Lock and time lock,the UI's are very clean and so simple, this makes everyone can easily understand it, very nice applock.

  • Omeli Apr 3, 2016 Link to comment

    Wow, wow the app is very light
    And is very simple to use, but it also gives me a High-tech vibe and it functions well☺☺😊

  • Nerver had a security app before, but this is gratis and verden usefull :)

  • Nice and easy with good security features. Makes it convenient to use.

  • Norm Apr 1, 2016 Link to comment

    Nice and easy. Makes it convenient to use.

  • Nice, clean small app with a short learning curve. Great for parental control & shared devices.

  • Nice, smooth UI with great animations. Just the right amount of form and function. Works flawlessly as intended.

  • Joe Apr 1, 2016 Link to comment

    the UI looks cool,better security and Geo lock too,ive tried various lock app i feel comfortable with avira applock+,since there is no inbuilt lock in my oneplus 2.the things i like is the app is low file size and no Ads in it too.i'm looking forward wiith some more UI changes like theme etc.

    Thank You for the opportunity

  • Downloaded what I considered an unnecessary app to win the phone. Wrong again! Good security gatekeeper and easy to set up/use. Gonna keep it

  • Cette application est très bonne et devient une concurrent de App LOCK. j'ai apprécié les contenus.
    espérons qu'elle aura des améliorations sur les cartes cars sommes dans les zones qui n'intéressent pas les développeurs.

  • The app is by far, tops my list of App Lockers followed by Hexlock! It has a smooth feeling with a wonderful Interface. The functions work as they are said to be and so far amazing! Would love it, if it had Tablet support too! Anyway, I would using this on my phone. Nice going Avira!

  • Looking forward to using Applock+. My phone has the guest option that enables my son to use my phone accessing only what I want but it is so glitchy. This will be perfect! I would LOVE 💘 to win Samsung's S6 Edge. Samsung phones are by far my favorite and I use it to its full potentential.

    • Sorry you can't win the phone. You put a ' and an s next to Samsung's name in the 'Samsung S6 Edge'. You're disqualified. Sorry. Better luck next time, honey. Now delete this comment and off with you. Buh-bye.

  • If you give a wrong email address, you cannot switch to your current/correct email address. Sure it is good to lock your applications and be able to secure them using a PIN/Password but it will take some time knowing the application.
    If you login with Facebook, it doesn't really do much. It still stays on the Sign In page and asks you to provide a username and a password.
    Edit: Just clicked on the 'Login with Facebook' again and it then worked. Seems like it has to do the process twice to make it run.

    Edit: The Shit part is that this application is not free. It should be free with basic functionality and should put hands in our pockets with Premium edition.

    P.S. I do want a Samsung S6 Edge.
    P.P.S. If I win, people's faith will be restored in humanity and these lucky draws. They will know of the unbiasedness of this draw.
    P.P.P.S. I think there is an even easier way to win a Samsung S6 Edge and that is if you announce "Login to Androidpit and win a Samsung S6 Edge" :D

  • It's easy to use & convenient app, simple & powerful app that keeps my apps safe & secure from unauthorized access, AppLock+ is the best app.

  • At first.. for that kinda mediocre. I partially doubt this app performance. I install it and good to say that its outrun my own expectations. Kudos to the devs who made this.. the best part its just all major functions of this app are in small package. Very Lightweight and Superb app.

  • i install lots of similar apps but Avira AppLock+ is simple, user friendly, Lightweight.
    take few mb's of memory, easy for use, but trail version just 14 day...that's sad. if they add material design UI, then it will more attractive. The geolock will be my favourite feature. Hope to see some useful features like fingerprint sensor to unlock apps...!!

  • Successfully installed the application, i have to say AppLock+ is one of the most innovative, well made and useful applications for security i've ever experienced

  • Martin Mar 30, 2016 Link to comment

    Just installed. It looks quite nice, simple and beautiful. The geolock mode is the masterpiece which is very useful. What i can say more, just have to test it the next days

  • Oran Mar 30, 2016 Link to comment

    Simple to set up and works exactly as expected! Wish the app would have come out earlier :)

  • So far, I like this app alot! It has many beneficial options that are very easy to use understand. Using this on my S3, is effortless! This phone has been rooted since day 1 (now running Kitkat 4.4), has over 230 "PAID" apps on it ;), still runs on the stock battery which still gives me a FULL days operating power, and added 64 Gb card still runs like a "Champ"! Thank you Samsung! So, as you can see, I'm A HUGE Android fan and always will be! So thank you ANDROIDPIT in advance for my winning this upgraded mobile powerhouse! Be well assured that I will put it thru many vigorous hours of testing and personal use! Rest assured that I will respond with a relevant & concise review after I'm rewarded....

