Why LG decided to present a new V30 version at MWC

Why LG decided to present a new V30 version at MWC

LG finally made it clear that it will be bringing some news to MWC this year. A new version of the LG V30 with more smart AI features; certainly a smart announcement from the manufacturer, but it's not likely to steal the limelight right now.

Some say that smartphones have reached the peak. Or rather, a plateau. In other words, there are hardly any more development opportunities, and few new developments actually impress us. It seems that manufacturers are losing momentum. 

On the other hand, that isn't totally true. A technical revolution is currently taking place in other areas. Image recognition functions don't knock you off your feet, but they represent an enormously advanced and exciting technology. Speech recognition is the stuff of science fiction movies, and in a few years time it will become even more advanced.

Google introduced Assistant in October 2016. At the beginning, it was not all that useful. Fast forward to almost one and a half years later, Assistant has come a long way. Google Home, particularly the Home Mini are top sellers - only beaten by Amazon Alexa. Amazon Echo has gone beyond just simply being a smart speaker. With the Echo Show, Amazon is now offering video calling along with voice control and a fast Internet connection.  Amazon could soon turn out to be a big winner here.

AndroidPIT amazon echo show 7168
Amazon Echo Show / © NextPit

We know LG announced a new version of the V30 that will be presented during MWC. An update that focuses on artificial intelligence functions, with Voice AI improving the use of Google Assistant commands. Vision AI extends the smartphone's camera to include object detection in order to recommend the correct exposure settings. For example, if the V30 detects a plate of pasta, the food mode is activated, producing warmer colors and a sharper picture. 

However, they are not ground-breaking new features and neither of them are set to wow the crowds at MWC as of course, competitors are also offering their own versions of these technologies. 

Us too!

We've seen it before: manufacturers are simply following the trends, and for this reason it wasn't surprising that LG announced new AI technologies. Don't start yawning too soon though. For LG, developing its AI is a life insurance policy. Why? Because LG doesn't make its profits with smartphones, but with household appliances and TVs instead.

Anyone who walks through an LG trade fair stand will see washing machines, refrigerators, televisions and more, but without a smartphone, LG would be missing out on an opportunity. 

AndroidPIT LG V30 0524
The LG V30 is getting smarter! / © NextPit

In a few years time, electronics in your home will be networked with assistance systems, and LG is currently working with the ThinQ brand. Sooner or later, your smartphones will also be involved with this.  

LG's V30 needs a better camera

Are these AI functions really what the LG V30 needs? If you ask me, a much more important feature would be an improved camera. But I guess that will have to wait. For V30 owners, there is some good news however, as the AI functions may also be available on older smartphone models via a software update.

Is LG heading in the right direction? Do you think the camera should be a priority?

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  • Marcelo T Feb 21, 2018 Link to comment

    Spot-on comment. What sense would it make for the Valentines Day Raspberry Rose if the upgrades were not *also* available for this just-launched version? That the Oreo upgrade has not yet been released world-wide might be just a sign that LG will ultimately be playing for its established user base -- in a way that it, so far, has been (in)famous for not doing. Unlike OnePlus, thus, which kind of screwed the 5 owners with the announcement of the 5T just a few months later, LG will be making everyone happy if it is to indeed make the AI functions generally available in its Oreo Upgrade. I suspect that might be just what it has in store right now, which would be a really smart move indeed.

  • Kattz Feb 21, 2018 Link to comment

    Maybe it isn't such a bad idea for the manufacturers to put put newbversions of older phones. They try to give us something new every year. The phone gets released often before it is ready. They then try to fix it with updates. It never really gets finished before they are on to the next model. I would like to see last year's model improved on rather than something new every year.