How to make your Android awesome again

How to make your Android awesome again

Once a device has been in your care for 24 months, old age starts to set in. But although your device may not receive any further major Android updates, it doesn’t mean it's past its prime. Here are some tips for making your Android awesome again.

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Fall back in love with your Android with these tips. / © ANDROIDPIT

Factory reset it

The first step on the road to making your device awesome again could be a factory reset. It gives it that new phone feeling and should improve overall performance and clear up any niggling problems that have set in.

Factory resetting might be just what you need to get your phone back on track, but it will remove all of your data and settings, so make sure you back up everything your Android first.

andoridpit factory reset sony xperia
 A factory reset will rejuvenate your phone. / © ANDROIDPIT

Root it

If there is one advantage an old Android has compared to a new one, it’s that you can afford to be a little more carefree with it. So why not root it? This might seem a scary prospect with a brand new phone, but if your old phone is no longer under warranty (and isn't your daily driver), it may be less daunting.

There are root tutorials for almost every device out there and as long as you follow them carefully, you shouldn't encounter any problems.

One of the benefits of root is that it will allow you to install some epic custom ROMs. Want to see how Lollipop holds up on a Galaxy S2, for example? You can get something like that with a little bit of rooting and flashing.

root s5
Once you root your device, the possibilities for customization become almost endless. / © ANDROIDPIT

Theme it

Themes, launchers and icons can almost completely transform the look of your phone. They offer a fun way to customize your phone and are risk-free, because they don't require root priveledges, and can easily be uninstalled.

You can check out our best launchers and best icon packs at the links, but if you want to explore a huge range of user-made themes, try Buzz Launcher by hitting the button below.

androidpit merry christmas android themes
A couple of the different themes you can find Buzz Launcher's store. / © ANDROIDPIT

Buy a case for it

Why not breathe new life into your Android with a fancy case? There more incredible styles than you can think of on eBay and Amazon, or you could look for some more niche designs on independent websites. Rocking a Samsung Galaxy handset? Try some of the designs from Redbubble.

androidpit galaxy s4 galaxy s5 cases
Galaxy S4 (left) and Galaxy S5 cases from Redbubble. / © Redbubble

Buy a wireless charger or external battery pack for it

After its 1,000th charge, your device may struggle to hold power like it used to. Pick up an external battery pack, or even a case that includes a battery, so you can top up its battery levels when you're out and about.

If your device supports wireless charging, why not treat it to a wireless charging dock? Once you begin using one of these you may fall in love with the convenience it provides. 

andoridpit anker portable battery
This portable battery is the size of a lipstick and costs less than US$20. / © Anker

What would you do to make your phone awesome again? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Sahadath Hossain Dec 19, 2015 Link to comment

    This really an important tip, it will help me to get a better Android phone. Thank you for sharing such an informative tips.

  • James Preston Dec 17, 2015 Link to comment

    As an older less "geeky" andriod lover, I'd like to root my "out of ATT clutches " S4, but, I don't trust myself to do it properly. Who can I get to help me get rid of all the ATT proprietary apps that are filling up my phone. I never actually used any of their pre-installed stuff anyway. Thanks.

  • Junaid Q. Dec 16, 2015 Link to comment

    Agree with You Scott Adam Gordon

  • storm Dec 15, 2015 Link to comment

    A debloated ROM is a wonderful thing for an older phone. All Praise to SlimROMs for their quality work and long term support.

    Rooting your phone will not keep your phone fresh and responsive though. Just like Windows with the Autostarts in msconfig or taskmanager, unfiltered autostarts clog your processor and slow you down needlessly. You need to spend some time occasionally thinning the herd of invasive apps and permissions. Lots of apps, games especially, want to start on boot so they can spam you with junk notifications and go on fishing expeditions through your data because of their invasive permissions. These things don't usually serve the phone owner by running at boot. It serves the programmer. Most every game I install gets Notifications shut off. Marshmallow offers better notifications control than earlier versions, but I still just turn them off.

    Plenty of apps to help you monitor startup apps. Xposed has a good module, and there are other low or no permission apps in the app store. While you're at it. look at the Keep Awake permission. Lots of games have this one and reasonably so. But I've also had it go awry with a few games. Most of the time, this is not really needed. You're either interacting with the game keeping it awake or it can really sleep again. You'll need finer grained app controls to manage both of these than Marshmallow offers.

    And don't forget your firewall. Marshmallow still doesn't give you control of which apps can access your wifi and cell signal. A good firewall is a good safety practice and also can increase your phone's efficiency. If the app thinks you're not connected to a cell or wifi connection, it doesn't waste cycles communicating or powering your antennas for communication that doesn't serve you, the user.

  • Felisha W. Dec 15, 2015 Link to comment

    I love the way you think about it

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