Software updates: Apple does it better than Google

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Apple just presented the new iPhone 7 to its fans. However, the smartphone was not the only topic the keynote dealt with. Together with the new Apple Watch Series 2, IOS 10 played a key role too. After only two weeks until the release of the official version of Android 7.0 Nougat, we have to admit that Apple is better when it comes to software new versions.

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Apple and iOS 10: a tangible update

Like every new product developed by Apple, also iOS 10 was presented as "the biggest release ever". Announced by Tim Cook during the Worldwide Developers Conference 2016, the download in beta version is now available for the users who want to test the features in advance.

On the brand's official website, it was made clear that iOS 10 will be available from the 13th of September and it surely will be supported on every compatible device after the release.

This is what we envy Apple users: the possibility to enjoy immediately the new software developments.

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iOS 10 will roll out to many iPhone users on September 13th 2016. / © NextPit

When can we get our hands on Nougat?

LG V20 is going to be the first device to be released with integrated Nougat.

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What's on our mind: when will I get the latest Android update? / © NextPit

50% of Android devices on the market support outdated software versions. Even though the latest software version was released two weeks ago, we all know that a lot of time will be needed before users can actually put their hands on it. Fragmentation is indeed the biggest problem all Android users have to face at a certain point of their experience.

In order to get your hands on Android 7.0 as soon as possible, the only solution is to buy a LG V20, a Nexus or one of the new devices which will be released with integrated Nougat. A sad reality for Android users who envy the possibility Apple users have to enjoy the new software developments shortly after the release of the iOS latest version. It’s not easy to admit but that’s the truth.

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The evolution of Android updates / © Wikimedia Commons - Erikrespo

The current Android updates

If we take a look at the numbers on Google Developer, we can see that Android 6.0 Marshmallow, released in September 2015, was supported in 11 months on only 15,2% of devices. Lollipop in the meantime, in 5.0 and 5.1 version, was supported on 35,5% of devices. Following KitKat (29,2%), Jelly Bean (16,7%), Ice Cream Sandwich (1,6%), Gingerbread (1,7%) and Froyo (0,1%).

Android users envy how quickly Apple makes software updates available.

What we envy about Apple users is the possibility to immediately enjoy the new software updates. 50% of Android devices on the market support an outdated software version and taking a look at the chart you can get an idea of the evolution of Android updates. It is not a coincidence that many Android users feel left alone, or rather, to the old candy natively installed on their device.

Is Nougat really something we should look forward to down the road? Yes, it is a new software version full of features, which can improve the user experience in different ways. Unfortunately, we have to wait a few months before we put our hands on it.

Why can't Android make it easier to get updates

The reason is simple: Android is crowded. The brand producers offer their users a customized software version that requires extra time for the update, which involves not only Google but also the producers.

Apple on the other hand has a big advantage: it is not divided. It is the only brand to provide operation systems, phones and accessories. We can criticize Apple for being a close system but when we talk about updates we have to recognize its superiority over Android.

Do you envy Apple users for having the possibility to immediately enjoy the latest software developments?

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  • Theo Karigiannis Feb 27, 2017 Link to comment

    This is why I decided to try a windows phone. It has the diversity of an Android devuce but the updates of Apple OS. So I figured I would give it a shot. It is not bad and has room for improvement but at least I get the improvements unlike with Android. I do feel the app issue though. But unlike android I can install my apps directly to my sd card. Something android had done in the passed and for some crazy reason removed it.

  • BJ Hafez Sep 9, 2016 Link to comment

    Bye Bye Google . OS update mess is why users are migrating from Android devices.

  • Alex Simpson Sep 9, 2016 Link to comment

    google should make it like microsoft us doing it with windows

  • Ryan Sep 9, 2016 Link to comment

    It is completely stupid that old versions are running on newer phones delaying updates for what ever the reasoning is. Google needs to get their act together and force everyone involved, cell companies, brand manufacturers and such to produce the updates within 90 days of the software or they just simply cannot carry the Google product any longer. Google is to blame here for not taking on the manufacturers and cell companies. It's almost half fast what Google does with its updates because they know your going to continue to buy their products anyway.

  • Someone asdf Sep 8, 2016 Link to comment

    It's funny too. Maintaining individual patches requires much more effort/cost (more testing of combinations of versions, asking if specific updates are applied during support calls, etc.), whuch is why companies like Microsoft are moving towards bundled updates...

    Yet Google is the one with monthly secuirty updates.

    I users are forced to wait for major OS updates for bugs. It has to be "in order", so if your favourite app doesn't work on the newest version, you SOL. See last year's SSL revocation: they were one of the last to do it because they had just release an os update a week prior.

    And yet they're the ones that could afford to do these things.

  • Glostermeteor Sep 8, 2016 Link to comment

    Why cant the Android brands customise their experience through custom launchers and installed apps only? That way it wouldnt require a specific brand version of the OS

    • Someone asdf Sep 8, 2016 Link to comment

      Quite simple. Most additional functions provided by other manufacturers require OS level integration.

      There are things that can't or shouldn't be in userspace. There are some things that can, and companies provide those apps via the play store as it is (native camera apps, etc)

      As such, I don't view Google's Android N the same as Samsung's N. Samsung has much more bundled functionality like S Pen support, Palm Swipe detection, Knox, Samsung Pay, etc. A lot of functionality

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