Winner and loser of the week: the US circus rolls on

Winner and loser of the week: the US circus rolls on

Another week is behind us. Actually, it's nice to be a little more relaxed and not preach and prophesize the downfall or the revolution of the digital world every day. But of course, we found winners and losers this week as well.

There's a subject we still can't let go of. Huawei and the United States. There is no going forward and no going back - or only a very small step forward and then backward steps for the battered manufacturer, which as a company is still regarded as the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. In a dispute initiated by the US government, other companies are being dragged in. And then there are still one or two other factors that determine victory and defeat in our picks this week.

Winner of the week: Microsoft

Yes, you read that correctly. The Windows corporation is a winner. Currently in the Huawei context. Although Huawei itself also has something to be happy about here. Microsoft can officially continue to sell software products to Huawei. Will Huawei now seize the opportunity to renounce Android and launch the P40 with Windows Mobile? More like a crazy rumor. It's more about the notebook segment, christened the Huawei Matebook. The laptops - among other things blessed with a spy-proof webcam solution in the keyboard - can continue to run on Windows. Good news for Huawei customers of future Matebook models and good for Microsoft - a major customer remains.

Is that all? No. Microsoft also has one of our top five apps this week up their sleeve. Now you can combine all Office programs and other Microsoft functions and applications in one app. The whole thing still has beta status, but you can test it openly and yes - we think it's quite successful already.

androidpit microsoft office ! / The new Office app from Microsoft can already do a lot / © NextPit

Loser of the week: Huawei (quite objectively)

Is Huawei perhaps even the loser of the whole year? Well, objectively speaking, it wasn't another good week for Huawei. In the medium term, German company Deutsche Telekom wants to do without Huawei equipment in its core network. Now it's not just the smartphones that are in the picture, but also Huawei's second mainstay. It is possible that Telekom will bow to political currents, and Huawei can only stand idly by and hope that this nightmare will end soon.

In our review of the Mate 30 Pro, we also noticed ourselves that an Android smartphone of this price and quality class is really worse without Google service than it would be with them. The Android system just doesn't work half-baked. Even though the US government's so-called grace period has once again been extended by another 90 days, things are not really going well for Huawei at the moment.

Who has particularly convinced you in the past few days? Do you have any clear winners or losers? Let us know!

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  • marco sarli
    • Admin
    Nov 26, 2019 Link to comment

    Circus is the right word

  • storm Nov 25, 2019 Link to comment

    One Plus botching server security, AGAIN! Loser of the week.

    Yet again we see one plus is sloppy about implementation has poor attention to detail.