Samsung may have just lost half of its fans with the Galaxy S6

Samsung may have just lost half of its fans with the Galaxy S6

A week ago we ran a survey to ask current Samsung owners what they thought about Samsung’s decision to remove microSD expansion and a replaceable battery from the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. We know it was a bit of a shock when both devices were revealed without two of Samsung’s signature features, but we wanted to see just how important SD cards and replaceable batteries really were. The survey results were even more pronounced than we had expected.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge microSD card
Removing the microSD card may have just lost Samsung half of its current fans. / © ANDROIDPIT

microSD expansion

An incredible 82 percent of respondents currently use a microSD card, with a further 6 percent happy to at least have the option available to them. Only just over one-tenth of current Samsung owners don’t use a microSD card at all.

Almost two-thirds of participants either stated that they would no longer buy Samsung without an SD card slot or would consider buying other manufacturers that do include this feature on their smartphones. That’s 65 percent of current customers unhappy with Samsung’s decision to remove microSD expansion.

Around 15 percent each stated that they could live without microSD expansion or preferred the faster and larger storage options available on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. A final six percent didn’t care at all.

AndroidPIT Samsung survey microSD 1
AndroidPIT Samsung survey microSD 2
Samsung owners are clearly not very happy with Samsung's decision to remove microSD. / © ANDROIDPIT

Removable batteries

The survey results also showed that only about two-fifths of Samsung owners currently carry a spare battery, and that the other three-fifths either don’t have one or rarely use the spare battery they do own.

Only 18 percent of respondents stated a removable battery was critical and would turn them off buying Samsung in future. Another 28 percent claimed it was important and that they would consider other manufacturers with removable battery options.

That’s 46 percent of current Samsung customers not happy with the decision to remove the removable battery. However, 54 percent said it either didn’t matter so much or that they preferred fast charging to a removable battery.

AndroidPIT Samsung survey battery 1
AndroidPIT Samsung survey battery 2
A removable battery is slightly less critical, but still very important to Samsung owners. / © ANDROIDPIT

What does this tell us?

A couple of things. First: that of the two features, microSD expansion is by far the more important to current Samsung owners and the one more likely to affect future purchasing decisions.

Second: that by removing these two features from the current Samsung flagships, between 45 – 65 percent of current customers are at the very least considering other manufacturers and at worst, planning to completely abandon Samsung in their next upgrade cycle.

samsung galaxy s6 s6 edge
It will be interesting to see the effect of Samsung's choices in buying decisions. / © ANDROIDPIT

While Samsung’s reasons for opting to go with a faster, more reliable internal storage technology and to seal the device to make it thinner and lighter might be justified, it is clear that these decisions have come at a cost.

Pre-orders for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge may be through the roof, but it will be interesting to see what percentage of these purchases come from existing Samsung owners and what percentage from new customers. Whether Samsung’s fans will forgive these decisions over time will also be worth following.

For further feedback from the survey, read the comments.

What do you think of Samsung’s decision making? Do you think Samsung will feel the effect of disgruntled current owners?

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  •   11
    Deactivated Account Apr 4, 2015

    The reason I don't like phones or any electronic device without a removable battery, is it limits the life of the devices. Batteries are usually the main reason those devices quit working. I have had my S3 for almost 3 years, and I am on my 3rd battery. The first was because the phone got to hot. I left it sitting in the sun on a metal form at work, the battery bloated. My phone was only 3 months old at the time. That would have destroyed a phone with a non removable battery. I just changed the battery again because it was down to about 75% capacity after 2 1/2 years. with non removable battery I would be SOL. Non removable batteries are just a way for a company to build in obsolescent to a product.

  • George W. Apr 4, 2015

    Terrible corporate decision. Since I currently own a Galaxy S4, the next upgrade for me will be the S5. After that, I will definitely research other phone manufacturers. Sorry Samsung.


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  • i understand that microsd somehow limited the control of phone manufacturer to dictates how the phone will perform, eg: people might buy low performance microsd and then blame the phone for the performance. But at the other end, why don't they just put a disclaimer that performance on microsd vs internal may vary? or better yet suggest user the type of microsd that they should buy for their phone (by brand or by spec: class 10, UHS-I 3, etc). the reason i buy my Note 3 is because i can start of buying a phone that fits my budget and then purchase additional capacity as i see fit. I start of with 32GB of microsd, then 64GB and now to 128GB. stop playing Apple game; Android phone manufacturer! i always want Google Nexus phone but with them keep on not giving us expandable storage option is the main reason i didn't buy one. if the reason is lack of performance - my internal storage is used for apps, and expandable storage is for media (pictures, videos, musics) and i found out it perform well. so what gives?

