HTC 10 Inch Tablet Leaked: An Apple Lawsuit Waiting To Happen?

HTC 10 Inch Tablet Leaked: An Apple Lawsuit Waiting To Happen?


“Good Gawd HTC!” That was my reaction after seeing leaked photos of HTCs new tablet. Now don’t get me wrong...I REALLY LIKE the look of this tablet, and I’m very much hoping to get some hands on time with it this week at the IFA. But one particular design feature about this tablet (in my eyes anyway) makes it a lawsuit waiting to happen. What am I going on about? The fact that it looks dangerously close to an iMac. Don’t believe me? Then have a look for yourself!

We don’t have much information in terms of specs, but the tablet is apparently 10.1 inches and rocking an Nvidia Tegra 3+ processor, which is the same chip that HTC is rumored to feature in the upcoming One X+ and One S+. I really like the back of the device, and from the leaked photos (courtesy of Android Authority (orginally from evleaks Twitter account), it appears to be very thin:

But now the part that worries me a bit. Here are 2 front photos of the new tablet:

And here is a picture of an iMac. My colleague  Klaus has cropped the stand out of the picture so that you can more clearly see the similarities:

I don’t know about you guys, but I find them pretty damn similar. Not that I’m complaining, as I like the look of the iMac. But with all the design patent suits going on in multiple courtrooms around the world, isn’t this quite a risky move for HTC?

Then again, maybe it’s just me that sees this particular similarity. What do you guys think? Do you like the look of the tablet? Do you think it looks a bit similar to an iMac?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Picture credits: Android Authority via evleaks Twitter account, and

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  • 2013 will be a year full of surprises and one of the most anticipated events in 2013 is the unveiling of HTC most prominent smartphone, the M7 or HTC one.

  • HTC only really offered the Flyer, which didnt do their reputation for quality justice at all. I expect much more than that from HTC.

    And yeah..HTC has made some pretty nice Windows 8 phones in the past as well.

  • p.s.

    HTC is also debuting their 1st Windows 8 Smart Phone (& it of course has BEATS audio (rolls eyes) called the HTC Accord ...

  • Its better then the previous Tablets that HTC offered (change the colour, move the front / back cameras to a different location, square the corners vs. keeping the rounded & I'm sure APPLE will ignore it) ....

  • LOL :-D

    Well, I showed HTC the pics, and they didn't really have anything to say about it. They actually seemed pretty surprised from the pics, but you never know!

    As soon as I have more information I ll be sure to post here.

  • bits Aug 30, 2012 Link to comment

    Eric, any word in the streets as to where i can get this baby? :-)

  • @ Ti Mo - Very true..nothing confirmed..but honestly, I do believe these pics are accurate. If they are, it could seriously piss Apple off!

    @Mike - I thought exactly the same. I can't tell if that is actually the camera, but in terms of thinness, it seems they did a VERY good job in minimizing the thickness.

    @Patrick - LOL! Can't argue with that. I honestly can't think of one logical reason for putting a camera in that spot.

    @DaBartonator - I doubt it bro. With the billion Samsung just lost because of Apple, I dont think anyone is brave enough to intentionally piss them off at this point in time. Could be a rather expensive mistake.

    @James - Question it's NOT the camera, what else could it be?

    @Chinu - LOLZ! :-D

    @Sean - Hmm...that black frame could be a big part of it. HTC designs nice phones, so I would expect a very very nice tablet.

    Lets see what happens!

  • It looks like a Mac!

    If they got rid of the black frame it would probably be enough of a change to pass.

    The camera position is strange and may give you a weird, bottom up, angle as most people have the top edge on line with your eyes, not the bottom.

    The large space at the bottom may be to fit the internals and a trade off for thin.

    "Leaked " photos like this provoke just this kind of free marketing feedback.

    I like it though. Happy with the Xoom for now.

  • chinu Aug 30, 2012 Link to comment

    Mac. desinged by htc..... lolzz

  • That's got to be the cameras, don't see any area that resembles cams. on HTC tablet

  • I think this may of purposely been leaked just to piss apple off?

  • The positioning is not odd at all, it's down right st*pid. Well at least for how I generally use tablets, lying or slouched on a couch with my feet up or on an ottoman with the tablet resting on my belly. So i can see my belly (it is rather large) covering the camera haha. Or maybe auto rotation will correct it to aore conventinal
    orientation but imagine the looks you'd get from people for the inverted htc logo.

  • If that is a camera at the bottom, it's most likely there due to the larger bezel at the bottom allowing more space for the camera electronics and keeping the tablet thin. Odd positioning, but from the look of the pictures, that tablet is pretty darn thin.

  • Ti Mo Aug 29, 2012 Link to comment

    Then again... those are LEAKED pictures. Nothing official ;)

  • @ Anna F. - LOL!

    Good to know I'm not alone! HTC must be CRAZY to do that. They know good and damn well that Samsung just got it HANDED to them for willing design infringement.

    That being said, I like the tablet :-D

  • It's not just you. When I first saw pics of the tablet this morning, the first thing I thought was "Gosh! This looks just like a Mac!!". And the secong thing I thought was "Why would they place the cameras at the bottom of the device?" =P

  • Good question! Didn't even think of that.

    And yeah..that would be VERY weird if those were the cameras.

  • is that the cameras at the bottom of the tablet? weird positioning....

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