Shipped-ROMs Site Back In Action And 'Here To Stay'

Shipped-ROMs Site Back In Action And 'Here To Stay'

I reported back in mid-June about, a website that accumulates and hosts ROMs from lots of phones. Conflipper, the guy who runs the site, received a cease-and-desist letter from HTC back then due to infringement on their intellectual property. Now it seems that HTC and Conflipper are in good contact with each other, and that the site should stay online after some changes to files allowed.

Here is some of what Conflipper had to say in his post on the website:

Just got off phone with HTC, they did not want Test files on there. or Carrier files. Because something that is made for TMobile USA, is approved by both HTC and TMobile USA. This ROM will then feature programs that are made by TMobile.

I have already removed all test files. They are talking with the engineers to get me a list together. They have said since I am doing my part to comply, that I have no reason to worry about the 2 weeks being up on July 1. That I am okay to keep everything online until this gets worked out.

...So because of that, nothing will happen on July 1. I have asked about becoming a license partner with HTC, they said that is one option we could explore.

The biggest thing is that HTC is allowing me to keep it online for the time being.

TalkAndroid writes that "the website will remain up, and people can continue to about downloading ROMs from Shipped-ROMS without the fear of legal action being taken against them."

Engadget is unsure over the future popularity of the site, because "those test and carrier files are one of the big draws for the site, so we'll just have to wait and see exactly what's left when everything shakes out."

Conflipper also thanked the community for their support of his endeavour. Head to to read all that Conflipper had to say.

Other Sources: Engadget, TalkAndroid

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