The Galaxy S7 Edge just killed the Note 6

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Last year, Samsung produced perhaps the best Android phablet to date. The Note 5 was a powerful premium device offering features galore, and it seemed that only the Note 6 could provide a better purchase. But could the Galaxy S7 Edge have just rung the death knell for the beloved Note series?

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An heir denied

The Note 5 was undeniable. If you were after the power needed to multitask, nothing could compare. The S Pen, while not for everyone, was designed to make it as productive a device as possible. And all of this was backed up with one of the best Android cameras ever.

It seemed, for a long time, that the Note 5 was the only choice for the financially secure phone buyer looking for a powerful multitasking device. Surely, only the Note 6 could end its reign. But now, with the arrival of the Galaxy S7 Edge, not only does the Note 5 seem redundant, but perhaps even its successor, and thus the Note line entirely, seems dead in the water. Let's see why.

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A family line lies in ruins. The Note 5 could be the last of its kind to hold true power. / © ANDROIDPIT

Size matters

The Note 5 has a 5.7-inch screen. This places it in the upper echelons of the smartphone size range and allows it to support multiwindows comfortably and create a more useful place to conduct your complicated business. But it does mean that one-handed use of the device is rendered, at the very least, troublesome. There is the one-handed use mode, that shrinks the screen down to a more manageable size, but then your weaker hand is left lingering with nothing to do as the screen shrinks away from it, leaving only a dark wasteland in its wake.

The S7 Edge has managed to settle on the perfect size

The Galaxy S7 Edge has a 5.5-inch screen. This effectively means it replaces the S6 Edge+. The standard S6 Edge was only 5.1 inches. This decision by Samsung to make its standard Edge model so large is interesting because it places it in direct competition with the Note 5, which is only .2 inches the larger device.

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The S7 Edge is larger than the S6 Edge, but it somehow manages to remain compact. / © ANDROIDPIT

Not only can you use the S7 Edge with one hand, but it somehow manages to also feel smaller than it is. To my mind, thanks to its wonderfully balanced design, the S7 Edge has managed to settle on the perfect size. The Edge software features increase the multitasking usefulness of the phone, and the space the screen affords you is ample for any task the Note 5 might also be considered for.

Early rumors suggest the Note 6 might see a small increase in screen size, up to 5.8 inches, but why? Did anyone wail over the lack of an extra .1 inches of diagonal display on the Note 5? Probably not. And if they did, they'd be better off with a tablet, anyway.

Power matters

The S7 Edge offers 4 GB of RAM and either the Exynos 8890 or Snapdragon 820 processor, depending on where you live. It's face-meltingly fast. Switching between apps, multi-windows, gaming, nothing is a problem here. And it won't be for, at the very, very least, a year and a half. The S7 Edge is, by smartphone standards, future proof.

The Note 6 has been rumored to pack in an insane 6 GB of RAM, but why? Is anyone's S7 Edge going to struggle with anything they could conceivably need it for? No. 

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Just like a human can speak on the phone and grab a beer, so the S7 Edge can handle multiple operations. / © ANDROIDPIT

Unless, as is also rumored, Samsung really does plan for the Note 6 to slip into a dock and effectively function as a small laptop, then the Galaxy S7 Edge has it pinned. Any superior tech the Note 6 might bear is better only by a technicality. Any user benefits will be so small as to be insignificant.

Many people see the S7 Edge as the best-looking phone on the planet

And how useful will a phone be that functions as a laptop? Even an aging laptop will offer more functionality than a phone could hope to provide. The phablet-laptop hybrid may one day be a worthwhile purchase, but the first of its kind will not.

Aesthetics matter

The S7 Edge has adopted the Note 5's curved back, but that's just one area where the device has been finessed. I, like many others, see it as the best-looking phone on the planet.

Whether you use the Edge software features or not, the curved screen edges make the screen-to-body ratio impeccable, and the weight is enough to make it feel consequential without being cumbersome.

The Note 6 might put up a fight, but it's hard to see it topping the S7 Edge here.

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Beautiful. / © ANDROIDPIT

Styluses don't matter

Okay, maybe the S Pen has it uses. Personally, if I find a device with a stylus in front of me, I will use the stylus for about five minutes before abandoning it forever, judging it to be a useless waste of organic polymers. For others, this might be a make-or-break feature. If you want a stylus, you can't have it on the S7 Edge, but on the Note 5, you can just not use it if you don't like it. So, the Note series has the advantage here, but I don't think a device will live on because a stylus is the only advantage it offers over a competing device.

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The may say the S Pen is mightier than the sword, but I fear it will not save the Note from certain death. / © ANDROIDPIT

Conclusions matter

So, the S7 Edge is powerful enough to handle anything the Note 6 could wish to. Maybe the Note 6 wants to power a laptop, but this seems somewhat gimmicky, for now, at least. We will have to wait to see if Samsung really intends to do this with the Note 6, and how successful or even useful it would be.

