Sony Teams Up WIth HTC For PlayStation Mobile Gaming On Android

Sony Teams Up WIth HTC For PlayStation Mobile Gaming On Android


Games. I love em. But you already knew that :-D Sony is naturally one of the biggest movers and shakers of the gaming industry, and this week at E3, Sony announced that it would change its Playstation Suite platform to the name “Playstation Mobile” in order to put more emphasis on the “mobility of the Playstation experience”. Not only that, but to the utter delight of Android gaming fans, Sony has also officially welcomed HTC as the first “non Sony group partner” for their new Playstation Mobile platform.

Sony went on to say that "Very soon we will be bringing the PlayStation experience to Android tablets and smartphones in a major way. We have many PS Certified phones coming to market this year." It would appear that Sony is seeing a huge possibility in gaming on Android tablets, as gaming on such devices has literally took a significant chunk of Sony revenue recently. This move could also be something that could possibly help HTC get back in the game, as the company has recently struggled in terms of sales and revenue. 

This is pretty good news for gamers who like to get down on Android tablets. The selection of games continues to get better and better on the Android platform, and with Sony in Android’s corner via a new partnership with HTC, I’m sure that selection is about to get a whole lot better.

Source: Apple Insider

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  • I certainly was impressed ... however, it really will depend on your internet connection (hi speed - yes, dsl - no) & what is available in your area (but it was cool to see how an Android Smart Phone, or Tablet, was used to interface & offer content within an xBox game as it interacted with the Kinnect) ...

    Once again, please check (you will see a link on the main page that takes you to every footage they have from E3), unfortunately a lot of my favorite games are delayed, but I can wait ...

  • I saw that video from E3. It was actually pretty impressive.

  • Theunis - please visit SPIKE TV online (the cable channel has been showing E3 Footage since Monday) ....

    It has a lot to do with your connection to the internet (wifi connection from your xBox Connect to your Android Smart Phone - Tablet) enhancing the game experience

  • @CJ, I missed that one. How exactly did they incorporate the tablet and smartphone into the Kinnect concept?

  • Gaming should be better for Android Smart Phones & Tablets ... I gave up on Disney Interactive ( obviously preferring Apple since most of those on the Walt Disney Co Board also sit on the Apple Co Board) ever releasing anything for TRON / TR2N Legacy for Android ....

    Having said that? I was impressed with Microsoft Kinnect's xBox presentation at E3 with regards to Smart Phone use (they did show an Android Tablet & Smart Phone during the demonstration) ...

  • True that Theunis!

    @Atlas - I agree with that as well. Gaming is good on Android, but it could be MUCH better.

  • Yeah, it was close, they barely have a heartbeat!

  • Atlas Jun 5, 2012 Link to comment

    Playstation phones are a good concept, but I think they should focus more on implementing the traditional kind of gaming. Xperia play was a good start, but Sony could at least also create controllers for these phones, especially ones that only have a touchscreen.

    I'd also like to see a lot more super games from the old days. I noticed that there's already syphon filter, kuala world, and a few other amazing ones. But we need more! Maybe they're waiting for a larger customer base first. Also, they should price them more reasonably. 5 euro for games that you just had to port is a bit much in my opinion.

  • Almost, but not quite!

  • Ti Mo Jun 5, 2012 Link to comment

    Well, HTC died for me lol

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