Survey reveals that longer battery life is more important than brand or camera quality

Survey reveals that longer battery life is more important than brand or camera quality

A study in the UK has revealed that for almost 90% of those interviewed, the number one factor users consider when looking for mobile phones is the battery life. This ranks ahead of users preferences for particular smartphone brands or even camera quality.

Android phone battery drain fix
Battery life is the most important feature, according to a British survey. / ©

When asked what the most important feature for smartphones, 89% responded that a long battery life was at the top of their list. Only 11% rated this feature as unimportant or neutral. The survey also determine that half of those interviewed would disable location services, WiFi, Bluetooth, and other unnecessary services when not needed to help conserve battery.  40% said that they reduce the screen brightness in order to conserve battery power. Almost 50% of respondents charge their smartphones either every day or every other day and 10% even stated that they do it multiple times a day.

How often do you need to charge your device during the day? Once? Twice? Multiple times?  / © NextPit

While the importance of longer battery life was at the top of the list, those that followed closely behind were also as interesting. For woman, trailing behind battery life was the particular brand of smartphone, camera quality, and then finally the speed of the processor. For men, it was the speed of the processor that ranked second ahead of the brand and camera quality.

Although the survey may not seem surprising to many users, but it once again shows what we already know: smartphone batteries are at the forefront of many peoples mind. While the technology to allow bigger boosts in smaller packages may still not be available, it’s certain that the research is happening. The thinnest smartphone with the best processor and most amazing camera can’t really do much for a consumer if the battery needs charging or replacing multiple times a day.

What about for you? What’s the most important feature when it comes to your smartphone? 

Source: The Guardian

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  • Battery life is important (nothing will suck the life out of using your android smart phone - no matter how savy it is - then a battery that doesn't last)

    So is a decent camera (the minimum is now 8megapixel back / 2megapixel front - anything higher is a plus)

    And so is less bloatware (which can be removed via modded rom)

  • After 19 months I still love my Note 2.

    However, this phone and every phone I've owned starts out with a good battery, then 1.5 years later they are weak. Not lasting 7 hours. I've tried purchasing a 'new' battery, but it appears it was sitting on a shelf for the 1.5 years and is no stronger than my old battery.

  • My1 May 28, 2014 Link to comment

    Well I am not really fixed to a brand but honestly Samsung offers the things I need most,
    Physical Buttons (whether classic or sensor doesnt really matter even though I am a bit happy that there's almost no way I could push that home button accidentially), removable battery (I always carry a spare, and also have my external battery, if you watch your videos as much as me, you'll need it), microSD (I think almost 26 Gigabytes of music alone need no further comment) about 5,5 inch or larger screen, while the device itself should be no much wider than the note 2, and obvously, a nice UI I can work with (this is always personal, but I have selected touchwiz, even though I REALLY must admit that it's overbloated)

    it's not really a must but I have taken quite a liking to the S-Pen.

    That's why I settled with the Galaxy Note Series, right now using the Note 3.

    Don't get me wrong I am neither a Samsung fanboy nor a worshipper, but they simply offer the devices that I can use best. I also admit with no problem that every person has their needs and can use a device of their choice, with the rom and UI of their choice.

    • Samsung should stop increasing the body size. The note 2 is the perfect size. They should just work on fitting larger screens in that body like the LG G3

      • My1 May 29, 2014 Link to comment

        Look at the Note 3. It is it is a bit taller (like 0.1mm) vut it is slimmer and not so wide (also not much)

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