  • 128 MB is not close enough to enough storage but 1 TB may work for awhile.
    I have 4 spare batteries for my Note 3 and 3 batteries for my G4.
    No SD card and no way to change batteries is a non-starter for me. I will simply purchase older equipment that has these features.

  • Xutos Apr 14, 2015 Link to comment

    128 Gb wont do it for me. I use my EDGE as a media device and has taking over from my laptop. Its really good and handy to have the extra storage. some people dont need much but others like me, space always runs out.....>>>>

  • My galaxy S3 has 16gb internal (12 usable) plus 32gb external sdcard (29 usable) for a total of 48gb (41 usable)

    the external has music, movies, photos, torrents and nandroid backups

    altho 64gb or 128gb internal storage sounds like more than enough .. I much prefer that nandroid backups are of <= 16gb drive containing only internal data and complete in less than 15 mins

    I do NOT want/need to backup movies, music, nandroid backups, etc

    the cloud is simply not fast enough to be an alternative to external sdcard

    take away the sdcard, put a terabyte internal drive .. don't care .. no external sdcard slot = no sale

  • S F Apr 7, 2015 Link to comment

    I really don't see this as an issue most people by now should know what sd card size they will need, as for battery if it can make it through most of the day on a single charge that is more then enough, they do give you the fast charge on wireless charging wall and auto. so if you're one that does not have time to walk in to the office to charge, then you can set your phone on the mat and in a few minutes you get a nice charge. my note edge when playing games and such gets me through the whole day. and i keep most of my storeage content on cloud, granted i do have the option for removable battery and micro sd card, I don't have a spare and I don't use a 1/4th of the memory in the phone, why because there is cloud. why do i want to store everything on a little chip that had a defined life span and can die without notice. buddy of mine did that and one morning woke up and zap he had an error on his phone relating to his micro sd card. also im a tech geek, and idk about switching up device every so often, because i like to be productive. and want the fastest device, i can get when i can get it. also I have wifi every where. in the gym, at the restaraunt, at work and at home. and i have verizon so if i'm in some area that does not have wifi I don't worry about getting the information i need. because I have not been to an area that either does not have wifi or coverage, ok so the waterproofing does sound cool, and wish it could have that. but thats what cases are for, even though the edge cases are hard to find i knew that when i bought the phone, now lets looks at another point, this is what you get when you complain about not having a metal body, which I don't understand what so ever. metal bends and stays plastic bends and bounces back. but everyone what crying and complaining about the device not having a metal body, guess what what phone out there has a metal body and you can still remove the back on it without bending it? lets face it, no one is ever going to be 100% happy with what companies do there will always be someone out there thats not going to happy with this feature or that. you wanted metal and thinner bodies, you got it. how ever something had to be given up in the exchange, you can't always have your cake and ice cream too. there is just some limits that just are. personally I liked the plastic bodies, vs metal smooth finish that slips out of your hand that i'm going to put a case on it anyhow thats going to hide it anyway.

  • Is anyone going to mention the lack of water proofing and the puny battery? It seems unbelievable that, when Samsung finally decided to adopt wireless charging where there's no need to open an usb flap, it also decided to dump waterproofing altogether. Also, the unstoppable pursuit of thinnest gave the S6 an iPhone like pathetic batery. I'm sure a couple of millimeters would have given it twice the battery life, a bezel less camera, a much stronger phone and 100% of customer satisfaction. Well, perhaps they are saving all that for the active.

    • Samsung seems to have forgotten that when you come out with an upgraded phone, you shouldn't lose features. I'm going to upgrade from an S3 to an S5, but that's as far as I'm going with Samsung.

  • I left HTC for this reason, I can leave Samsung for the same reason.

  • haven't seen anyone mention the pathetic pins on the micro sd slots,thats the reason I need a removable battery. broken pins on both my s3 and s5

  • With android games consuming gigabytes these days, the sd card slot is paramount. You save your work and media (music, photos, movies) in the sd card and let the internal memory for what it's worth.
    So long Samsung, see ya in the next flagship product with sd support.

  • SD card is a must even if there's no app2sd option. Music, files and photos can be stored on it.

    • agreed :)

    • Exactly. If I need to put movies or any large file on my phone or tablet's microSD, I put it in an adapter and copy/move it directly from my computer. Much faster than transferring across my wireless network.