If you want a device that's large enough to effectively support multiwindows, powerful enough to switch instantly between apps, and is supplemented by the best camera available on a smartphone, AND you want it all in a package that will make bystanders stare and adore you just for holding such a miraculous and stunning object in your mortal hand, then the Galaxy S7 Edge has already won.

The Note 6 and, thus, the series has been rendered useless, dead and forgotten. Not even a stylus can save it.

Do you think the Note 6 is dead on arrival, or could it be good enough to offer a better device than the S7 Edge? Tell me what you think in the comments.

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  • Gary Funk Mar 14, 2016

    AndroidPit is quickly heading to my delete list. This article is irrelevant and wrong in so many ways.

  • GT Ohh Mar 15, 2016

    Wow sensing a lot of hostility here tonight. We're all free to state our opinions and that's what makes the "Pit" so much fun.

    No one says you have to agree with Chris, but there's no need to attack the whole site either.

    If you're that unhappy with the direction it's taken then piss off.

    Or just laugh at the stuff you disagree with type out a sarcastic remark and move on.

    It's not as if you're actually paying anything to view this site.

    In other words save your self-righteous over privileged complaints to yourselves..

    I'm just sayin... lmfao


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  • Michael Thomas Brown (Mike) Apr 12, 2016 Link to comment

    I have the S7 Edge and yes I agree with a lot of what's just been said above in this article but I would not say that the note line is dead and as for S Pen well I think it does matter because I would love to have an S Pen on my S7 Edge in the future that will be the perfect phone no you don't need 6 6GB of RAM as 4GB is more than enough and of course memory is not an issue as I have a 200GB SD card, 1TB of Google storage, 100GB One Drive storage and 2GB Dropbox. The phone is plenty quick enough itself even with an SD card. Like I said the only thing my phone is missing is an S-Pen which I'm currently a C-Pen but that's no where near as good as an S Pen so let's hope we get software Support in the future S-Pen I have your rumours that we may actually be able to use S-Pen with Android N

  •   24
    Deactivated Account Mar 23, 2016 Link to comment

    That's why I'm still confused why the edge variant has a 5.5 inch screen why not keep it a 5.1 inch like the S6 and give the Note series a bigger screen?

  • Sergio A Guzmán Mar 19, 2016 Link to comment

    Samsung's Galaxy Note is (should be) an apart-from-classical-phones series, oriented to productivity sector, offering niche features, like S-Pen, advanced multitasking and more.
    Samsung should not replace Note trustworthy series by a double-edge phone, offering premium aesthetic but with incomplete features.
    For that reason, I say like always, that truly Note phone was Note 4. Long life to Note.

  • John Houston Mar 19, 2016 Link to comment

    Just because you don't have a use for the stylus doesn't mean you should write off the Note. I am sure there are hundreds of thousands of people out there like myself who uses the Note stylus features every day. it's the best thing ever. I have had the Note since day 1 and have upgraded to every new one except the 4 because I knew the Note 5 was going to be better and not to far away from the release of the 4 , which I was right. If the Note was not popular why does Samsung continue to make it? I hope they keep on making it for us die hard users. My question is, if the Galaxy 7 is so great and they don;'t think they can make anything better then why not just have the note and if people don't want to use the stylus, they don't have to. I know... the price point is different. I had to change the glass on my note 3 and it cost me $200.

  • CQ P. Mar 18, 2016 Link to comment

    No worries mate, I'll stick with my Note 4 for now.

  • Tasos Kalogeras Mar 18, 2016 Link to comment


  • Dave stalter Mar 18, 2016 Link to comment

    Guess the author is not gonna explain himself... Bad article... Hide from comments

    • Pat Mar 18, 2016 Link to comment

      Actually he has responded to some of the comments, but this article is just his opinion and you can agree, or not agree, but I don't think he needs to explain every paragraph he wrote. He's probably busy writing his next article.

  • Warren Basham Mar 17, 2016 Link to comment

    The writer gripes about how useful as a laptop could a phone be yet with the specs of the phones that are coming out, there are laptops that could be easily beaten by low-end phones. So instead of making the gripe, why not wait until the phone actually comes out, and then it can be seen how useful as a hybrid phablet/laptop the phone would be.

  • Muthu Mar 17, 2016 Link to comment

    Definitely it's not right to say Note series is killed, as he may be over excited to see S7 Edge, but there are people for whom S Pen is a deal breaker. I found this article when i searched if i can use my Note 3 S Pen on Samsung S7 Edge but couldnt find an answer.

  • Dave stalter Mar 17, 2016 Link to comment

    Yeah, I agree with Mike . Writing off a product that isn't even out yet is kinda lame. Should have just praised the gs 7. Saying that it killed the note 6 is kind of a weird comment, and weirder that you wrote a whole article about a phone no one knows anything about yet.

  • Mike Bardsley Mar 17, 2016 Link to comment

    Kind'a unfair to write off the Note 6 since it's not out, not in production, and therefore no REAL WAY to know what it's specs are really going to be. Right? Maybe it'll be just as spiffy as the SGE7 - maybe it won't. Kind premature to play that game until there's a device to test and evaluate.

