Hyundai owners can now command their cars with Google Home

Hyundai owners can now command their cars with Google Home

CES 2017 is happening now, and the connected home is clearly emerging as one of the big trends of the year. Now, the connected home is compatible with your connected car. Hyundai's latest announcement means that users of the South Korean car manufacturer's Blue Link service can now use Google Home to issue commands to their vehicles. 

What is Blue Link?

Hyundai is not a newcomer to connected cars, as the service has been around since the launch of the 2012 Sonata. Blue Link allows you to use your smartphone to start and unlock your car remotely, use roadside assistance services and more. It is compatible with smartphones, the Apple Watch and Android Wear devices with the app. When you use an Android Wear smartwatch, you can issue voice commands for a hands-free experience. And now, you can use Google Home to do the same! And, that's a relief, because we hear the app isn't the most user-friendly thing in the world.

How is Blue Link different from Android Auto?

Hyundai doesn't let itself fall behind when it comes to the latest Google features. The 2015 Sonata was the first car to launch with Android Auto. But, don't get the system confused with Blue Link. According to Hyundai's website, "Android Auto is a separate system than Blue Link. Android Auto offers customers the experience of your mobile phone on your vehicle's navigation screen while Blue Link offers services such as Remote Start, Remote Door Unlock as well as many other wonderful convenience and safety features."

What can Blue Link users do with their cars using Google Home?

The Blue Link commands aren't changed due to the new Google Home compatibility. You can simply use the same standard commands, like "start my car" or "lock the doors" that you could use before. You can also set your car's AC temperature and send addresses to the vehicle to pre-load on the GPS screen.

Which cars are Blue Link equipped?

Most new cars from Hyundai are Blue Link equipped, as the technology launched about 5 years ago with the 2012 Sonata. But, it isn't free. The subscription costs $100 per year, but the Google Home compatibility doesn't cost extra.

Do you think the Google Home compatibility will make a big difference in your daily life? Are you excited for the connected home to extend to the connected car? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Source: AndroidPolice


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