Gadget of the week: Limefuel extended battery case for the Nexus 5

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Before I departed for the non-stop circus of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month, I was lucky enough to pick up a Limefuel extended battery case for my Nexus 5. As we all know, the battery capacity of the Nexus 5 is far from legendary (more like infamous), and I couldn't afford to have my smartphone conking out in the middle of posting MWC party pics to social media. Check out my experience with the Limefuel L28N5 battery case below.

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The Limefuel battery case may beef up your Nexus 5, but it's a worthwhile addition. / © NextPit

First things first, this is not a fashion accessory. The battery case is an unassuming black rubbery slab, much like the Nexus 5 itself. The Nexus 5 slots neatly into the battery case, which fully encloses it, providing protection from falls and bumps at the same time as providing additional power. You simply remove the side cage, pop your Nexus into the case and snap the sides back on to keep it snug. Buttons and ports are still accessible, as are speakers and your camera simply shoots through a cutaway in the back of the case.

The Nexus 5 slides down into the Limefule case and connects with a USB port. / © NextPit

The Limefuel battery case doesn't disappoint on the power front either, providing 2,860 mAh of juice. That's 560 mAh more than the Nexus 5's internal battery, so it's easy to see that the case, while doubling the thickness of your Nexus 5 will also give you double the battery life. Your Nexus 5 will either start drawing juice from the case as you use it or start charging (at about the same rate as wireless charging). The L28N5 is not designed as a rapid charger though, so if that's what you're after you need to look elsewhere. To my mind, the Limefuel battery case provides more of an extended battery experience as an attachment for your Nexus 5 even if you can also snap your phone into the case and drop it into your bag for a regular charge and then take it out when it's done.

The edges of the Limefuel case snap into place to keep your Nexus 5 snug and secure. / © NextPit

The thickness of the battery case – which doubles the thickness of the Nexus 5 and adds a little to the height – makes it a little uncomfortable to carry around in your jeans pocket, although the case is quite light at just 111 grams. But once you've added it to the Nexus 5's 130 grams it all starts to add up with that added bulk and weight, even if you do eventually get used to it. Definitely more of a slightly awkward necessity than a bumper case with a bonus. The nicest part for me was that I could use my Nexus until almost dead and then just pop it in the case when necessary rather than having it attached all day. You can also charge the Nexus 5 while it's enclosed in the Limefuel case via pass-through charging, and as mentioned above, you can either keep your Nexus in the case or just use it to charge your device.

The Nexus 5 camera shoots through a cut-away in the back of the Limefuel case. / © NextPit

As a functional accessory though the Limefuel battery case is beyond comparison. I was able to hammer my Nexus 5 all day with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, shoot dozens of photos and upload and download constantly with double my usual screen-on time and I hardly put a dent in the Limefuel case. I even dropped my phone a few times and that didn't put a dent in the case either. Under normal conditions and with some battery saving steps in place, you could easily expect to get two days out of your Nexus 5 with the L28N5 battery case. With less focus on battery conservation and heavier use you'll still make it all day and night before you need to consider looking for an outlet. It's become a staple in my backpack or jacket pocket wherever I go.

The Limefuel case has it's own USB port for charging and pass-through charging for your Nexus 5. / © NextPit

So if battery life and a shortage of access to power sources is a concern to you, then you really can't do much better than the Limefuel L28N5 battery case. None of the competition is going to look any sexier and it certainly delivers what you want from an extended battery. It only takes three hours to charge fully, you've got a charge indicator on the back of the case and it reportedly has a 500 charge cycle lifespan. Even if you don't plan on using it as a daily accessory it's pretty unbeatable as an emergency backup or for particular use cases like business or road trips. If you've got the non-removable battery woes, there's a Limefuel battery case to suit your power demands, so keep an eye out and rest assured you'll be able to power on.

The Limefuel L28N5 battery case is 74.99 USD on Amazon.

Have you used an extended battery case before? Do you prefer battery cases or quick chargers?

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  • sinkster Apr 7, 2014 Link to comment

    To be honest my N5 battery life has improved (after a little tinkering) to the extent that I no longer need my portable battery charger. Quite like the idea of this case though.

    • Kris Carlon Apr 9, 2014 Link to comment

      Custom kernel? I've found that with CM 11 my battery life is so good I can easily make it through a work day and into the evening using my phone fairly heavily (but no voice calls) whereas I used to have to charge mid-afternoon! When I'm away from my desk though I need to have some peace of mind.

  • Jordon Corston Apr 4, 2014 Link to comment

    Where could I buy one of those Anker external batteries that could ship to NZ?! I really want some more battery for my Nexus 5

    • My1 Apr 4, 2014 Link to comment

      hope that amazon also ships that to NZ...

  • My1 Apr 4, 2014 Link to comment

    Warning: text wall ahead. read Long Story Short section if you have problems with long texts.

    I rather have my secondary battery (original from Samsung #Samsungnote4ever) and my external battery from Anker which is a speed charger with 2 ports (1A and 2A), which is pretty nice especially since it's 15Ah (yes 15 000 mAh, 5 times your battery)
    and the best it costs only 50$ or 36,99€ (on US and german amazon, a rarity that they are equivalent since usually the dollar prices are simply rewritten in €)
    and I must say that it works pretty nice, and I use it not rarely. whether long train rides, or a sightseeing tour where I use my phone as cam all day.
    I have mine sine Nov 13 and it still works really nice.

    Such battery case blow up the phone too much and are way less strong and flexible than external batteries, coz if you want to control which one will be charged (or simply want to accel the charging by putting each on another socket) you would have to remove the case and then charge them externally, which I dont need since my is external in the fist case.


    Long Story Short

    battery cases are way too expensive for their capacity, external batteries or replacements (if you have a Samsung) are batter price and usage-wise...

    @Apit Staff, coud you please make the gadget of the week something universal from now on? Thanks.

    • Kris Carlon Apr 9, 2014 Link to comment

      Hey @Philipp, the gadget of the week was intended to be a regular feature but after the new year we kind of slacked off a little. We want to bring it back though because there's a lot of great gadgets out there for us to share with our readers!

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