  • wyre lander Mar 16, 2016 Link to comment

    I have to agree with the other actual Note users rather a presumptious oink who reads the specs, turns one over in the hand and then writes to the editorial request for some many words with little regard to the reality found by those who actually do use the device. True, it took me a few months to decide I wanted to use the sticky thing in the bottom of my Note 4, but once mastered I would be bereft if I didn't have access to it now. So my advice, go use something before slating it. You may actually find yourself writing worthwhile reviews.

  • Chris Krajewski Mar 16, 2016 Link to comment

    So , again another piece of junk over 900 dollars ? You must be insane !!! In 70 countries allover the world people can not make such the amount of money in 10 years of hard work !!! Go f. yourselves !!!

  • Ryan Lambie Mar 16, 2016 Link to comment

    Wow. I normally don't say anything on this site, but, in defense of the beloved Note series, I just had to. This article is so haplessly biased, it almost seems satirical. I mean, like what you like, but to underscore another, very much relevant device, that isn't even a valid competitor so egregiously, is laughable.

    The S7 Edge is indeed a gorgeous device, but not so different from the S6. I mean, let's be honest here. The specs are another issue, but to pit them against the (unreleased) Note 6 is presumptuous and unfair, at best. I mean, why can't both devices be great? You don't see Apple scouring the 7 to promote the fledgling 6S, do you? This is terrible for marketing and serves no real purpose.

    As I currently type this on My trusty old Note 2, as My rose gold/Black Note 3 cheers Me on, I'll remind you that the Note series has a very much dedicated market and following, as does the smaller phones. I'm also using the undeniably viable S Pen to type this message. We will never give up our reliable Notes, behind the uninformed opinions of a few.

    Consider this message #dulyNoted. 👌

  • Pat Mar 16, 2016 Link to comment

    I can't really add anything to the rest of the criticism except to agree. Everyone is welcome to their opinion and I have enjoyed and agreed with a lot of the articles Chris has written, and I get a lot of good information on the Pit in general, but I have to disagree with this one. I had the Note 2, and now the Note 4 and I'm hanging on to it until Samsung comes to their collective senses and go back to having a replaceable battery and expandable memory with an SD card in their new Notes. I use my stylus much more than my finger because not only is it more precise, but it gives me a lot of options. I think it's fine that Chris doesn't like or need a stylus, but saying the Note is inferior because it has one, to me is ridiculous. For those of us who do prefer the stylus and see it as a huge advantage, the Note will always be better than any other alternative. If you don't like the stylus, don't get the Note, but claiming that the S7 is better than a phone that is mostly rumor at this point because it doesn't have a stylus seems a bit presumptuous.
    As far as size, when you're as old as I am and your eyesight is not what it use to be, the larger the screen the better. As far as the Edge feature, I've never used one, so I'm reserving judgement. At the moment it seems like a gimmick I don't need, but I use to think the same about the Note and now I'll never give it up, so I could be wrong.

    • Chris Marshall Mar 16, 2016 Link to comment

      Don't get me wrong: I concede that the stylus is actually an advantage the Note series has over the S series. My problem is that I don't think that the stylus and its uses are enough for the Note line to live on in a post-S7 world.

      Deactivated Account

      • Pat Mar 16, 2016 Link to comment

        You may be right, but I hope you're wrong. I believe that the Note series simply fits the lifestyle of people like myself who have been life long note takers. That's what appealed to me in the first place. Then I discovered that I could take notes that looked like my own handwriting, unlike other styluses that I tried to use in note apps on my standard phones that came out looking like a child's finger painting. The Note is for the apparently thousands of people like myself who like to be able to take quick, legible notes. It's my To Do list, Grocery list, Reminder, etc. that's there in an instant. I don't have to carry a separate paper notebook and pen to do what my Note does even better. No, it's not for everyone, but for those of us who love it, only another phone that can do the same thing could ever replace it. The stylus on the Note tucks out of the way, so you can ignore that it's there and not use it, but is easy to access if you want it. If the S7 could take notes and had a stylus, it would be a great phone, but it doesn't, so it's just another smart phone.

      • John Houston Mar 24, 2016 Link to comment

        Well obviously "you" don't have a use for the stylus but the hundreds of thousands of people who have the Notes I am sure would disagree and I quote "I don't think that the stylus and its uses are enough for the Note line to live on in a post-S7 world" If the Note with it's stylus did not have "a use" as you put it then why is Samsung still making them? That's just like when Samsung brought out the large screen and the whole world said "oh it's to big" and now look. Every phone manufacturer in the world, including Apple is copying the pioneer of the Phablet. In my business doing quotes I take pictures of all my jobs and make "notes" on the pictures so when I do my quotes at the office I can refer back to the pictures . No more papers in black and white drawings. The Note is fantastic and it will live on

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