Details Leaked On Upcoming Verizon Wireless Data Plans

Details Leaked On Upcoming Verizon Wireless Data Plans

We knew for a while that changes were coming to Verizon Wireless's data plan options, and now, thanks to a photo leaked to Android Central, we have some pretty solid details on their new pricing strategy for data. Possibly the two most important features of the new plans are that unlimited data for smartphones remains available, and the choice of pricing tiers for 3G tablet plans.

Below are the pricing schemes for Verizon Wireless set to come into effect October 28th, thanks to Android Central:

3G smartphone plans:

  • $15 per month for 150 MB ($15 for each 150 MB of overage)
  • $29.99 unlimited data

Phandroid notes that "with Verizon’s $15/month offer, if a user goes over their allotted bandwidth they will be charged an additional $15 to their monthly bill and given an extra 150 MB to work with as opposed to a flat data rate."

3G tablet plans:

  • $20 for 1GB (with $20 per GB overage)
  • $35 for 3 GB (with $10 per GB overage)
  • $50 for 5 GB (with $10 per GB overage)
  • $80 for 10 GB (with $10 per GB overage)

Regarding the prices of data plans for tablets, Androinica feels that "Verizon is definitely using some marketing here to try and convince consumers that using a tablet is a “premium” action and therefore consumers will have to pay more for it."

One of the commenters on Android Central expressed their belief that the pricing system for tablet data plans may be aimed at keeping users on Wi-Fi whenever possible when they are downloading a lot of data. That makes sense to me, especially if people will be using them to play movies, sucking up hundreds of megabytes at a time and slowing down other people's connection for two hours of use.

Expect a different pricing scheme for Verizon's LTE plans once the network launches. In addition, existing customers can choose to keep the plan they have now. As for the future of unlimited smartphone data plans, opinions in the community are split. Some believe Verizon's move may convince AT&T to bring back their unlimited plan, while some believe that the end of unlimited plans is nigh.

Other Sources: Androinica, Engadget, Phandroid

Image from Android Central

Source: Android Central

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