Nexus 5 roundup: white version, price, packaging, battery

Nexus 5 roundup: white version, price, packaging, battery

There were a few more revelations about the Nexus 5 over the weekend. Nothing earth-shattering, but enough to be worthy of a quick mix tape. Some will make you smirk, others will make you laugh, and, sadly, at least one will make those lines in the middle of your forehead, above your nose, crinkle up. Read on, friends.

Nexus5 white render
An inverted color render of the Nexus 5. / © Tim Stricker

Firstly, the ''official'' packaging of the Nexus 5 appeared over at The box is very much the same as the new Nexus 7 packaging and seems pretty legit looking to us. The most interesting part of the packaging is that the Nexus 5 on the box – well, the back of it anyway – is all white. There has already been a white Nexus device, and the short-lived Google Play address for the Nexus 5 specifically mentioned black in the address, hinting that there would be other options available. There's also an all white render of the Nexus 5 floating around The question is, how white will the Nexus 5 get? The funny part of this story is that the internet is now ablaze with arguments and images of inverted colored Nexus 5's.

AndroidPIT Nexus5 packaging
Is this the legitimate packaging for the white Nexus 5? / ©

There is now an invitation to a Google press event circulating for October 24th. The strange thing is that are reporting that their Google sources are saying there will be no product revelations at the event, but will instead be a Google Play event only. Keep in mind that the Play Store is being updated to version 4.4 too and this makes sense, but to have an event the day after Apple's iPad reveal without announcing any products is a strange move for Google, who definitely like to steal the thunder from other product launches, as we saw with the Android 4.4 KitKat might just get revealed at the event, and the demonstration will need to be done on some devices, but that's more wishful thinking than fact.

google play invite
No mention of harware. Could it really just be about Google Play 4.4? / © Google

The price question has reared its ugly head again, with the 16 GB base model of the Nexus 5 appearing on the Play Store last week with the Device page stating ''Starting at $349''. This means that the rumored price point of the larger model being over $400 sounds much more likely, with or without a continuation of the $299/$349 price line of the Nexus range.

nexus 5 google play
The $349 16 GB model pricing is in line with Nexus 4 pricing. / © Google/Android Police

The last sad note is that new claims state the Nexus 5 will come in two models, but that both will pack the same 2,300 mAh battery. Perhaps the initial rumor of a LG G2, upon which the Nexus 5 is based, uses average power tracking, which is much less efficient. Combined with the smaller screen and the fact that envelope tracking can also be used for GSM/CDMA bands as well as LTE, the 2,300 mAh battery might not be so bad after all.

The black-white color inversion GIF aims to debunk the all-white rumor. / © Android Police

What do you think of these latest Nexus 5 tidbits? Good news, bad news, who-knows-what news?

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  • My1 Oct 26, 2013 Link to comment

    Google/LG needs to learn about efficiently using the space of the device, if they would ditch the software Buttons (I'd appreciate it since I always hit the software buttons while playing reaper and other games where the control has to or is most easily done at the bottom edge of the screen. and even if they wont, why do they need that much space above AND below the display. Look at Samsung they use much less space, but the space they have is properly used...

  •   16
    Deactivated Account Oct 22, 2013 Link to comment

    I assume Google laughs a lot with all the crazy things that people right about the Nexus 5. :-D

  • it's great to keep these titbits flowing and very convenient for you guys to bring to one place for us on AndPIT! BTW battery life on my N4 has really impressed me I always get through the day without plugging in. Granted I'm not watching videos or playing games but make a lot of calls and use my corporate email via 3G. As long as the N5 battery life matches the N4 as a minimum then I think this will be fine.

  • I dont care about battery life!!!
    My 4 stays on 24 7 plugged in and connected to charger on dashboard anyways.
    Rarely do i have need longer battery life.
    How about carry a 2nd battery to pop in if that worried ?
    Is 30 bucks too much to spend after pissing away 400 bucks???
    Is it still factory unlocked...screensize...and will it be compatible with new 150 mbsnetwork that china has and hopefully we get some day???
    How abot this for there gonna be a case protector available????
    Ask anybody who has a nexus....
    A case is the hardest thing tpo buy unless you own a iphone or galaxy

  • Unfortunately I don't know enough about envelope tracking and battery life to make an informed assessment, but it certainly seems feasible from what I've heard. The point has also been made that the iPhone 5s has a 1,560 mAh battery and still manages a decent life despite it's size, so it is certainly possible to get good life out of a small battery. And as you say, the Moto X's X8 architecture manages to do a good job too, so it's not all about size, but how you use it.

  • The battery life concerns me greatly, hope it performs as well as the moto x's battery since they are going small with it

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