Nexus 5: Did you get lured in by the hype?

Nexus 5: Did you get lured in by the hype?

The speculation behind the Nexus 5 had been brewing for months prior to its official release. In fact, for a long time before the announcement of the latest Nexus device, all you could read about on tech sites, including AndroidPIT, was about the Nexus 5: hardware speculations, grainy leaked photos from insiders, or just day dreams on what we hoped Google would put into the new device. And still now, with the release, we still see it left, right and center and everyone seems to be caught up in the latest Google smartphone. However, some, like me, still have doubts in regards to the Nexus 5. So, time to take a step back and take stock: Were you drawn in by the hype? If so, how is the Nexus 5 holding up for you? Did you jump aboard the black or the white bandwagon?

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Are you a fan or a skeptic of the latest Nexus 5? / © NextPit

The hype was large and the result was large as well: wherever you read about the Nexus 5, the consensus seems to point towards a great device that is loved by all, especially for the price it is being offered at.  Even looking at our own review of the device, it seems to be way to go and everyone in the office is on board. In fact, Nico tries daily to convince me that the Nexus 5 is the way to go, despite the apparent weakness of the device in the camera and battery department.

As such, I’m still undecided on to whether I’m on board with the Nexus 5 of not. All the advantages of the Nexus 5 are pretty apparent when you try out the device and I’ve fallen in love with the look of the device (at least when looking at it from the back). However, the lackluster aspects behind the camera, battery, and display still keep me from proclaiming my blind devotion to this device.

So, let us know what your thoughts are on the Nexus 5: Are you completely satisfied with your Nexus 5? Did you fall in love with the device the moment it was released or did it take some time for you to come around? 

Did you jump on or off the Nexus 5 bandwagon?
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  • I just checked the survey results: a massive 62% of responders ordered the Nexus 5 as soon as they were able to. Now that says something.

  • I'm waiting for tax return (April) next year ... doesn't matter if its black, or white, 16gig, or 32gig to me .... what matters is price and elimination of initial complaints (an unlocked android smart phone with instant OS updates for $350 sounds nice to me)

  • I wouldn't say I was caught up in the hype, but I have ordered my Nexus 5 to replace my fire sale Nexus 4. The reason being that a friend offered to buy it for basically what I paid for it and the Nexus 5 is better in every way, so it seemed like a good opportunity to jump a year ahead in terms of upgrading, rather than holding onto the Nexus 4 for a while longer. And I knew my next phone would be a Nexus so I figured I may as well do it now while the going is good and people still want my Nexus 4. I basically had a two-month Nexus 4 holiday for free.

  • I was attracted by the price, performance and looks of the Nexus 4 compared to the iPhone of the time. The volume was fine, and 16GB of storage is plenty for me. My wife needed a new phone so provided an email case to pass that on when the Nexus 5 came out. So far I am very pleased except the notification volume is very low on full. I understand the commercial reason not to offer a simple external storage extension via so or USB, but it is really expensive to buy the additional memory to double up to 32 GB. I am still enjoying the progress of the Android Os.

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    Deactivated Account Nov 25, 2013 Link to comment

    Google is not allowed to use the "Nexus 6" name.

    • Oct 2014: ''Google reveals the Nexus 5+1''. Nah, doesn't have a good ring to it. ''Nexus 7-1''? Better, but still not quite right. How about ''Nexus between 5 and 7''? That's a winner!

  • I'm waiting until my firesale Nexus 4 needs to be replaced. So it's more likely that I'll be getting a Nexus 6 next...

  • I purchased the Nexus 5 from a sprint store last week. The N5 replaced my Nexus S 4g, so it is leaps and bounds better than that phone. My wife is using the Galaxy Nexus and she is now eyeing the N5 as a replacement as well.
    The N5 is a great alternative to the S4, which didn't appeal to me due to Samsung's touchwiz interface. I am enjoying the HDR+ camera, if I want better pics, I get my DSLR.

  • I'm with Alvin...

  • I love it! And if you are in to custom roms you will find ALL the big names developing for it on xda.

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    Happy enough with the Nexus 4 still. If I had to replace it, the n5 is nice, but I don't needlessly upgrade.

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