Google to replace Nexus and Google Play devices with Silver series?

Google to replace Nexus and Google Play devices with Silver series?

The Information seems to have multiple new sources claiming the Silver line of premium devices will replace both Nexus and Google Play edition devices in 2015. The Android Silver program is a Google strategy to introduce an unadulterated Android experience to flagship devices without the usual carrier and manufacturer bloatware and allow them to deliver speedier firmware updates across all the major manufacturers. It's basically a Nexus/GPe with a higher price tag. The good news is you'll at least have a wider variety to choose from.

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Goodbye Nexus, hello Silver? / © NextPit

We've been believing the story that Google is getting out of the hardware business for some time time now, ever since Google sold Motorola to Lenovo and Samsung backed off with Tizen. Owning a hardware business is a tough business that has little to do with Google's goals, and playing favorites with Google-owned OEMs and annoying the likes of Samsung in the process is probably not the best strategy for pushing Android. Controlling the way OEMs make devices to your specifications is a different story.

We previously theorized that Android Wear. Google will be heavily dictating the parameters of the various manufacturer devices to be made for the Silver project. This basically means we'll be getting a Nexus device from every manufacturer instead of just one per year. But with a higher price tag.

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The Verge are reporting that LG and Motorola are likely the first companies to hop on board, with devices expected as soon as next year, with Samsung, Sony and HTC needing a bit more convincing. One of the major bonuses of the Silver program is that it will bring Google-authored devices into showrooms and carrier stores, with the higher price tag covering marketing and brick-and-mortar availability costs. The other obvious benefit is that manufacturer and carrier bloatware will be kept to a minimum and Google will be running the show when it comes to Android updates. If all this sounds very familiar to you, you're not alone - it's like Nexus + Google Play edition = Silver. We'll see what other information comes to light in the coming days.

Are you happy to see Silver devices from all manufacturers? Would you still like to see the low-cost Nexus range maintained?

Via: The Verge Source: The Information

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  • I love nexus devices, especially the phones, I've had the last 3 generations and I really hope they keep making them. they're such a neat point of difference and they're always such sleek looking phones, don't dump nexus!

  • Means NOTHING to me. I buy Note products only that will never change nothing on android offers anything better.

  • So much effort by Google to push NEXUS as a brand name that to end it ..... would be as ignorant as when GM halted production of the SATURN automobiles .... now if Google wants to offer a 2nd line of Google-Play android smart phones under a different name? At a bothers price? Then fine ..... but the idea of a quality product at an affordable price shoulder never cease !!

    • Yeah, I'm worried by what a Nexus-less smartphone landscape would look like, especially if ''Nexus'' devices basically just become flagship priced. But on the upside we now have Oppo, OnePlus, Blu and other newcomers that are doing Nexus-like devices. Just without the rapid updates and global support! But if Nexus goes at least they may have a chance to snag some market share, which could be good for everyone down the road.

  • Ed E. Apr 29, 2014 Link to comment

    I think it would be great to see a Nexus line of phones from all the manufacturers. It would be nice if the price would stay low but offer a premium product, but if not I would buy one no matter the cost if its as good or better than the premium products they offer. I hope they all jump on board and offer Google's silver line of nexus phones.

    • Dropping the nexus line doesn't make sense, it contradicts reports of the $100 nexus device, also selling out with a higher priced premium product seems like a play @ Apples premium market, but dropping nexus goes against Google's prime directive of giving inexpensive internet access & particularly access to Google's ads & services to the masses
      I suspect the nexus range will be reinvented into a new series not based on numbering because they have simply run out of numbers!, what with nexus 1 through 5, 7, 8 & 10 already in use & 6 being an intellectual film property....

      • If the uber-cheap Nexus device rumor is true, and the Silver program rolls out, that'll double Google's hardware efforts (completely opposite of all the other rumors since Motorola's sale).

        The other thing it will do is take them out of their traditional hardware niche, which was high spec, mid-price devices. I think Motorola, Oppo, OnePlus are doing good low-cost devices and all the big OEMs are already doing high-priced ones. Who will fill the gap?

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