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Poll results: Would you buy the Note 8 or Galaxy S8+?

Poll results: Would you buy the Note 8 or Galaxy S8+?

The new addition to the Galaxy Note family, as we expected, has a lot in common with the Galaxy S8+. The Note 8 takes a lot of inspiration in terms of design and specs, but it's aimed toward a different set of users. In our our original poll, we asked which you'd buy. Here are the results.

The poll results show that a few more people lean toward the Galaxy S8+, as it received 138 votes vs the 119 votes for the Note 8. Why?

One of the main differences between these devices is price: the new Note 8 goes for $929.99, while the price of the Galaxy S8+ has dropped down to $674.99 already. A price difference of $255 may be the deciding factor when choosing between the two for some. But, those who don't mind laying down a bit more cash get 2 GB of additional RAM, the S-Pen stylus, an 0.1-inch larger display. These factors may appeal more to a business crowd more than the average user, who may be more likely to opt for a slightly less boxy design and a lower price tag.

So, it's a matter of use case and of price. And while some say the price for the Note 8 is absurd, it got almost as many votes as the Galaxy S8+, so it can't be written off for that.

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  • I will never buy another Samsung phone. I Have 2 galaxy S4 that can"t connect to WiFi in Cuba and Samsung will not acknowledge the problem. They treat me like I'm a moron.They know how to fix the problem but will not bother not too many people go to Cuba . I think when you buy a phone it should work anywhere.

  • Neither, I am done with Samsung and Samlag, I am extremely happy with my Essential PH-1, this is the most solid phone I have ever owned, it's smooth as butter and fast, 175K in AnTuTu, and it also comes unlocked.

  • Just Read two reviews about the Note 8,and both reviewers Stated Too Overpriced phone,how can that be any good for Samsung,How can Samsung do that after the Note 7 battery saga,they should have released a more affordable phone to attract consumers back in to there Note series,and show they were really sorry about releasing a unreliable phone

  • Like to see Samsung and Apple reactions when there phones Sales become struggling again,Overpricing phones is really Spoiling the Mobile Market now,something needs to be done to stop phones getting too expensive for consumers

  • Overrated overpriced definitely wouldn't spend that much on a gimmick.

  • I will wait till the end of the year or if the Australian dollar goes up

  • Ryan Sep 3, 2017 Link to comment

    I wouldn't touch another Samsung product is you paid me to.

  • If you pre-order the Note 8 it is less expensive than the S8+. I got mine for half off through my carrier for $480. It's a great deal for a better phone.

  • It's interesting to see that some are considering spending so much on a phone. I don't see the value in spending that much ($900+) on a phone that you'll more than likely replace in the next year or two. Guess we'll also see if that high price trend continues when Apple releases their new phones. I too am waiting to see the black Friday deals.

  • Maybe you ought to wait a bit for note 8 price to come down or better go for 128 gb version of the S8 plus which has same amount of ram but priced lower

  • sorry thts messed up note 8 for or nothing at all !

  • Note 8 is just a Squarer S8 Plus with S-Pen,With a Price the phone does not deserve,with the S9 only a couple of months away,and we might get the S9 in January-Febuary,so Samsung can challenge the New iPhone 8 more,If Samsung would have thought about the Note 7 buyers and included the Removable Battery Option on the Note 8,to say they were so sorry for the mistakes they made rushing out the Note 7,then the Note 8 price might not have been so high,Dual cameras are only upgrading the prices of current phones,and soon the Sales of current phones will struggle with people not being able to afford to buy them

  • Note 8

  • Neither, I am happy with my S7 edge, and won't pay $1500AU for the Note 8

  • storm Sep 2, 2017 Link to comment

    I think both are too much for a phone. The value proposition really isn't there.

  • I have and use the s8plus as my daily. Will I purchase the note. Not yet but I will give it a peek-a- boo on Black Friday! Yikes!

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