Here's why the Galaxy S7 should be your next phone

Here's why the Galaxy S7 should be your next phone

The Samsung Galaxy S7 should be in your pocket. The coming of Samsung’s newest flagship is right around the corner and, every year, that means one thing. One of, if not the, best phones of the year is about to land. Let’s take a look at why the Galaxy S7 should be your next phone.

samsung galaxy s6 4
The Galaxy S7 is going to blow your mind. / © ANDROIDPIT

It’ll be the world’s fastest

The Galaxy series has always been the vehicle that Samsung uses to show off its best hardware. With the Galaxy S7, we’re expecting something big. The company launched the first DRAM chip last September, priming its phones to run a massive 6 GB of RAM. This would bring the S7 closer to desktop performance territory.

This new chip will reportedly perform 30 percent faster and be 20 percent more energy efficient than the module used in the Galaxy S6. This would make the S7 the world’s fastest smartphone – something the Galaxy S6 already achieved, for a time.

androidpit samsung galaxy S6 advertorial 2
Expect some serious performance from the Galaxy S7. / © ANDROIDPIT

It'll have phenomenal processing power

What we’ve seen from the rumor mill leads us to believe that the Galaxy S7 will be stupidly powerful. Reports suggest that Samsung could use up to three different chips in the S7: the Snapdragon 820 in China and the US, its own Exynos 7422 chip in India and also the Exynos 8890 in Korea, Japan and Europe.

Is this even important? Handset distribution, perhaps not. But benchmarks, well, they tell a more interesting story. An AnTuTu benchmark, published online in November, showed a device running the Exynos 8890 chipset. This device scored – wait for it – more than 100,000 in this test. For comparison, AnTuTu recently published rankings for the fastest smartphones in the world. No Android phone benchmarked over 100,000 points.

The processor that'll likely be in the Galaxy S7 reportedly benchmarks insane numbers.  / © ANDROIDPIT

This is a taste of what’s to come with the Galaxy S7. And if our own testing is anything to go by, the Galaxy S7 is likely to outperform other flagships throughout the rest of the year.

It'll have a slick, proven design

The design of the Galaxy S6 was a turning point for Samsung. Instead of using plastic for a typically cheap look and feel, the S6 was an aluminum and glass affair. However, Samsung had to make sacrifices in order to achieve the kind of premium construction fitting of its flagship, namely dropping microSD card support and removable batteries.

With the Galaxy S7, all the evidence seems to point towards a very similar, if not identical, overall design. And with the arguably better-looking Edge variant expected to come alongside it, that’s definitely a good thing.

galaxy s6 galaxy s5 comparacao lateral
The Galaxy S6 (left) was a design leap from the S5 (right). / © ANDROIDPIT

It'll have a better camera and take better photos

The Galaxy S series has always produced some of the best cameras in the business. The Galaxy S7 is sure to be no exception. The latest rumor suggests the S7 will feature a 12 MP rear shooter, plus a 5 MP selfie camera. This means the rear main camera would shoot at a lower resolution than the 16 MP camera of the S6.

Although unconfirmed at this stage, if Samsung were to go this route, it would likely indicate a move towards better quality territory – such as a larger sensor – rather a simple boost in resolution. For anyone who values a quality camera in their phone, this will be welcome news. After all, a higher megapixel count doesn’t necessarily mean better photos.

androidpit Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus 3
Thought the S6 took good photos? Get ready for this... / © ANDROIDPIT

It’s almost here

We're expecting the S7's release either in late February or early March. Without even mentioning the possibility of a return of the microSD card slot, or the introduction of Force Touch technology, you absolutely must consider the Galaxy S7 if you’re looking for a new phone.

With industry-leading processing power, camera tech and (finally) one of the best designs you’re likely to find in the Android ecosystem, the S7 is going to be the phone you want in your pocket.

Is the Galaxy S7 on your purchasing shortlist? What feature are you looking forward to the most? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Brian Rhodes Jan 14, 2016

    For most people this phone will have comparable speed to the competition because for everyone in America theyll use the same processor as the rest of the flagships, the snapdragon 820.

    Also I'm tired of hearing people talk about using'premium' materials when most people will use a case and never see it and using glass and metal costs us features like replaceable battery and expandable storage all the while being more fragile. Imagine building a house out of glass or metal because it looks/feels nice. Ridiculous.


