Honor aims to conquer the global market: will it succeed?

Honor aims to conquer the global market: will it succeed?

London is the city chosen by Honor to show the international market its "new products". And that's no coincidence: Honor 7 was also presented in the British capital two years ago. With the Honor 7X and View 10 the Chinese brand shows how much things have changed, illustrating a bold new strategy for conquer the market.

Honor's grand strategy

Remember Genghis Khan, who with his long beard (although not a hipster) led his armies to conquer Asia, including China, arriving in Russia, the Middle East and part of Eastern Europe and building one of the greatest empires in history?

Replace 1180 with 2017 and the brave Mongolian leader with Honor, the Chinese manufacturer. Of course, the juxtaposition may seem a bit excessive but the bold plan presented by George Zhao during the London event seems like a real strategy of conquest.

A conquest with different weapons, namely smartphones, technological innovations, marketing and pricing battles.

The global expansion strategy is clear: be one of the top 5 brands in three years and one of the top 3 brands in five years.

Honor first established himself in China, conquered home users and then entered other countries. In Russia it is currently brand number 3 in the market share with the Honor 9 as the best-selling smartphone.

AndroidPIT Honor 9 0811
Honor 9 has won over many users with a beautiful design and hardware inherited from the P10. / © NextPit

During Black Friday in France, Germany and the United States Honor 6X was practically a steal, making it the brand's best seller. Staying locked up in the Middle Kingdom would have been a pity and George Zhao understood this well, so he decided to reach the international market. Or rather, to conquer it. In fact,according to the the goal is to become the top brand in the different markets reached, as the president said during the London event.

The global expansion strategy is clear: to be among the top 5 brands in three years and among the top 3 brands in five years. How? Investing in more resources, relying on different partners and continuing to work on their products:

  • View Series: the most innovative and high-end series.
  • N Series: focused on aesthetics and functionality.
  • X Series: a low-cost flagship experience.
  • Lite Series: a sophisticated design at an accessible price.
zhao throwing 7x
George Zhao drops the new Honor 7X to prove its strength! / © NextPit

Artificial intelligence (and more) at a difficult price to beat

Honor Magic did not reach the international market last year, but Honor did not forget the promise made and the attention given. Now artificial intelligence, thanks to the Kirin 970 processor already used by Huawei, finally becomes widely accessible internationally with the Honor View 10. 

A promising device on the hardware specification side, updated on the software side, which does not forget gamers or photographers. A smartphone that adopts the latest technologies and features boasted by the recent top of the range and that looks to the future by immediately challenging the other rivals with a launch price of £449.99  If the Honor 7X is anything to go by, the View 10 could be even better value when it goes to sale in the US.

The battle cry sounds: Honor is poised to conquer the international smartphone market. And if formerly the target audience of Honor were young people, now they are all those who opt for a young lifestyle, who love music, sports, the net. These active customers want a good device without spending too much. Honor's stores (available in France, Spain, Italy, India and Russia) also show the brand's new image: beyond shop windows, one finds lounges and social spaces to hang out in. 

AndroidPIT honor view 10 front detail
The Honor View 10 arrives in Europe at a truly competitive price. / © NextPit

An conquest that will face strong resistance

The smartphone market is crowded and competitive. The Honor View 10 is a flagship and, in this category, there are several fierce, well-equipped enemies to beat (Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG V30 are just two of them). Then there is Xiaomi, also making a bid for the thrifty customer.

Let us also not forget Huawei, close to Honor but still championing its own range of devices such as the P10 and Mate 10 Pro. The Honor View 10 offers a better equipped alternative on the one hand, because compared to the Mate 10 Pro, the Honor View 10 offers a mini headphone jack and microSD card slot. Two features that, for some users, can tip the balance in Honor's favor. And where does this leave OnePlus? The OnePlus 5T is no longer the cheapest flagship in the fight.

In short, it seems that Honor has thought of everything. The grand strategy for expansion has been studied, proclaimed and implemented. Now it's up to the opponents to decide how to respond to the attack and you users to decide which smartphone to focus on. The coming war will be merciless.

What do you think about Honor View 10? Would you buy it compared to one of the other recent flagships on the market this year?


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  • dave Counts Dec 13, 2017 Link to comment

    I don't trust any Chinese manufacturers not to be loaded with backdoors and SPYWARE!

  • David Martrano Dec 12, 2017 Link to comment

    Well Germany almost conquered the world, now Huawei wants to conquer Apple & Samsung. Yikes, maybe!

  • Reg Joo Dec 12, 2017 Link to comment

    Now it's time for the mfgrs(and qualcomm) to bring the special features, like ar capability, machine learning, and ai to the midrange segment. Huawei/Honor may be further in that, since they make their own SoC's. I'd love to see a midrange SoC that could handle new tech.

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