  • Considering that I just had to replace the worn out battery on my S5, yes, it is safe to assume that I would not buy S6 or any other phone without a replaceable battery.

  • I can't believe the Samsung did this. Maybe the battery but to eliminate the SD card is pure suicide. A lot of us use the card... and save a lot of space on the main memory card. I think the S5 is a better all around phone with these two features plus being water resistant. What t a step backwards Samsung. If you do the same the Note 5 I will stay with the Note 4 that I absolutely love. Geesh, you just handed the crown to the Apple company.

  • A final six percent didn't care at all. Now that's the percentage of dummies,& most are from the Middle Class-They care about nothing no one, too lazy to think.They should keep to iphones where the Police NSA CIA GCHQ can have it easy setting their arses up when there's a need for a crime, Gov't crime- you know- 1 of those false flags

  • I've owned the Galaxy S the S2 the S4 and currently the S5

    And I've preordered the Galaxy S6 Edge 128GB

    If we current repeat customers had been enough to keep Samsung going they wouldn't have had to cut the pay of the people in charge and their sales wouldn't have been nose diving

    They we're loosing ground fast the top dogs had lost a million or so in bonuses and we're one quarter from being on the unemployment line.

    That's why the did such a radical redesign

    now they have a record number of preorders for the two new Galaxy S6 phones If you still think they shot themselves in the foot you need to look up what record means because they have sold more than any Galaxy S phone previously sold by preorder

    They needed new customers and they needed to get back customers they had lost long ago mission successful.

    • You'll believe any thing the MSM marketing gurus write up.......Good luck with your IPO stats. Note4 is my last. I'll have my data not some cloud um um!

      • Until the Galaxy S5 came out you could only expand you're memory another 64Gb falling way short of the 128GB storage you can buy with one of the new S6 models.

        And even when I bought my S5 I never bought the larger Sd card because I own a 64Gb extreme plus.

        And I've never filled it up.

        And yes on my phones before the S5 I had extra batteries and a charger and after I traded in my S4 for the S5 and I was stuck with 2 regular batteries one extended battery one back for the extended battery and a case for each.

        And I couldn't give them away I went to put them in a draw and found I had the same stuff from 2 previous Galaxy S phones all of which I had to trash.

        That was it I didn't buy a single battery for my S5 I did buy a Mophie Case with a built-in battery and I just sold it on ebay yesterday.

        So not having a removable battery doesn't phase me anymore and since I got the 128GB model I'm not going to miss my SD card.

        As far as the number of preorders I have a friend who is a regional for Sprint and he told me that they have had a record number of preorders for both S6 phones.

        I wasn't talking about what they said in this article I was talking about the numbers my friend showed me and what the Samsung rep showed him.

    • star64 May 11, 2015 Link to comment

      Whenever a new phone comes out it always does well. The test is to see if these customers remain happy with their phones. It was the same with Apple then the customers found problems with it.

  • No SD card + no removable battery = bye bye Samsung. I'll keep my note 4 for now, but if Sammy F's up the note 5 how they just F'd up the S6, I'll definitely be looking for another OEM.

  • Their decision to ditch the battery is fine but no microSD card is unforgivable. They may have just lost a loyal Samsung customer.

  • boen Apr 5, 2015 Link to comment

    My wife and I collected in the past years 10 spare batteries. Specially with our S2 we had 5 spare batteries, in our later models we reduced it to one or 2 per model. We took lots pictures video during weekend trips and one battery would last only 2 hrs (in cold / wet weather).
    I hate that Samsung is dropping this feature, but would I choose something else? Probably not. The extra functionally that Samsung always gives (S-Pen, S Amoled, great pictures ...) is more important to me. I'll find other ways to solve the problem, even if it is sub-optimal like having powerbanks.
    The same apply to sd-cards, we have in total more than 192 Gb on cards (ie. watching series/ movies on our trips). It means we prob. have to buy USB-OTG for these.
    I understand clearly (technical en financial why Samsung is doing this).

    I work in a writing software department, about 80 person, 20% owns an iphone, 60% samsung, the rest android or even windows phone.
    I know i am the only one who has a spare battery (i am known having a spare; changing my battery on my Note 3 twice a week).
    Several other do have sd-cards, but most doesn't have. Half of the android user dont bother to change anything from stock launcher.

