Google gets rid of invisible cap on Google Photos uploads

Google gets rid of invisible cap on Google Photos uploads

Following complaints from many Google Photos users that they've been hitting an invisible upload cap on the 'unlimited' Google Photos service, Google has now said that it has fixed the issue - which is thought to have been related to data usage.

The problem was first reported by Android Police, which received a large number of complaints from readers saying that they've been hitting invisible caps when attempting to upload large numbers of photos. One person wrote:

"I have ~70k photos and wanted to upload them all using the unlimited storage option (high quality) using the desktop uploader application. got about 20k in when it just suddenly stopped uploading. funny thing is, it stopped uploading/backing up ANY photos on ALL my devices, pc, laptop, phone, tablet, etc. anything tied to my google account will no longer backup any photos."

androidpit google photos drive
You can access you Google Photos directly from Google Drive - and Google has now fixed the service so that it's truly 'unlimited' again. / © ANDROIDPIT

Android Police contacted Google about the issue, and the company has now said that ""we have since fixed the issue". Google did not specify what was causing the upload issue.

The Google Photos app also came under fire in late June for accidentally auto-tagging two black people as gorillas. Google has since apologized for the appalling flaw in Photos' algorithms, and has removed the 'Gorillas' tag from Photos while the company works out how to make the app better at recognizing dark-skinned faces.

Have you experienced any problems or invisible caps with Google Photos? Let us know.

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  • Pablo Mainieri Oct 1, 2015 Link to comment

    I'm still suffering the tap in my unlimited account

  • Alex Jul 2, 2015 Link to comment

    Historical photos from a few years don't appear in Google photos. Also it is a hassle to find any photo uploaded. Even with folders option enabled.

    Currently no Google backup enable. Using quickpic that lets you sync from one or more folders in phone to one or more folder in Google Drive. Photos will appear in photos+ only issue is no unlimited storage.

    If anyone has a good way to sync photos from phone folders then please comment.

  • Christopher “Cricket” Trott Jun 23, 2015 Link to comment

    i found the old version.
    or you need to go to google+, photos, then in the popup click on something like "go back to the old version"
    i agree that the NEW version sucks. yet again they dumb-down an app to make it work the same on all devices.

  • PamelaMichel Jun 1, 2015 Link to comment

    Google photos ate up a ton of my data after installation. I'd had it, not even, 12 hours and I get a notice from Verizon that I've used up 75% of OUR SHARED 20 Gig Data Plan. Checked Data in settings and sure enough it was Google Photos. I'm Mom, on a family of just 3, but my boys, (hubby & son) are gonna kill me. In 10 days, our Data begins again and hopefully we make it. So, not sure if this is a one time, 1st upload of ALL photos, or if this will be the norm. Is UNLIMITED worth such high data use? Idk yet. Also this is definitely NOT an app for Pro Photogs or even semi-pro, such as myself. The above reviewer is so very correct about editing, but I use a serious editing app anyway, before saving my most important pics to a cloud or device. ~Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900V, that's me.

  • Benjamin Agerriis May 29, 2015 Link to comment

    The Photo editing in the new Google Photos sucks big time, all the Great features from the Old app is gone, also a standard feature as contrast is gone. The Integration from snapseed was so great... Now I have to use to apps for the Same resold, and I miss the great feature, see original or edited version of a photo by pushing a butten, when I have used the Old integration with Snapseed

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