  •   5
    Deactivated Account Mar 30, 2016 Link to comment

    simple, fast and reliable) beautiful design)

  • Great app. Beautiful design, more features than similar apps, it's an excellent option for parental control

  • Enrico Mar 27, 2016 Link to comment

    Will the winner be notified by email?

  • app lock is truly amazing , no trouble sitting it up. I can allow someone to use my phone and not worry about them going through it.

    • You're not supposed to suck up to App Lock. That's a separate application by different developers. Its AppLock+ that you need to mention when praying for S6 Edge. :)

  • I love the parental control. Really helpful.
    The ui is simple yet beautiful.

  • Great app. Beautiful design, more features than similar apps, it's an excellent option for parental control

  • raj Mar 26, 2016 Link to comment

    Great App ! Loved the way and type of locks available- on the basis of location and time. It simply helps us to maintain our privacy. Thanks for the application

  • Simply put the app is great. It has an easy to use interface nice ui design and it does the job well. Big up to the developers

  • Very useful . Simple and intuitive app, light but with many functions. Ideal to better manage and secure your smartphone.

  • Wonderful app... Used it for 5 days and the best thing about this is the Simple UI and easy instructions to set it up.

  • Very good app. Might be useful as parental control spp.

  • VERY GOOD!!!.Slick app for sure.!!Auto locks, P.G locks and the rest,makes a good 'peace of mind' app for all.

  • Great app, love it!!

  • This app will be a lifesaver by keeping prying eyes and sticky fingers from opening and running certain apps on my devices and phones. A little extra security is a great thing this day and age. Winning the S6 Edge would be an added bonus also.

  • installed, had to factory reset, thought was applock, WRONG after reinstall, found out this is the BEST app YET

  • Need a few minutes to understand how to use, but it was soon possible to understand the main functions, the translation into Portuguese is perfect!

  • Seems a simple app to get up and running. Price seems good too. I would definitely consider this app for my children (especially when they get their own smart phones).

    I like the option for setting times and days when lock is active.

  • Simple to use.

  • No more prank photos on my phone! Hahaha

  • Great app works well will use it on my s5 and the wife's s3 plzzz plzzz plz let me win the wife needs a new phone her s3 is so rubbish now

  • Great app does awesome job of keeping info protected

  • Avira made AppLock+
    for security reasons.
    Simple, smooth and foremost effective app for us
    to protect our privacy from any treasons.
    Great for all seasons!

  • This app is simple and nice. I like the material design. Easy to use n setup. Seems like a good app to protect my data from others. Keep up

  • Simple, clean yet refreshing user interface and what sets it apart from the rest of the mainstream apps lock is its features.

  • Oh great its really working fine n better than other..
    Its smooth and easy to use 👍

  • With so many security scares around and people stealing phones, this looks like a good solution to protecting my privacy.

  • Excellent app...step ahead than other security apps.....

  • Best security app till now.

  • The app is working like a car on turbo boost

  • The best! !

  • Nice app, exactly what I need. But it will be more useful if it can lock folders too, not only apps.

  • This app gives me a very good security in one click of download. I am very happy with Avira services. Highly recommended.

  • Total Lock Down of phone

  • It's a good app, easy to use , looks great, no bugs, works as a charm in my LG G2 CM12.1... Deservers 5 Stars

  • This app fulfills a need for privacy. Great idea, great app. Thank you.

  • storm Mar 21, 2016 Link to comment

    I really couldn't find a purpose for this app in my life. Everyone has their own device in my family, I'm self employed, my phone is rooted so no payment apps work. Maybe for someone else its useful

  • The application is user friendly and works as intended. No complaints here.

  • Martin Mar 21, 2016 Link to comment

    A very easy to use application, high quality and does what has to do.very impressive way for us to keep secure.,A user friendly. Thank you

  • Super app! I am happy to know that my privacy is safe, great work.

  • Maciej Mar 21, 2016 Link to comment

    It's easy to use app. You can keep you apps safe now, your friends can't do jokes now.

  • Great app and feel secure that my phone is safe.

  • A very easy to use app. No messing around. All crystal clear. Thanks.

  • Amazing i hv never seen such a wonderful app like this.really it is an angel to me.

