S Health update may bring telehealth and WebMD integration

S Health update may bring telehealth and WebMD integration

S Health will soon outpace Google Fit and Apple Health in the race to become the most robust health platform for users. According to SamMobile, Samsung is preparing to launch a big update to the app. The update will reportedly integrate WebMD and Amwell's services into the app, allowing users to search symptoms and book an online video appointment with a doctor.

Samsung's health app, S Health, isn't just a fitness tracker. You can keep up with your food, caffeine and water intake. Keeping your exercise habits and weight goals in check is essential, and it will help you do that by not just being another pedometer with exercise programs. It also keeps records of your heart rather, blood pressure, glucose levels, stress and more with third party sensor compatibility.

Samsung has recently updated the S Health app to integrate with Fitbit and Jawbone, plus new social features for fitness gamification. It's already a robust platform, but it's planning on staying competitive against Google Fit and Apple Health by getting a big update soon.

WebMD integration

One major part of this update will be the WebMD integration. For those of you who aren't cyberchondriacs, WebMD is a website where you can search for detailed information on symptoms, prescription drugs and diseases. It is directed toward the average consumer, so it is very user friendly when you have a health issue or want to know more about certain treatment options. WebMD also has an Android app, so if you want to see what kind of content they will bring to the S Health app, you should try it out.

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S Health isn't just another glorified pedometer app. / © NextPit

Amwell telehealth integration

In addition to WebMD integration, the update will also bring users the ability to schedule video appointments with doctors, care of Amwell. You can see a doctor, dietician, psychologist or another type of certified medical practitioner on the platform using a technology referred to as telehealth. The app will also keep an online medical record of every appointment that includes your symptoms, prescriptions and photos of the condition when relevant. It will also be able to show you a list of nearby pharmacies where you can pick up your prescribed medications. The app will also be able to handle your payment via credit card, store your health insurance information and allow you to rate the doctor you saw. To try the Amwell app, download it below.

If you haven't tried the S Health app, you can download it at the link below. We don't have official word from Samsung on a release date, but SamMobile predicts the features will be launched in the US along with the Galaxy S8

What do you think of these features? Would you be keen to keep all of your health data in one place, if it made your life more convenient? Tell us what you think in the comments.

Source: SamMobile


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  • Nisha Patel Jan 18, 2017 Link to comment

    Coolbeans, I like the look of the app but it's lack of integrations made me not use it. I'll check it out now

  • ljhaye Jan 17, 2017 Link to comment

    Samsung is adamant that it will compete with Google even on Android, Google fit vs S-Health. I understand the need for diversity but this isn't what Google had in mind. This is confusing to consumers and a reason I suspect why, Android consumers stick with Samsung. Many even consider Samsung to be android because they're the only OEM that maintain feature parity with iOS. Makes me ask why is Google so slow with iOS feature parity for example Android Pay is coming to Android wear in 2017 but Apple watch had apple pay since 2015 and Samsung had samsung pay on the gear S in early 2016.