Nexus 5 owners: here's why you must get the Android Marshmallow update

Nexus 5 owners: here's why you must get the Android Marshmallow update

Rather than dazzling us with superficial design changes, Google seems to be taking a very practical approach with the Android Marshmallow update, offering a host of genuinely useful features. Two such features are Doze and App Standby, which curb your phone's background processes when it's unplugged. A recent test of these features on a Nexus 5 running Android Marshmallow suggest that they greatly reduce the phone's battery consumption.

A test carried out by found that a Nexus 5 on standby, running Android Marshmallow with Doze and App Standby, consumed around two-thirds less battery than a Nexus 5 running on Lollipop.

In eight hours, the Nexus 5 on Android Marshmallow consumed just 1.5 percent battery on standby, while the Nexus 5 running Android 5.1.1 Lollipop consumed 4 percent. The difference was much more pronounced after 48 hours, when the Nexus 5 running Android Marshmallow consumed 9 percent battery, while the 5.1.1 model guzzled a whopping 24 percent.

nexus 5 homescreen live wallpaper
Tests show that a Nexus 5 running Android Marshmallow consumes much less battery (in standby mode). / © ANDROIDPIT

Doze uses your phone's accelerometer to detect whether you're using your phone, and if you're not then it sends your phone into a deeper state of sleep than when it's on standby. App Standby, meanwhile, reduces network activity in your apps when your phone is unplugged. Based on the tests carried out on the Nexus 5, it looks like these features could combine to save a great deal of battery life.

Computerbase concluded that the maximum projected standby time you could get on a Nexus 5 running the Android Marshmallow developer preview (which includes Doze and App Standby) would be 533 hours, while you can only expect to get 200 hours out of the Nexus 5 on Android 5.1.1.

If you want to try these intriguing features out for yourself, just follow our guide on how to get the Android M developer preview on your Nexus 5, Nexus 6 or Nexus 9

This is great news for Android - and particularly Nexus 5 - owners. Of course, it's early days for Android Marshmallow and its merry band of handy features, but the likes of Doze and App Standby give us good reason to be excited. Have you tested these features out yet? Let us know if they've helped you in the comments.

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  • Check it out:

  • When will 5.1.1 come out officially on the Nexus 5

  • I've been running the M preview alongside 5.1.1 (using multirom) and the standby time in M is pretty amazing. At the moment battery drain with normal usage is pretty erratic, though that's due to apps that need optimised to make the most of Doze.

  • in roaming 3G is not working in Nexus 5, but when i use same sim different mobile it works,

    Any suggestion Please share,

    suresh chippa

  • Since upgrading to 5.1.1, the rear camera is not working even no option to change from front to rear. The only way the camera icon is seen in the drawer is if I uninstall all updates for the camera app and even after that works only with front camera. Hope there is a fix soon for this issue.
    Also, hoping android M does wonders and not have as many bugs as with the Lollipop release.

    • Nexus 5 has a camera issue from kitkat... So basically you were either ignoring it or never used the camera. Its a factory & hardware issue so there is no way that you can be excluded.. The fix is to completely wipe the cache/data for camera app, uninstall viber, reinstall viber and immediately disable video, disable face recognition and enable usb debugging. Tested on 20 devices, reduces the chance of camera getting stuck by 7000%

  • Since I've installed 5.1.1 my Nexus 5 shuts down and restarts whenever it feels like it, Do you think my Nexus 5 is possessed?

  • I have get upgrade on Nexus 5.1.1, and is really worth; fixed mamory lake and battery drain, also chrases...

  • I can't wait for this release

  • it seems really a good and promising

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