  • Nesarr Mar 21, 2016 Link to comment

    Schedule lock and Geo lock are the best part of this app. Feeling B-) using these features!!! :-)

  • Enrico Mar 21, 2016 Link to comment

    Very nice app with a clean interface , premium security and small download size (keeps my little sister from snooping around my phone!)

  • Kaos Mar 21, 2016 Link to comment

    I'm using it since a while and I can confirm that works fine. It's an high quality app that does what has to do.

  • Very good app, its the best way for us to keep secure

  • This is great for traveling so I don't have to worry about others getting into my files when I set my phone down.

  • Bak mo Mar 21, 2016 Link to comment

    Nice phone, the app works perfectly with the phone and is very stable and secure

  • This application has a nice design and very useful features

  • Et helt fantastisk og let app som er meget let at bruge, tak for det.

  • Amazing app that doesn't eat up precious RAM like others do. It's Aesthetically pleasing and fits right into Android. 2 Thumbs Up from me

  • It is a easy to use and a convenient app. Has optional features which could instal later , gives me safe solutions for my privacy. I will recommand to my friends and to others.

  • AppLock+ gives me a secure
    way to lock my files. 👍👍👍

  • J V F Mar 20, 2016 Link to comment

    Muy recomendable para bloquear todas las aplicaciones de forma gratuita con un código PIN. Top

  • Paulo Mar 19, 2016 Link to comment

    Very innovative app. I use it to lock access to my e banking apps.

  • I ve tried a few apps lock apps this one is the simplest and most user friendly. Thanks Avira.

  • It's helpful app ... Thx avira for this great app :)

  • I was looking for app like this, cool.

  • I like being able to control access to all my apps anytime i want and the interface is user friendly.

  • I just downloaded the Avira Applock + and I have to say that I definitely feel better knowing that some specific apps of mine are protected by it. I wouldn't want just anyone to have access to things that I would consider personal or private.

  • it's very easy to use .. it's great app :)

  • Not many can provide security like Avira Applock. I dont need to worry if my friends using my phone. I'm glad AndroidPit introduce this apps at the first place.

  • P-J Mar 19, 2016 Link to comment

    Great app, nice lay out and very easy to use!

  • Too complicated to use and it doesn't have the option to use the fingerprint sensor to unlock

  • I was searching good apllication lockers. But the time I saw Avira Applock I asked myself why didn't I just install this easy to use application with a nice background so I downloaded it and it worked on all all of my applications. I even tryed it on my older phones and it worked with no problem. So I advise you to download Avira Applock for your security.

  • Nice app, glad I discover AppLock+ :)

  • @Avira Thank you guys! I love this App. It's nice and really easy to use. ♡ I am also using your antivirus and I am really satisfied.

  • Thank you guys! I love it! It's nice and easy to use. ♡

  • Simple. Lightweight. Does what it advertises.

  • good app which take only few mb's of memory, easy for use, and even pro version isn't so expensive if you need it

  • Sema Mar 19, 2016 Link to comment

    It is a good app, nice fast and most important its working.
    Download and dont worry no more about your privacy.

  • very nice application glad to have it.

  • I think this app should more credit than it does coz it's simply the best app locker out there

  • Used a couple of app lock apps but didn't really like them until applock+ , it's simple and easy to use. Good job on the app.

  • Very good app locker

  • kris Mar 19, 2016 Link to comment

    I love the design and easy to use. The geolock will be my favourite feature. I used some similar app in the past, but it's is the most user-friendly.

  • pretty cool. mega easy to use. simple ui, very straight forward. a dark theme would be cool, but not bad nonetheless.

  • I never trusted any applock apps before than The domobile Applock, it is the first time i am using this app. And Honestly I uninstalled the domobile Applock. I like the Geo lock concept very well! Hope to see some great things in future! Thanks.

  • I really love this app. Unlike similar applications AppLock+ provides a means to adequately secure files from unauthorised usage. It's a great

  • Really was looking for something like this that was actually nice. :-)

  • I am liking this alot, no more worries when ppl use my phone. Very simple to use . Personal STAYS personal!!

  • It's a great app, especially when my friend want to borrow my phone

  • Wayne Mar 19, 2016 Link to comment

    just installed the app on my phone. I was not sure what I was doing as there was no info to follow.

    • @Wayne Hi! There was a short guide. Maybe you have skipped it. I installed the version in French, but I am pretty sure that the installation and registration process is the same.

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