New user experience envisioned for Android 4.5

New user experience envisioned for Android 4.5

The same designer that brought us his impressive vision of what Android 4.5 could look like a month ago has just finished the second installment of his design renders. The designer, from Pixel-Shift, previously produced a nicely understated streamlining of the Android experience and smoothed out and cleaned up many of the disjointed apps and interface elements. The new renders re-imagine the initial boot experience, with a few nice touches thrown in.

nexus 5 on screen button
We love KitKat, but it could always be made even  better. / © NextPit

Claiming the first impression made by Android via the first boot screens leaves something to be desired, the designer has tried to enliven that whole experience by making it more contemporary and familiar, with log-in screens and simple, personalized prompts at every step of the way. A Google account screen followed by a personal welcome and backup prompt starts things off nicely.

AndroidPIT Android45 SignIn
The re-imagined Android first boot experience with familiar log-in screen feel. / © Pixel-Shift

The next screens show the pie in the sky feature of a Google Drive backup solution. I can't quite imagine everyone wanting all 32 GB of their most personal data uploaded to the cloud, but it's a nice idea and a welcome one for many. Then, there's a simple choose of skin: light, dark, or automatic depending on the time of day. Beautiful and simple.

AndroidPIT Android45 BackupThemes
Two very nice visions for Android 4.5: Google Drive backup and color scheme selection. / © Pixel-Shift

The design vision rounds out with some examples of how the different redesigned system apps from the first batch of renders could look with the different skins on them. It's all so clean and straightforward and well, nicely designed, that I think he's onto something. Based on the feedback on the new renders so do a lot of others as well.

AMOLED-screened stock Android? No problem, go black. Like bright white? Choose a light theme. / © Pixel-Shift

One reader said he'd like to see Multi-Window and stylus support built right into Android. Depending on the brand of crystal ball you gaze into, this might even be a vague possibility if Google are to focus on pushing Android even further with the help of OEM patent licensing agreements, including Samsung's, in future. Multi-Window and stock stylus support may not be all that far-fetched.

An adaptive color scheme would make your Android experience easier on the eyes. / © Pixel-Shift

What do you think of this understated vision of Android 4.5? What changes would you like to see in the next version of Android?

Source: Pixel-Shift

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  • Themes or Skins should be integrated in the system. I mean themed apps and Launchers do the job too; but being able to change the theme in the settings (maybe even with 3rd party theme support) would just be a better solution in my oppinion (I do not think that it will make anything more complicated, so why not?)

    • It's a good question about whether or not it makes things more complicated. I assumed that having a dark and light theme for an app was a simple enough thing to do - just switch out the colors, right? - but a developer told me it's more complex than that. I still don't don't know how or why, but apparently it is. Still, I suspect Google are capable of figuring it out if they want to.

    • This would also let manufacturers reskin the device while still letting users go stock android if they prefer, which would be awesome.

  • Almost all developer now focus to build their apps suitable with this android version.

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