More Android 4.4 screenshots

More Android 4.4 screenshots

You may have read my Nexus 7, courtesy of a Russian Google+ user by the anme of Anton Kuznetsov. If you want to know the major things to look out for, read my previous article, this one is really just eye candy.

Android KitKat Easter Egg phase 1
Tapping the build number will now reportedly produce this graphic. / © Anton Kuznetsov

So without further ado, here's the leaked pictures of what looks to be an early build version of KitKat, namely, the Android version number Easter Egg, the animation when that screen is long-pressed and a couple more of the screens that we've seen other versions of previously, but this time get a little clearer. You'll be able to see the graphical differences if you read yesterday's article. Now we just await the official announcement.

Android 44 KitKat Easter Egg phase 2
Long-pressing the previous screen will reveal this mosaic. / © Anton Kuznetsov
Nexus 7 Android 44 KitKat
Android version, cloud printing and Tap & Pay all look confirmed.  / © Phandroid
Android 44 KitKat clock comparison
KitKat (right) will lose Jelly Bean's bold font (left) in the clock. / © Phandroid
Android 44 KitKat downloads comparison
KitKat (right) will get a light skin in the Downloads section. / © Phandroid

What are your thoughts on Android 4.4 KitKat? Like what you see so far?

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  • Well said Eduardo, I'm sure there'll be plenty of good stuff when 4.4 rolls out, and as you say, you can't reinvent the wheel every single time. Perhaps that's what 5.0 will be.

  • yeah this is not impressive whatsoever

  • That's a lot of feature, but let's say you have a talent that dosent mean you can perform every time, it's the situation which decides how good is you're talent. I am not against it, just don't want to be quick to judge until i'll update my device, though thanks for the post was great to read. like to read more from you friend.

  • What don't you like Eduardo? I have to say I'm not terribly impressed by a lot of the cahnges I've seen so far, like the downloads page and dialler - big deal. I do like the fade-out on the top and bottom of the lock and home screen and I think there's good stuff going on with Tap & Pay, cloud printing and SMS app selection, but gray icons instead of blue? C'mon, really?

  • For me it seems down fall so far with screenshots, but i'll wait until i get my hands on kitkat for the final judgment.

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