Apple Unsuccessful In Delaying US Galaxy S3 Launch

Apple Unsuccessful In Delaying US Galaxy S3 Launch


Just days after Samsung announced availability for the Galaxy S3 in the US, Apple immediately filed an injunction seeking to stop the launch of the device. They had initially hoped to keep the device from reaching most US carriers, and to indefinitely block the device from being sold on June 21st (U.S release date). It was typical Apple playing their typical games, but the good news is that this time, the judge wasn’t having it. In fact, she literally told Apple that she didn’t have time for it.

Judge Lucy Koh is the judge presiding over the case, and informed Apple that blocking the phone by June 21st was too much. Judge Koh apparently has a very full calendar (probably full of Apple lawsuits), and essentially told Apple that they would have to wait.

This is naturally good news for U.S residents planning on buying the device, as it seems that the release will be right on schedule. The patent trial is set to take place in July, in which Apple will present yet another case against Samsung.

Ironic how Apple continues to play this game, especially considering how much they “borrowed” from Android in iOS 6.

Again, I kinda have to point a finger at Apple, and say in the most mature way as possible:

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  • take that apple :)

  • When I heard this I went into nerd mod and saw the new apple ceo in white darth vader armor and all the lawyers in storm trooper armor in their death star that was a giant apple lol

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    2nd - Apple, I used to admire your Innovations (under Steve Jobs); however, these power plays via Litigation Lawsuits (post Steve Jobs) are just a bully tactic that does not impress me as a Consumer; and serve as an embarrassment to the Electronic Goods Industry. Please go back to the Lab & come out with something impressive (do something Innovative with your iPad / iPhone / iPod & you'll earn my respect - even if I won't buy your products) ...

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  • I personally think that Apple SHOULD do all they can to stop this device if they want to continue trading in smartphones. I have recently obtained an SIII and in my opinion it is awesome. Even friends of mine who would argue all day about iPhone being better than Android have now switched. Yeah iPhone 5 is around the corner, but are they really going to do anything other than shine the logo a little bit more? I think not.

    Goodbye iPhone, goodbye......

  • LOL. They should make tee shirts that say that :-D

  • Well they say that an "apple a day will keep the doctor away". So maybe they think a "lawsuit a day will keep Android away".

  • Agreed man. They are so desperate its ridiculous.

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    Deactivated Account Jun 13, 2012 Link to comment

    Really, Apple? Filing injunctions in an attempt to block the competition? How lame. And pathetic. If you have to resort to tactics like that, then clearly you lost the battle a long time ago.

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