HTC Release 5 Inch Galaxy Killer In Japan. Welcome Back HTC

HTC Release 5 Inch Galaxy Killer In Japan. Welcome Back HTC


Nicely done finally got my attention in a really big way with this one. You’ve probably heard the rumors by now of a 5 inch HTC device in the making, and despite HTC moving more towards Windows 8 devices, they aren’t done with Android just yet. HTC has officially announced the HTC Butterfly, and with these specs and very sleek design, I’m once again reminded why HTC is one of the top smartphone makers in the world.

I use the term “Galaxy Killer”, as the 5 inch Butterfly is bigger than the 4.7 inch Galaxy S3, and not too far off from the Galaxy Note 2. The specs also appear to be just as beastly as its massive screen:

  • Quad core (most likely Snapdragon S4 Pro) 1.5ghz processor APQ8064 chip
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 16GB internal memory WITH expandable memory
  • 8MP back camera
  • 2MP front camera
  • 5 inch Super LCD 3 display with 1920 x 1080 resolution (440 PPI)
  • 2020 mAh battery
  • LTE
  • Android Jelly Bean out of the box

That’s what I call some serious hardware. As you can see from the pictures below, the Butterfly is certainly all very easy on the eyes, and for me personally, represent HTC at its finest:

Now I know what you might be thinking: “when can I buy it, from where, and for how much Eric?”. This is where I must deliver a sad bit of news my friends, as it appears that the Butterfly will only be sold in Japan. However, what I sincerely hope is to see a phone similar looking to this one, with the same specs introduced as an HTC Nexus phone. The Nexus One, also an HTC device, was one of the best phones I ever owned, and I have no doubt in my mind that after seeing this device, HTC is still more than capable of delivering a Nexus (or non Nexus) branded phone that not only looks amazing, but is extremely powerful as well.

This device is being labeled as "stunning" and "amazing" by some of the biggest tech sites in the business, and should HTC release this to multiple markets later, they could have a serious hit on their hands. 

What do you guys think of the HTC Butterfly? Are you as impressed with it as I am, or is it just another HTC phone? Could it actually be a "Galaxy killer", or will HTC's lack of aggressive marketing make Samsung shurg this one off?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Picture credits: HTC

Source: Pocket Now

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  • Kudos for not calling this an iPhone killer Eric. It's a testament to Samsung's might in the mobile market. I have no idea what HTC offers in its devices. Until they have effective marketing I doubt Sammy is gonna lose much sleep.

  • @Patrick R Oh just checked some Galaxy S pictures, I didn't know that. I just thought of Nexus immediatly when I saw that Google logo lol :D

    And btw, you have some excellent points. HTC dont get that this is not a spec war. I am using an EVO 3D, Sense is nice, I think its the best skin in terms of looks, but its pretty much useless. What I really like about Samsung is they try hard to come up with cool features. That Multi View feature in Note 2, man that is the awesomest thing I have ever seen on a phone. I really wish Google put that feature on stock Android but I don think it will happen. I want to buy a Nexus device, but I also want the features of Note 2, but I dont want a Note 2 beacuse of its giant screen lol :D

    Tell me something, can you carry the Note in your pocket without any problems?

  • colsec Oct 18, 2012 Link to comment

    Tough crowd hey ;-) if this thing got released as a nexis device for less that 350 dollars it would be the current best value android phone available - is that a possibilty though???

  • @Dogukan "with Google" is on a lot of Android phones. The galaxy S had it stamped on the back.

    If htc is trying to take on the Galaxy line they're gonna fail IF they think it is a spec war. I wouldn't even think about "upgrading" my note to this. TW for all its faults brings a lot of features I'd be looking for in an Android Phone. Pop up Play etc. Sense may look prettier but TW is more functional. Honestly, after years of running custom roms on my S and Note, my note is running stock - it's not even rooted. I love the SPen functions and Sammy add ons.

    Not all Androids are created equal. Too bad this htc floats like a butterfly but unfortunately it is the Note that stings like a bee. The Note 2? It's gonna slam at you like a sledge hammer.

  • Gio A. Oct 17, 2012 Link to comment

    @Anna- I'm sry but I just find the name a little soft for a device witch looks so cool with an amzing screen and very respectibel specs.this could even be a flagship phone for htc and sry with that name it might be a turn of for some male costumers.Maybe htc nexus 4 would be a better name. HAHA :-)

  • @Anna F. Nope no errors there. The iPhone 4S has 330ppi pixel density, which makes it the Retina Display as Steve said. This 440ppi is really something else.

  • "440 PPI"? Was that a typo? Doesn't the retina display have about 200 something PPI???

    And @Gio A. What's wrong with the name butterfly? I like it.

  • But isn't this a Nexus? I mean there is even "with Google" written on its back. Now whats that doing there if its not a Nexus?

  • Great phone crippled by sense... This should have been a nexus.

  • Be a little more realistic here, the device isn't on the market yet, and won't be.

    I don't see how you could label this as a "Galaxy Killer"

    Devices announced *before* this one have better specs and will be available.

    The Note 2, with more internal memory available and a faster processor (1.6quad vs 1.5 quad) bigger screen, bigger battery, also an S3 released in a limited market.

    If you're going to compare it to older devices why not the S3, s2 or original? In that case, WOW! It is so superior to these it's amazing!

  • ljhaye Oct 17, 2012 Link to comment

    Too bad no one will buy it and by this time next year htc will be in serious financial straits

  • Gio A. Oct 17, 2012 Link to comment

    This is a amazing phone. It has a nice look, it seems very high end, unlike the galaxy devices that are a bit to plastic. Very nice specs. Is it galaxy killer.... I don't think so. For it to be a Galaxy killer htc would have to release it worldwide first and would have to do some good marketing. Not the kind they did with the one x, that where very lame and didn't showcase everything the phone could do. If a samsung galaxy S3 comarciel came on when I was watching tv I would watch it even If I had watched it 100 times already, I just liked to see what the S3 could do. But when a htc one x comercial came on I would change the channel because it just didn't captivate me like samsungs did. Like all the htc one x comarciels I saw the only feature they would show is the camera. I might be wrong but to me it felt that way. lastly I would like to say again that this looks like an amazing phone and the only problem I have with it is the name, like come on this phone is to cool to be called the butterfly, and that it isn't going to be released worldwide.

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