HTC One M9+ release date, price, specs and rumors

Update: Officially announced for Europe
HTC One M9+ release date, price, specs and rumors

The HTC One M9+ was launched in China earlier this year, and has now been confirmed for a European release. At a glance, the phone addresses many of the One M9's flaws, and looks like it'll be the HTC phone we've all been waiting for. Read on for the latest news about HTC One M9+ release date, price, specs and features

HTC One M9+ release date

The HTC One M9+ was launched in China in April 2015, and a European release was announced on July 16. A HTC One M9+ release date has yet to be set in stone for Europe, but we'll update this as soon as we find out. The European release also bodes well for an eventual US launch too, though no details have emerged about that yet.

androidpit htc one m9 plus 5
The HTC One M9+ looks like a mixture of the One M8 and One M9, which for most people is no bad thing. / © HTC

HTC One M9+ price

There's no word on an HTC One M9+ price in Europe, though you can find imported variants of the phone going for around £500 to £600 on eBay. Again, we'll give you the official price as soon as we find it out ourselves.

HTC One M9+ design

The HTC One M9+ retains much of what we loved about the HTC One M9 design but with a few tweaks, particularly in the sub-screen area. Specifically, the bottom BoomSound speaker is now split into two by a large fingerprint sensor in the center. The screen glass extends all the way to the edge of the phone too, although it's not quite bezel-less.

androidpit htc one m9 plus 4
The One M9+ will also come in the dramatic black color above. / © HTC

On the rear, we can see that the Duo Camera hardware has been reinstated after being MIA for the One M9, and the rear camera sensor goes back to the round shape we saw on the One M8 - rather than a square. In this area, the One M9+ harks back to the One M8 - perhaps playing on notion that the M8 was more warmly-received than its successor.

Other than that, it's 'as you were' on the One M9+, as HTC is sticking to its guns about not needing to change the core design of its phones (though we imagine that will all change with the HTC One M10). It's all-metal with a brushed rear, and may be a bit too garishly shiny for some, but it certainly has the 'premium' feel people look for when spending upwards of $600.

HTC One M9+ features

If you liked the bells and whistles of the HTC One M9, then you'll be happy to see that the HTC One M9+ features all of them, and then some. The main noteworthy features here are the new fingerprint sensor below the display, and a secondary Duo Camera on the rear.

htc one m8 back camera
The Duo Camera sensor of the HTC One M8 (pictured) returns on the One M9+ / © ANDROIDPIT

The Duo Camera returns from the HTC One M8, and adds depth information to photos you take. This makes it much better for adding 'bokeh' effects to your photos, as the camera is more capable of distinguishing backgrounds and foregrounds in images.

Returning features from the HTC One M9 include an IR blaster and front-facing UltraPixel camera, which was by no means a great rear camera, but does an excellent job as a selfie snapper.

HTC One M9+ specs

The most interesting update to the HTC One M9+ specs is the chipset, which is not a Snapdragon 810, or a Snapdragon at all for that matter. Perhaps resulting from complaints of overheating, HTC has jumped ship over to MediaTek, and will use an MT6795T octa-core chipset clocked to 2.2 GHz. There will be also be 3 GB RAM onboard, and 32 GB internal storage capacity (as well as a microSD slot). Check out the full HTC One M9+ spec sheet below:

HTC One M9+ technical specifications

Dimensions: 150.99 x 71.99 x 9.61 mm
Weight: 168 g
Battery size: 2840 mAh
Screen size: 5.2 in
Display technology: LCD
Screen: 2560 x 1440 pixels (696 ppi)
Rear camera: 20 megapixels
Android version: 5.1.1 - Lollipop
User interface: HTC Sense
Internal storage: 32 GB
Removable storage: microSD
Number of cores: 8
Max. clock speed: 2.2 GHz
Connectivity: HSPA, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 4.1

What do you think of an HTC One M9+ with a QHD display? Does it make all the necessary improvements to make you consider buying it?

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  • Fred Brown Nov 3, 2015 Link to comment

    I honestly think the 1080 screen was just fine ! I mean I know a lot of people cry about wanting 4k displays but honestly what do you need a 4k screen on a 5" phone for lol... And how much 4k video do you plan on watching on it ? I tested all the new phones watching 4k videos on them, and I thought the HTC one m9 had the best picture, of Samsung s6, iPhone 6s, LG g4, and the NOTE. yes some of these other phones have 4k displays but that just goes to show that it's pretty meaningless on a 5" phone ! The HTC offered better color, and sharper edges, and the videos seemed more fluid. I mean honestly is a 4k display worth the cost of performance, and battery life ?? 4k displays eat up battery life and slow phones down, phones with 2 and 4k displays have been plagued with performance issues and low battery life. I just think it's a pointless feature that is honestly unnecessary on a 5" device. Same with finger print scanners, I mean what is a finger print scanner but a false sense of security ? What can a finger print scanner do that can't be done with a password or pattern ? Im a cyber security analyst, and I'll tell you that finger print scanners on phones are a false sense of security, and are more for glamour, and to make phones seem more high-tech. Also with all these easy pay methods, by using your phone as a credit card, which does so by using NFC. Don't you think that would unsafe ? I mean someone could easily scan your phone and get all your info, from feet away !! The more advanced we get the less safe we are. Just pointless toys and specs that honestly make no differnece at all on a 5" phone !!

