Nexus 6 scores one of the highest results in Geekbench performance test

Nexus 6 scores one of the highest results in Geekbench performance test

As the suspected October 16th reveal date of the Motorola Nexus 6 (Shamu/Nexus X) approaches, the device leaks are becoming an almost daily occurrence. This time we have a benchmark test from Geekbench which will undoubtedly please fans of the Nexus line, revealing some impressive performance statistics. 

nexus6 leak
A mock-up of the Nexus 6. / © Android Police

If you’re still feeling a little queasy from the news that the Nexus 6 will have a rather large 5.9-inch display, then this may settle your stomach somewhat. The Snapdragon 805 powered device, with 3 GB of RAM and QHD display, beat out most of the competition in the performance measuring website’s tests, stretching ahead of all other devices in the multi-core processing category. Check out the results below.

nexus 6 geekbench ergebnisse
Single and multi-core processing stats by Geekbench. / © Phone Arena

As you can see, in terms of processing power the Motorola designed Nexus 6 is ahead of the Galaxy S5, HTC One (M8) and LG G3 in both categories, quashing any suggestion that the device will be anything less than a powerhouse when it finally arrives. 

We'll have more on the Nexus 6 in the coming weeks. Until then, catch up on anything you might have missed in our Nexus 6 release date, news, and specs article.

Has this news rekindled your excitement for the Nexus 6?

Via: Phone Arena Source: Geekbench

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  • It makes me more aware that the Nexus 5 - if still available - is probably "on sale" (or should be) ....

    That? And I wonder if Google worked things out with the Estate of Phillip K. Dick (sci fi author) who's Nexus 6 were 'replicants' in Bladerunner .....

  • my alarm clock has a better resolution than the new iphone 6, so i dont consider both devices comparable... so please dont forget this in the equation

  • Except for size, that sounds wonderful. Since it's pure android, the tweaking on this thing, over time will make this a beast! Single core performance of the iphone means very little, cores are so advanced now, and what about the multi core stats?

    • why do you think that single core performance mean little? There are a lot of situations that app can only use one core... I am not sure but swiping the screens is probably one of them... or showing an animation...

      Actually what is for me more interesting is that why cant Android with snapdragon can not even get close to that single core results of iphone? ( which by the way only 2.0ghz comparing to 2.6ghz)

      • 2 GHz ? IPhone 6 is 1.4 GHz and the nexus 6 is running at 2.7 GHz not 2.6

      • well this makes it even worse isnt it? Iphone6 with 1.4GHz gets %60 more performance on single core than 2.7GHz Nexus...

      • Not really. Remember those are early tests of the nexus 6 but more than likely when it comes out it'll be even more optimized

      • I really hope that it will. But how much can it be optimized? %5 %10 more? it is still no where close to iphone6 single core scores? Nexus5 is no where near iphone5 scores...

        Its not like i am a fan of iphone or something but i am really curious why the hell nexus cant get smilar scores on single cores???

        Of course apple has the advantage that the processor is designed for the software. So they match 100% for best performance. But why cant google work with Quallcomm together for once and show what can be done?

  • I have nexus5 and well i love it... Not a single lag! I am not going to upgrade it to nexus6 anyway but i was hoping that android L would bring a significant performance boost.

    IF these numbers are true, I am actually disappointed. Considering that Nexus X has better CPU then Nexus 5 and android L (as it is presented in developer conference) has huge performance improvement over kitkat, the difference between Nexus 5 and X is not really big (only %10 percent on both fields). So I hope these numbers are not true

    But one thing we should not forget... What does performance mean? For me it means how long does it take to open an app, or load a webpage. Geekbench is just a bench test.. It is not directly related to neither of them. And you cannot see the effect of ART on these bench results

    On the other hand i still admire iphone with the single core result which is extremely good. And improvement form iphone5s to 6 is also significant(over %20)

    • Yup, those are all important things to bare in mind, Laymelek! :)

    • you must take into account that the higher the resolution of the device is, the lower it will score with the same pure power... so these results make sense to me as the nexus 6 seems to have the higher resolution of all, only comparable to lg g3

  •   16
    Deactivated Account Oct 6, 2014 Link to comment

    It won't top or compare to the Galaxy Note 4 that's for sure.

    • That's kind of stupid to say when the note 4 has the same specs as the nexus 6 and the note 4 won't score higher. The iPhone 6 even beat the note 4 so if it couldn't beat the iPhone 6 it won't be the nexus 6

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