New leaked photos show alleged Xbox Series X ports

New leaked photos show alleged Xbox Series X ports

The rumors about the PlayStation 5 from Sony are getting more and more concrete. But what is the main competitor Microsoft doing? It shows its new console, the Xbox Series X, quite blatantly in a video teaser. This is what the new Microsoft Xbox Series X looks like, and we already know some of the technical specs.

Microsoft's Xbox is the biggest competitor to Sony's PlayStation 5. Now the Americans have put a teaser video and a first announcement online, in which the design of the new edition can be seen. And that's extraordinary for a console.


Confusion over the ports on the Xbox Series X, then a new leak

There has been plenty of speculation about the ports on the Xbox Series X, but now a new leaked photo tweeted by @Doug_DragoX seems to be the most credible look we've gotten at the ports on the new Xbox Series X. You can see the images in the tweet below.

The images show two USB-A ports on the back and one on the front, plus a single HDMI-out. There's also an optical audio port, an Ethernet port and a power-in port. There is one large rectangular port that we've not seen before but it could just be for diagnostics and not end up on the final version.

On stages at CES 2020, AMD had appeared to reveal some key new information about Microsoft's new Xbox Series X ports. It initially looked like the highly anticipated new console would come with two USB-C ports, two HMDI ports, and an ethernet port. Plenty reported the information as confirmed, through no fault of their own, including The Verge's Tom Warren.

However, as it turns out, the 3D models show during the AMD keynote were fake renders. A spokesperson has now confirmed it: "The Xbox Series X imagery used during the AMD CES press conference was not sourced from Microsoft and does not accurately represent the design or features of the upcoming console. They were taken from" This is a pretty embarrassing slip up from chipmaker AMD.

Microsoft Xbox Series X design

The Microsoft Xbox Series X is certainly surprising in terms of design. The console looks more like a small tower PC than a home video game machine. The cubic shape is only interrupted on the upper side. There is a grid pressed into the housing under which a green light seems to shine.

The rest of the box is interrupted by a gap on the front, a single button and the Xbox logo above it. Connections are not visible in the video. They will probably find a place on the back and thus not be directly visible from these angles. The rest of the exterior is characterized by clear edges and flat surfaces. Microsoft shows the console in this video and in the teaser image in black. The surfaces are matt and not glossy.

The design of the new wireless controller

Microsoft does not leave out the controller either. It has few surprises on the outside, although the basic design remains the same. It is equipped with two analog joysticks and a digital control pad. There are four action buttons on the right side and three system buttons in the middle of the control unit. The obligatory shoulder buttons, which are not completely visible in the video, only appear from the side in the teaser. They protrude quite far from the controller and have angled surfaces.

Xbox Series X hardware specifications

According to Microsoft, the fourth generation of Xbox will be its "fastest and most powerful console ever', setting a new benchmark for performance, speed, and compatibility. A declaration of war to the competitor Sony. But Microsoft does not give us anything more concrete in the current teaser. Microsoft still doesn't officially let the cat out of the bag when it comes to processor, graphics unit, and memory.

But something is no longer a secret: Microsoft states that the new Xbox Series X can display 4K at 60 fps. There will also be an option for frame rates of up to 120 fps. The frame rates should be variably controllable. For this purpose, the console can display 8K resolutions. According to Microsoft, the processor is based on Zen2 and RDNA architecture. However, smart PC hardware fans will already recognize from these two names that Microsoft hereby officially confirms that the new Xbox will be equipped with an AMD Zen-2 CPU and a graphics unit with AMD Radeon DNA (RDNA for short).

With the new controller, Microsoft is also buttoned up, but according to their own statement, and they have integrated a new "Share" button. We've seen this already on the Dual Shock 4 of the Sony Playstation 4. With it, screenshots and videos of gaming moments can be made. The new controller will not only control the Xbox Series X, but also the Xbox One and Windows 10 computers. It will be included with all Xbox Series X as an accessory, naturally.

Price and availability of the Microsoft Xbox Series X

Microsoft has announced that the new Xbox Series X will be launched in the holiday period of 2020. This also means that the presentation and market launch will be in direct competition with Sony. How much money you have to spend is not yet known. We'll be waiting eagerly to find out more about that.


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    This is good but your type of discribing this very good

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    Since most of you know, if there is a specific hardware malfunction the RRoD is a symbol shown by the 360's Ring of Light. Although any aspect of the 360 (or lack thereof) may be responsible for this, the main cause is excessive thermal energy, which stresses the CPU and GPU solder joints.

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    The price will make the difference with these specs

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    Good for some but even the low end gaming PC can out perform it.

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