  • Fred Brown Aug 20, 2015 Link to comment

    A lot of people criticized the HTC one m8's rear camera because of its low resolution. But resolution has very little to do with image quality. If this was the case then iPhone wouldve ditched the 1.2 selfie camera years ago. the pixel quality or size and the lens and sensors have more to do with image quality then anything. I mean you figure most pictures are uploaded onto facebook and things and are usually downsized because the files are to big. The only time pixels quanity matters is when you blow up an image. You only need high resolution if your blowing images up to poster size lol. The HTC one m8 has a duo camera and uses much larger pixels or a better quality of pixel then other camera phones. The iPhone only had an 8 mp camera and the images look good because it uses larger pixels. The larger the pixels the more light and detail the image gathers. And then with the second sensor to gather even more detail and information of the images come out great !! I'll admit the HTC one m8 cannot zoom in quite as far as other cameras , but when your not zooming in it is fantastic !!! I have a picture of the iPhone 6+ and my htc one m8 side by side of the same image and my M8 blows it away hands down !!! Most people who talked down the camera on the M8 never even owned one of tried it. When taking images you need to press on the screen to change the brightness or exposure. Darker parts of the image make the image brighter and lighter areas make the image darker. Once you find that happy median the camera is bad ass. Anytime I got to a wedding or out with friends I am the only one able to get a decent picture in doors or at night. This is due to the 2.2 pixels rather then the 1.1 you find in most other camera phones. And the camera phones with 12 mp's or more may have sharp images but usually look lifeless, flat, and dull. My camera on my M8 has so much more detail, and I can do just about anything to the images after they are taken. The LG G3 HAS A LAZER FOCUS TO focus on vertian areas on images when taken. My m8 can do that after the Image is taken, due to the duo camera. I can't wait to try the duo camera on the M9+. There is ALOT more to do with images and cameras other then MP's. MP's mean about as much to image quality as wattage does to sound quality, very little.

  • Fred Brown Aug 20, 2015 Link to comment

    The new m9+ actually has a bad ass rear camera, using a 20mp camera with the duo camera to give the images that realistic 3 dimensional look and very detailed images, also allowing you to do more after the images have been snapped. The m9+ will also have the ability to play Dolby audio wirelessly through either a 5.1 stereo or stereo sound through a normal dock. It will be able to play 24-192 audio as well with a great on board DAC. the M9+ also is ditching snap Dragon and switching to mediatek and usuing an octacore processor. The m9+ now has a finger print scanner to compete with Samsung and iPhone and to be able to offer the same security, heart rate monitor, access your credit card ect.... The m9+ will also have up to a 2TB sd card memory expansion. This is mainly for the hi-res audio, since it takes up much more memory then standard mp3's. Basically they blended the good ideas of both the M9 and m8 and made newer better versions of those ideas and put it all into the M9+. I mean the M9+ is just a slightly larger version of the M9 with some small adjustments mainly the change of the camera and the phone size ! kindve like the iPhone did with the iPhone 6 and 6+, the iPhone 6+ was just a slightly bigger version of the 6, with a tad more battery. Why is it that when iPhone sells the same shitty phone for years and years with little to no changes in performance or style everyone jumps up and down like it's some amazing new phone. but yet when a great company like HTC sticks to a great body style, or makes only slight improvements, people criticize ??? There is actually a good bit of an upgrade here considering the short amount of time since the release of the M9. shit iPhone usually takes years to come out with a new device and they always end up looking and performing the same lol. Same with samsung, I never see any drastic change between Samsung phones. For the upgraded version of the M9 coming out after just a few months I'd say HTC did quite well. And I myself and happy they brought back the duo camera !! The HTC phones have some of the best cameras and camera options of any phones I've seen !! The m8's camera is great I love it ! Takes better pictures then my gf's Samsung galaxy s5, and better then my dads iPhone 6+. HTC isn't afriad to try new things and they usually come out with Great ideas !! After the M8 I won't use any other phone than HTC !!

  • Carmelo Rivera Jul 21, 2015 Link to comment

    I really don't see the 'plus' side to this device. What am I missing here?

    • Jeff Trimble Jul 29, 2015 Link to comment

      The truth is the huge plus isn't well know. The plus it the new Processing chip the one in the M9 over heats on almost all devices also the camera on the M9 is a bit faulty so they fixed those two hardware issues and added a finger print scanner and the phone is now the plus hahahaha. Well it is a tad bit bigger too

  • Tom Frankham Apr 23, 2015 Link to comment

    I seem to be the only one willing this phone to me larger than mine?! I have massive hands and the HTC I have at the moment (one max t6) is.... About right, but I couldn't have a smaller phone than I have at the moment, at 5.9" this is borderline just right, just after.... More?....

  • Mikkel Nylend Mar 20, 2015 Link to comment

    Any clue about the M9+ will suffer the same heating problems as the M9 does?

  • Moni Mihailov Mar 18, 2015 Link to comment

    Since when does HTC have a physical home button like Samsung :D

    • My1 Mar 20, 2015 Link to comment

      that looks intresting also if it had mSD + changeable battery, it'd be rly nice.
      but they need to get rid of the "HTC" line and put their logo somewhere else, it' wasting space...

      • Sam Brown Mar 27, 2015 Link to comment

        Unlikely to have a removable battery if its the same unibody as the standard M9 and the "HTC line" contains the display components

    • Sam Brown Mar 27, 2015 Link to comment

      It wont be a physical home button, its purely a fingerprint scanner.

  • Madars G Mar 18, 2015 Link to comment

    no, i dont want it! HTC isnt for me.

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