Huawei will present its new operating system with the Mate 30

Huawei will present its new operating system with the Mate 30

Huawei is still on everyone's lips. Not only does it occupy the news media since the block imposed by the United States that led Google to veto the Chinese company, now any news related to its future plans jumps to the front page. It means rumors spread faster and stronger than ever. The latest one? That the new Huawei operating system will arrive in September along with the new the Mate 30 series.

We've known that the Chinese communications giant has been preparing its own alternative operating system to Android for some time now. The need for an alternative to the Google ecosystem is clear, as is the fact that the next Huawei smartphones to the stage will be under the Mate 30 umbrella, which as usual will arrive at the end of the summer. Our source, Central Huawei, points out that both will arrive at the same time and hand in hand. In other words, the Mate 30 and the Mate 30 Pro could integrate the new Hongmeng OS, the latest name for the operating system - at least in China, since for the rest of the world it could opt for a more western name - during its presentation to the world on September 22.

AndroidPIT huawei p30 pro back
The Huawei P30 Pro, the last flagship from Huawei. / © NextPit

And how do we know it will arrive in September? This is the most amazing part of this whole story. According to fans and experts, the short film that Huawei has shot with the camera of the P30 Pro, titled "Wukong", that you can see here, hides some clues that for many are more than clear. You can judge for yourselves.

In the short film appears an entry with a printed date: 22-09-2019, the day scheduled for the presentation of the Mate 30 according to all rumors. But there's more. In another of the scenes, you can see a clock that marks 9:10 am, but the highlight is that this clock the hands move in the opposite direction, which for many indicates a countdown. These two elements combined suggest that Huawei is going to announce something big. Some think that the Mate 30 and Hongmeng OS will arrive on September 22. However, other voices point to September 10th as the key date.

huawei new os rumors
Here are the images that have raised all suspicions. / © Huawei Central

If we add this to the fact that the brand itself pointed out that its own operating system would arrive in the third quarter of the year, it could make a lot of sense. However, it will probably be launched only in China and will reach Europe and the rest of the world as early as 2020.

Source: Huawei Central

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  • David Martrano Jun 4, 2019 Link to comment

    Developing a new OS is fine & dandy but what will they do without ARM. That is the question. No matter how you view this, it's not looking very good. But Huawei knew this day was coming? Kind a makes you wonder!