  • People here think that the general consumer is worried about a microsd slot, or a removable battery.I had a relative that took pictures on her phone 2 years ago, and didn't know about the microsd inside. I told her, and how to get them off of her phone, she's not into her phone like that, but can, and will buy things most can only dream of. People on these kind of sites, are really jaded, and truly misinformed about what the general public thinks is important(you don't see your grandma here, she could care less). Get off your cloud, and get real, go outside, throw the ball around, do something regular people do.

  • jairo Apr 4, 2015 Link to comment

    Seriously the s6 edge looks real nice and all but Samsung fuck it up with the non removeble battery and the SD card all the fan the has Samsung for years that's why they buy there products also Samsung takes a long time with updates to and the carriers as well like lollipop I have the note 4 with t-mobile and they suck at updates take to long after the update been release like for 2 or 3 months

  • To be fair, people who dont care much about SD cards and Removable batteries are the every day customers, not people who care so much about their phones. Those kind of people will most likely not go near any mobile sites, and just be happy with their phones.

    • Well 128Gb is enough i would say, so no need for microSD card, but the removable battery should have stayed!

      • yup you're right...128gb is more than enough....but the SD card is for another for backup everything from one mobile to another without using cloud or a computer....just remove from your mobile and insert to a new'll have all your pics, songs and documents right away!

  •   11
    Deactivated Account Apr 4, 2015 Link to comment

    The reason I don't like phones or any electronic device without a removable battery, is it limits the life of the devices. Batteries are usually the main reason those devices quit working. I have had my S3 for almost 3 years, and I am on my 3rd battery. The first was because the phone got to hot. I left it sitting in the sun on a metal form at work, the battery bloated. My phone was only 3 months old at the time. That would have destroyed a phone with a non removable battery. I just changed the battery again because it was down to about 75% capacity after 2 1/2 years. with non removable battery I would be SOL. Non removable batteries are just a way for a company to build in obsolescent to a product.

    • It doesn't make a phone obsolete. You can always take it to a repair place and have the battery replaced (if you're not into doing it yourself). Advancements are what make phones obsolete. For many people, by the time the battery stops holding a charge, they're ready to upgrade, anyway.

      By the way, I'm not typically one of those people. I can personally see how you'd stick with the S3. I was prepared to keep using my S3 for another couple years. I ended up getting a Note 4 simply because Best Buy was running a great deal when I went in to upgrade my son's phone. I'm really glad I upgraded, though. I love the size and the pen. I was on my second battery for the S3 - an expanded battery that's still working great.

      •   11
        Deactivated Account Apr 5, 2015 Link to comment

        Your right, wrong terminology. You get the Idea, and what you said is true. That most upgrade before it will go bad. I am not one of those. I really don't need a new phone it is just a want which will wait till the Note 5 now. If that does not have a removable battery no more Samsung

  • yes,finaly losers ha ha ha! yeah i hate samsungs and these are good news

  • It's the cost for that new, faster nand(storage), that will turn informed android users off. Most people, that aren't really into features per-se, will buy these as a status symbol, and probably wouldn't know what a microsd card is, or care if the phone has one or not. It will sell, because of past popularity, and in the case of the edge, because of the edge. Ios, has gotten away with this for years, yet they're still popular, and will sell well, because it's a popular brand, pushed by the media, not because it's better. Samsung's not losing any sleep over these decisions, trust me.

  • What does that tell us? Not much. It's a self-selecting survey. Self-selecting surveys are notoriously unreliable.

  • I'm one that loves the sd card but I can live without the removable battery. Ill definitely be looking at other phones.

  • I can live without the removable battery. But I want the micro sdcard slot so I can safe guard my data. Imagine if the phone break down, how you recover your data from the build in memory? Cloud? I have 128gb micro sdcard and it's about 10gb free space, how long it takes to upload to cloud? Am looking for other alternative phone for future upgrade now

  • S5 may well be the last Samsung phone I own, HTC M9 looks great and with SD card slot. I have experienced life without an sd card slot on the Nexus 7 and its a complete pain

  • A few geeks who read tech posts are protesting. The other 249 999 000 Samsung users will replace their S4 and S5 with a S6 or S6 Edge this year. And I'm not even counting the HTC, Sony and iPhone users that will be replacing their sorry phones with a Samsung flagship as well.

  • me too....let's see if Note 5 have removable battery and micro SD card....if not...bye bye Samsung!

  • Terrible corporate decision. Since I currently own a Galaxy S4, the next upgrade for me will be the S5. After that, I will definitely research other phone manufacturers. Sorry Samsung.

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