5 reasons why you should buy the OnePlus 2

5 reasons why you should buy the OnePlus 2

In our OnePlus 2 review we gave the device four stars and had a lot of positive things to say about the new OnePlus flagship. It's a high-quality handset at a very attractive price. But is it the best place to slap your hard-earned cash in 2015? Here are five reasons why we think it might be.

AndroidPIT OnePlus 2 display 3
Here are five reasons why you should buy the OnePlus 2. / © ANDROIDPIT

1. Your friends probably won’t have one

It’s not really cool or unusual to have a Samsung or Apple phone, is it? They're the two biggest manufacturers of smartphones in the world, after all. Owning a OnePlus 2 is way more original, and that it isn't exactly easy to come by gives you even more street cred.

AndroidPIT OnePlus 2 box phone back
Because its availability is currently limited, the OnePlus 2 is a pretty cool handset to own. / © ANDROIDPIT

2. It’s well priced

The 'never settle' motto might be something of a misnomer, but the OnePlus 2 is undeniably strong hardware for the price. OnePlus doesn’t have Samsung’s marketing budget, it can’t manufacture products in the same quantity that Apple can, but this also means that it doesn’t have to worry about the same margins.

The less OnePlus spends, the better it is for the consumer. And right now we’re getting a bargain.

AndroidPIT OnePlus 2 app drawer
You get a lot for your money with the OnePlus 2. / © ANDROIDPIT

3. It has a great design

Looks are subjective, but now that we've held the OnePlus 2 in our hands we're confident you won't be disappointed with the design. It's beautifully weighted, with silky metal on the sides, and grainy charcoal to give a lovely grip on the rear.

It's a good size, a comfortable width, with attractive looks and a well-balanced display. Great work, OnePlus.

AndroidPIT OnePlus 2 display 2
The OnePlus 2 has bags of style. / © ANDROIDPIT

4. It has 4 GB of RAM

There aren’t actually that many phones with 4 GB of RAM doing the rounds at the moment. The underrated ZenPhone 2 has 4 GB at a cheaper price than the OnePlus 2, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5 have 4 GB at a steeper price.

But the OnePlus 2 hits the price/performance sweet spot just right, at US$389 for the 64 GB version with 4 GB RAM on board. Why would you want 4 GB or RAM? Do you want superior gaming and multi-tasking capabilities? Do you want a phone that will still perform beautifully with Android Marshmallow and beyond? Of course you do. And that's why you'd want 4 GB of RAM.

AndroidPIT OnePlus 2 AnTuTu benchmark
With the OnePlus 2 you are getting one of the highest performing devices on Android. / © ANDROIDPIT

5. It has USB Type-C

Sure, you can’t charge the OnePlus 2 with your existing stockpile of cables, but you also can’t output 4K video with those cables either, right? USB Type-C lets you transfer huge amounts of data quickly, it’s reversible, and it has the aforementioned video output capabilities. What’s not to like?

AndroidPIT OnePlus 2 USB Type C connection 2
A change of charger might seem incovenient, but the USB Type-C connector has lots of benefits. / © ANDROIDPIT

Do you think the OnePlus 2 is worth the asking price? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  • i love to purchase but wanna invitation

  • When do onpelus one gets oxygen os update????

  • I would prefer one plus 2 instead of note 5, really a best smartphone in budget with high specification
    I dont find any reason that let me not buy this phone but the invitation sucks

    • I got mine from oppomart. I live in europe so the 4g bands work here. But you can't use LTE if you live in the USA. (If you get one from oppomart.)

  • Exllent device this goes to prove that the under dog's can really bite and bitting hardest
    is on the table in the electronic age .

  • will oneplus have Quick and wireless charge,
    how about a removable battery to reset freezing problem.
    3.1 USB Type-C and micro usb expansion, HDMI out are available?
    how to use T-mobile's free wifi calling and gogo features?
    To avoid heating problem why can't use snapdragon 820. Hope oneplus fix these.

  • Totally agree Chris, why the hell do I need invitation to buy a phone in this day and age...so many options available! Nexus all the way!

    • Haha okay I think I might be alone in thinking that the "cool-factor" of owning an invite-only smartphone makes the invite-only system worthwhile :(

  • I'll give you the only reason you need not buy this phone: no warranty. OnePlus wouldn't honor the warranty for a grounding issue which appeared in a large portion of their OnePlusOne phones. If you subscribe to the forums you can see the countless threads of complaints backing my statement.

  • No NFC!

  • The one reason I won't buy a OnePlus 2: invite-only purchasing.

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