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  • Ok so I now own a galaxy s7 edge and when I say I love this phone I mean it. Everything about this phone is amazing. It's fast and sleek and not heavy. The camera is amazing and if I watch movies on it wowewow. I will be recommending this phone to everyone I know and honestly I already am

  • FourQ Jan 24, 2016 Link to comment

    An improved camera is welcome, if not unexpected. For me though my priorities are:
    an SD card slot with removable battery
    waterproof (this has proved to be of far more benefit than expected)
    OTG / NFC / ability to root the phone.
    I accept rooting new phones takes time. People far smarter than me need to look for vulnerabilities and weigh up the risks. Knox has made that far harder than it needs to be. If Samsung released a phone pre-rooted I'd snap it up.
    The trouble comes from lesser known companies like OnePlus and WileyFox releasing great phones without the 'designer label' costs. These days you don't necessarily need the flagship phone from a top 5 company. If a lesser known company can meet the above requirements then my loyalty to Samsung will end at the end of my contract.

  • I may sound like a repeat but I'm with all the others, with no removable Battery and micro SD you will not be on my Christmas Card list. In fact I'm sò close to sellìng my Samsung whatever X Cell phone and buying ANYTHING but Samsung. I'm like a lot òf others. You make me mad and I'm out of here. I don't have to buy Samsung, someone is getting paid big money that do these testing and exams. If I owned a big Company like androidpit and someone offered me $1,000,000,000, or whatever, to say the best Cell is S7, I have to go along with it. Everyone wants to be a millionaire. .. face it !

  • Being able to Change the battery and put a bigger sd card in my phone is what made the big difference between Samsung and iPhone

  • I like the hardware of Samsung these days, but I would prefer a handy phone that can easily be operated by one hand. Also and most importantly I would want a play store version of next Galaxy X. Because nothing matches that.

  • I need MicroSD, it is that simple.

  • I am amazed that the Galaxy S5 from Verizon cannot be rooted. I will only upgrade to a premium phone that can be rooted next time. There is so much bloatware on these phones that you cannot get rid of, that I have to charge my battery 2-3 times per day.

  • Actually this isn't a real article, serious one, isn't it? It looks exactly like advertise for Samsung (galaxy S7) ...
    Free ad, or it was paid? How much did they pay you?

  • uSD card and user-removable battery are mandatory for me--I don't care much about anything else. Moving from Samsung to LG 4 or 10 asap.

  • It's already January. and the so called king of android (Samsung) are not running the latest version of android (marshmallow) but I can imagine when it does! (Probably in March) The device will become rendered useless again...(Why) because Samsung are lazy coders! And that's the reason I will not buy another galaxy device.

  • I want the 820 chip. i can only hope they get the power controls right and use the 3.0 charging spec. I use so much battery on my s6 just having it keep checking for service or trying to hop on to a wifi when I'm not interested in it (new chips supposed to recognized theres no connection to internet and use my cell service till I tell it to connect)

    When it can survive 3g and 1x network days and keep the 6+/8+ hrs or more (mine said 11hrs on low usage day) I will be ready to trade up to the s7.

  • storm Jan 14, 2016 Link to comment

    Metal and glass are not and never have been premium. Terrible design decisions for more cost, more fragility, more weight and less performance.

  • I love my samsung galaxy s5 neo i would not trade it in for any new phone that comes out. Unless something goes wrong with it

  • I hope they added the IR Blaster back along with the SDCARD. I dont know why samsung REMOVED features instead of building on or ADDING featuers. there was no need for them to REMOVE features that some users didnt use, if they dont use it they dont use it, and if they do they do, but let that be up to the user to CHOOSE!! they forecfully removed features and have had slow sales, its common sense samsung, people want FEATURES and OPTIONS/CHOICES...dont REMOVE..instead add and innovate.

  • sorry won't be getting Samsung anything overrated and over expensive, and the amount of customer complaints on there website is a testament that they aren't that good! I'll stick with me Sony Z5 far better phone

  • Never owned a Samsung and don't plan to. My friend does have a S6 and loves it but if you're going to get a phone that expensive there's no reason to not get an iPhone. In that bracket, they are far and away better than the rest. I have an iPhone 6 (that I no longer use and instead use the One M9 - prefer everything but battery life on it) and did love it. I just prefer android software so when I could get the M9 for free, couldn't pass it up. But for next phone, I plan on getting one of the "top of the line" mid-range - I just need to find one that works well with Verizon. Their value for performance just can't be beat nowadays.

    • Try the Galaxy Note 5 and you may change your mind. As owner of one, I can say that the Note 5 is arguably the best and most advanced premium superphone around. It has features that you'll not find on any other phones including iPhones e.g. advanced multitasking, scroll capture, s-pen, ability to use company logo in email signature, program when to send a text message, advanced email features, ability to cast a movie on a TV screen whilst using your phone to check emails, answer calls (whilst the movie is uninterrupted), advanced phone contact management, ultra power saving mode, etc coupled with quick charge and wireless charging. Tell me any phone that comes close to this bearing in mind that there are many other features which I can't list because of time.

    • There is a reason why your friend loves his S6, but as a iPhone/HTC lover, you won't understand.

    • I used iOS, I thought it was garbage. I'd rather have a Windows Phone than an iPhone.
      But hey, whatever floats your boat...

