OnePlus 3 tips and tricks

OnePlus 3 tips and tricks

The OnePlus 3 has been the Chinese startup's biggest surprise yet. Until now, getting one of its devices was a bit tricky due to the notorious invite system, which, luckily, has disappeared with the OnePlus 3. This very powerful device is the envy of the high-end Android market while managing to sell for half the price of other flagships. Come check out these tips and tricks so you can get the most out of it.

1. Dark mode and Night mode

Despite similar-sounding names, these two settings work differently. 'Night mode' dims the blue hue of the screen to avoid disturbing users' sleep, while 'Dark mode' changes the background color from white to black.

'Night mode' can be activated directly from the shortcuts menu by sliding two fingers down from the status bar. From there, the moon symbol can be used to activate it. You can also access it by going to Settings > Display; from here you can also adjust the intensity.

androidpit onplus 3 tips tricks 01
Take advantage of 'Night mode' and you should sleep a little better. / © ANDROIDPIT

To activate the 'Dark mode' and customize the color of the icons go to Settings > Personalization. From here, you will be able to activate the mode and choose an accent color to contrast with the dark background.

androidpit onplus 3 tips tricks 02
Personalize your icon colors. / © ANDROIDPIT

2. Customize the switch

The physical switch on the OnePlus 3 allows you to quickly change between sound and notification profiles without having to wake the device. The positions are: down for all notifications; center for priority notifications; and up for silent. Within Settings, the latter two can be customized. In Priority settings you can check or uncheck alarms, media, reminders, events, messages, calls and repeated calls. In Silent settings you can only toggle alarms and media.

androidpit onplus 3 tips tricks 03
Easily customize the switch. / © ANDROIDPIT

3. Disable capacitive buttons while gaming

When I play games, I inevitably touch one of the capacitive buttons at the bottom of the screen accidentally, and always just as the action is picking up. If you are going to plunge into a good game, and do not want to go through my ordeal, it is best to disable these buttons.

Go to Settings > Buttons and touch on the first paragraph where it says Navigation bar on the screen. When you enable this option, capacitive buttons stop working and disappear while you play.

androidpit onplus 3 tips tricks 04
Disable the capacitive buttons while gaming. / © ANDROIDPIT

4. Customize button functions

In the same Buttons menu as in the previous tip, you have options to customize the capacitive buttons. The three buttons have extra functions that can be accessed via a long press or double tap.

There are seven actions you can assign to the different buttons for each type of press: search assistant, turn off screen, open camera, voice search, open last used app, or open Shelf.

androidpit onplus 3 tips tricks 05
More functions for the buttons. / © ANDROIDPIT

5. Check the time with the power of the Force and Ambient Display

Oxygen OS has an option much like the Active Display from Motorola, although it's named Ambient Display. With this feature enabled, when a notification arrives, the screen will wake and display it below the clock on the lock screen.

To enable this feature, go to Settings > Display and scroll down to activate the Ambient display. When you toggle the option Proximity wake the screen is activated when your hand passes over the device, like a Jedi.

androidpit onplus 3 tips tricks 06
Two options to enable the display. / © ANDROIDPIT

6. Close all applications in one fell swoop

With Android Lollipop or Marshmallow, closing several or all applications is a demanding task. There is no way to close all applications at once, you have to close them manually, one after the other. But with Oxygen OS that's passe.

When you click the last application or multitasking button, all applications that you've used appear in chronological order. If you pull up from the most recent app at the bottom, three icons appear from left to right: Manage applications, Clear the cache and Close all applications.

androidpit onplus 3 tips tricks 07
Close everything at once. / © ANDROIDPIT

7. Customize the Shelf, or just disable it

Oxygen OS has no Google Now cards when you slide your finger from the left edge toward the center on the home screen; instead it has the Shelf. This is a screen in which you can place widgets in a vertical order to quickly access your personal information, the weather forecast, most used applications, quick notes or contacts. To add new shortcuts, you just have to click on the '+' and to eliminate it hold it down and slide it to one side.

androidpit onplus 3 tips tricks 08
Enable the shelf. / © ANDROIDPIT

If you do not find it very useful and want to turn it off, press and hold on an empty space on the home screen. Now, of the three options listed choose Customize. You should now see an option called Enable Shelf. Simply slide the toggle to the left to disable it.

androidpit onplus 3 tips tricks 09
Or disable the shelf. / © ANDROIDPIT

8. Make LED notifications very colorful

Under Settings > Customization, there is a section called LED Notifications. Here you can change the color for the LED notifications warning you of lower battery. You can also access applications to enable or disable the notification LED on case-by-case basis.

androidpit onplus 3 tips tricks 10
Adjust the color-coded notifications. / © ANDROIDPIT

9. Customize the status bar

At the bottom of the Customization menu, you can modify the information shown in the status bar. By default, everything is enabled but you can disable any icons you don't want.

androidpit onplus 3 tips tricks 11
You might not need every icon. / © ANDROIDPIT

10. Quick Gestures

Oxygen OS comes equipped with a series of gestures to make life easier. To enable these, go to Settings > Gestures and select On before checking the gestures that you want to use. There are four options: Double tap to wake (as on LG devices), draw a circle on the screen to open the camera, a V gesture to turn on the flash and several more gestures to control the music.

androidpit onplus 3 tips tricks 12
Gestures make life a little easier. / © ANDROIDPIT

Do you have any OnePlus 3 tips? Please share them in the comments.

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  • Peter Pedersen Jan 31, 2017 Link to comment

    What is the white-circle-with-small-black-bar-inside icon, next to the wifi icon

  • Syed Jul 7, 2016 Link to comment

    Nice phone great performance...but I don't know y am facing one issue using Skype video call after some time it gets hang and automatically restarts..

  • prekyap Jul 7, 2016 Link to comment

    Good post
    One plus is awesome
    I'm using it since one year with no problem and live with good performance

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