iPhone 4S K.O.'s Samsung Galaxy S2 in Benchmark Duel For A Come-From-Behind Victory

iPhone 4S K.O.'s Samsung Galaxy S2 in Benchmark Duel For A Come-From-Behind Victory

Who saw this coming? When the iPhone 4S was announced a few days ago the disappointment was so great throughout the smartphone community that Apple's stock dropped 5 points as a result. Except for the Android fans out there, who finally learned what schadenfreude really means. But it looks like we might just be in store for a helping of crow with a side of “I told you so” from all the Apple fan-boys out there. “But why!?!?!” you may ask. The iPhone 4S' puny 800 Mhz dual-core processor can't come close the Galaxy S2's 1.2 Dual-core beast... But if the latest benchmark tests are any indication of performance, the new iPhone just wipped the floor with the Galaxy S2, took it's lunch money and then got a date with the S2's girlfriend for the prom.

Okay, okay, benchmarks aren't everything I know, but still if these tests from Anandtech.com are any indication Apple has done a masterful job optimizing the iPhone 4S' hardware to the point where no process goes wasted. I'm not going to lie; I'm impressed.

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So, yeah. That happened. The real question this brings up is why do the Android devices, which by and large have much more sophisticated hardware, not measure up to Apple's rehashed tech? Apple has always been a company that values quality over brute force power (one reason they have long been favoured among the graphics and video editing community) and it really does seem that the iPhone 4S is a testament to that mindset. Maybe, just maybe the leading Android smartphone producers could learn a teensy little bit from Apple, when it comes to optimizing what you have instead of building a bigger bell and whistle for the next generation.


Source: PCGames.de

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  • ali Feb 24, 2012 Link to comment


  • BrotherBone Oct 20, 2011 Link to comment

    In other words, make sure there's good ice with the cream, and a strong sandwich to hold it all together...

  • BrotherBone Oct 20, 2011 Link to comment

    I'm a recent convert to the Android platform, with my HTC Evo 4G (soon to be upgraded to Evo 3D, possibly - the twin 1.2 gHz processors are alluring, but, what about the BATTERY? My current Evo can eat battery power...). I enjoy my new experiences with other users on Android, my phone has root, et cetera. Apple is very, very cloistered about their tech R & D, as well as their products, and how they're made - and do what they do. I am a huge Apple fan - I have an iMac (unfortunately, in storage, due to my current living arrangement, and health) loaded with RAM, apps, you name it. Apple's mapping in the way they make less do more, historically, has to do with floating-point processing. When you need all the power, and then some, Apple's products can deliver it - wham - because they know that max power is only needed for a short time, in most applications. Add in the fact that they added Unix for stabilization in Mac OS X Jaguar, and, you've got lots of room to run with, especially when Apple started using Intel processors. The iPhone works in very much the same philosophy. Android has the wherewithal to do the same thing... to do that, make the bells work flawlessly, before adding the whistles. Then, Android will be the champion, from power and finesse. My two cents.

  • Soemone Asdf Oct 14, 2011 Link to comment

    Yawn. 6 month old phone gets beats phone that isn't out yet.

    1.2GHz is the main CPU's speed. There's no mention of the "video card" processor, how many processing units it has, etc, etc.

    It's like a P4-2.0GHz with an ATi HD5xxx series compared to a P4-2.4GHz with an ATi HD3xxx series. Which will be faster at graphics? I'll give you a hint, not the first one.

    I'll guarantee that once the GS2 gets ICS, it will absolutely smoke the browsermark test, as browsers tend to be CPU bound. Well, it might not smoke phones a few months from now, but considering it's a 6 month old phone at this time -- it's a nice bonus.

  • Niels Christiansen Oct 13, 2011 Link to comment

    Generally speaking, the newer the Android OS the better is performance.
    But as the article author and the poster above points out (running CM 7.1), there's plenty of room for optimization.

  • Mike Lothian Oct 13, 2011 Link to comment

    Well my Nexus One running CM7.1 gets 3093.5ms

    I'm not convinced Sunspider really is a good benchmark of hardware

  • Lyur Ge Oct 13, 2011 Link to comment

    Adding only some data...

    My Samsung Galaxy S (I9000, 2.3.7) without optimizing, neither rebooting, with my backgrounds apps running, i take sunspider results of about 3700.

    I'm almost sure that Galaxy S2 is better than my phone. :-p

    That results comes with the lates IOS version and iPhone 4s their latest processor, while samsung terminal Galaxy S2 (the one i know) was relased 5 months ago and the tested OS 2.3.3 is not the "ultimate" one. I said this because despite its easy that 4S, take the #1, i'm sure that the other devices are not fully optimized (i take better results in one of them with a i9000!! ).

    After all Apple did a good and amazing job of optimization, thats good for all the users.

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