  • I would stick with Samsung with no questions ask if THEY WOULD JUST MAKE A PURE ANDROID VERSION! I hate touchwiz.

    • Touchwiz is getting better. From the s5 to the s6 and then the note 5 it's leaps and bounds better and it's only going to improve if touchwiz supposed to be optimized further with Google's help on top of better dram and processor. I'm interested to see what that ux is like if true. Camera is always great and don't mind 12mp if the sensor is better. The only thing I wish stays is the IR blaster, extended battery endurance(doze) and TITANIUM SILVER COLOR PLEASE.

    • Android has, over the years, adopted many TW features smart phone users can't really do without. Also, Samsung has shed more than 50% of the unnecessary features found on the S4. So, instead of getting your titties in a knot, try out TW on the S6 and see for yourself.

  •   2
    Deactivated Account Jan 14, 2016 Link to comment

    Samsung make overpriced piece of junk. I had S6 for about 6 months, Samsung proved one thing - they are still cheap sh!t, when we are talking about software. Do I have to root my phone and install clean version of android, lose my guarantee etc. just because their software is bad? I don't think so. Phone with clean android is always better than ANY phone with Samsung software. Even LG made their software better, what I should say about clean Nexus!?

    I am tired of people saying how great Samsung is, you know what?! It's not! And you're worse than the people that constantly talk how incredibly great is iPhone. The last iPhone is better than any Samsung phone so far. I am not Apple fan and still it's better. Way better!

    So Samsung S7?! Until Samsung S39 I will pass. Thanks!

  • Then what should i do whit my s6 edge +? i think its gonna be all the same. no one despite a few people will notice the difference on speed so im sticking whit what i have this year im really happy whit it

  •   46
    Deactivated Account Jan 14, 2016 Link to comment

    Why the S7 will not be my next phone even if it has a Micro SD slot. 1) It is all glass and easily damaged and scratched. 2) still no removable battery. 3) Processor speed is not everything and it seem to be what Samsung is targeting. Just like in the PC the graphics capability and rendering are more important for video and game play than your processor speed. I will be waiting for the LG V11.

    • We can always say things but look at this senario if Samsung were to sell its phones with stock Android or should every manufacturer build it's phone with stock Android. Then we would only be buying phones based on hardware designs then there would be no real flagships and some people likes plastic some like metal then we would not need so much variety and Apple would quadruple sales because they would produce the only true premium phones. The Chinese are masters at glitter and price but no durability they would also benefit see what happened to Nokia and Motorola. Google is the real culprit because they determine how much you can skin Android. And they are the ones preventing Samsung from experimenting. That's the dilemma because Samsung is still number 1 Android phone maker so they must be doing something although the competition is gaining momentum.

      • About 200 million users, who prefer TW to the bare-ass stock Android, will stop buying Samsung phones, so you have a snowballs chance in hell of that happening.

    • Why comment here noob? You don't like anything samsung, we get it. Good bye and good riddance.

      •   46
        Deactivated Account Jan 15, 2016 Link to comment

        Actually you are wrong I have and use the S3 as my primary phone and love it. I just don't like phones without removable batteries and Micro SD support. I also do not like the all glass design to fragile for me. I really like Samsung waited fro the S6 and was planning on buying it until it came out. Right now a new phone is a want not a need, so I can wait to get a phone with the specs I want. I wish Samsung would make one again I would buy it. I think they should do two versions one for the people who go for looks ( say the edge) and one for the people that want functionality of SD support and removable batteries ( the standard model).

  • The S7 will probably have too much bloatware. The hardware has usually been good.

  • For most people this phone will have comparable speed to the competition because for everyone in America theyll use the same processor as the rest of the flagships, the snapdragon 820.

    Also I'm tired of hearing people talk about using'premium' materials when most people will use a case and never see it and using glass and metal costs us features like replaceable battery and expandable storage all the while being more fragile. Imagine building a house out of glass or metal because it looks/feels nice. Ridiculous.

    • Exactly. Seriously. LG is way smarter - it still uses plastic and sometimes leather

    • thn why not u go for plus....n ofcos redmi

    • You a right but Samsung cares about profits so if the majority wants glass and metal that's what it is. Samsung still outsells LG. I think the real issue here is OS Samsung needs to clean up its UI but the problem is this if all Android phones use stock Android then the difference will only be in hardware and then we will only buy device on style and build material. So you see the problem is not as simple as you take it

    • GifCo Jan 14, 2016 Link to comment

      Ya imagine a giant house hundreds of feet high made of glass and steel!! Ever been to a city before? That's how most buildings are built genius!

    • Totally agree. And since when glass and aluminum are premium anyway? It's no sapphire or titanium.

  • I am still waiting for the note 6 to see if Samsung has resolved the issue with the battery and memory cards!

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