Huawei customers run for the hills, can you blame them?

Huawei customers run for the hills, can you blame them?

Current figures show how badly the US blockade is hurting Huawei. Smartphone sales have slumped massively in Germany, whilst in the UK trade-in prices have plummeted. As sorry as I am for Huawei, there are good reasons for this.

Donald Trump has more or less banned US companies from doing business with Huawei. Google was the first to react and discontinued Android support, followed by Microsoft, ARM and many other partners who are no longer want to trade with Huawei. The sanctions do not affect equipment that has already been delivered and sold, but the news has already brutally damaged Huawei's reputation.

The consequences are that no one is buying Huawei smartphones anymore, not even in Europe. According to German market researcher, Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (GfK), Huawei was still well in the race for sales statistics at the beginning of May, with more than one in four smartphones in Germany coming from Huawei. At the end of May it had fallen to just 12 percent - a dramatically swift and hard crash. At Media Markt and Saturn, two of the biggest electronics retailers in Europe, sales of Huawei smartphones were down by half, while sales of the subsidiary brand Honor were down by 40 percent. Network operators are saying that even corporate customers, who often buy smartphones in large quantities, are switching to other brands.

No Android Q, no sales pitch

The problem is not the apps, which as we all know continue to run, and probably not the security patches, which Huawei also wants to distribute further. If you wanted to buy a new Android smartphone today, you wouldn't want to spend your money on a model that won't be updated to Android Q as things stand. This is precisely what consumers are facing, however, if the tricky situation at Huawei does not change. The hardware can be as good as it wants, but without software support, it is only worth half of what rival manufacturers can offer.

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The prospect of an operating system based on AOSP does not help much, as Huawei has been reported to be launching this year as an alternative to Google. This software is currently still far too much of a big unknown, both in terms of features, differences to Android and app support. Nor is it certain whether Huawei can and will bring the new OS to existing smartphones. The cat is still in the bag in that one, then.

It is not over for Huawei, yet

I still expect the situation to be resolved and the parties involved to realize that there is no winner in the current situation, not even on the US side. The G20 summit at the end of June would be a good time for talks between US President Trump and China's head of state Xi Jinping. Nevertheless, the unclarified future of Huawei smartphones is a valid argument for not currently reaching for a new device from the manufacturer.

This does not mean that I would personally advise against buying a smartphone from Huawei in the current climate. But given the unpredictability with which Donald Trump makes his decisions, I can understand any mobile phone buyer who is currently playing it safe and going for another brand.

Do you think Huawei will soon find a way out of this mess?

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  • storm Jun 17, 2019 Link to comment

    I find it interesting the poll question is about updates. My primary work device for the day-to-day is a Huawei 8 inch tablet I've had for 2 years. I can remember two updates for it and neither of them updated Android 7 which it shipped with. Androidpit still recommends this same tablet that still ships with Android 7. I can't say Huawei has impressed me with updates even prior to all this craziness.

  • I never sell my phones when I'm done with them. I just box em up and put them on the shelf. Might pull em once in a while and see if they still work, or have updates. Heck, I've STILL got my old analog & digital Motorola Star Tac phones!
    I do wish they would fix this. I have 3 Huawei phones. Mates 2,8,9, but I don't see any updates for the 9 anymore (U.S. version). LESS competition is NOT good for consumers.
    I think Huawei's ban, had more to do that they were creeping into the U.S. walled garden of basically Apple/Samsung. When they announced a partnership with at&t, along with selling them at Best Buy, I think the Lobbyist for Apple/Samsung started tossing a BUNCH of money around to protect their turf.

  • I would love this situation to get resolved between both the US and China (having less choices for American consumers is not good).

    The G20 summit could involve China owning up to theft of intellectual property, human rights violations, etc - and we go back to the way things were - OR Trump throws a Twitter tantrum, therefore Companies are going to be forced to move their manufacturing out of China ASAP (depending on where manufacturing gets relocated to, prices remain the same OR go up).

  • Well it is what it is as a owner of p20 it's certainly going throw a spanner in the works when it comes to selling this device but saying that when looking at resent poles and seeing that other flag ship phones have dropped around 50% as soon as you have brought one I'm not so concerned now .as it can just go straight back in its box until all this mess is sorted out and hopefully a new operating system can be applied. I've still got other phones that are in great working order and remain to do so until thay too become to slow or no longer upgradeable.

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