Google and Apple CEOs in Secret Negotiations Over Patent Disputes

Google and Apple CEOs in Secret Negotiations Over Patent Disputes

Is Apple finally sick of suing Android? Would they like to give their legal team a break? 

Reuters is reporting that Google CEO Larry Page and Apple CEO Tim Cook have been meeting to discuss the never-ending patent wars between the two companies. According to the report, Google and Apple are "keeping the lines of communication open at a high level" about a range of intellectual property matters including the patent dispute betwen the two companies. Of course, this comes just as Apple won a patent trial against Samsung, ending up with $1.05 billion awarded to them in damages.

What's befuddling about these talks is that Apple and Google have never seem so estranged. Apple has fought to recently filed a lawsuit to ban multiple Apple products. 

Apple has been quick to sue manufacturers, but we've always thought of that as a proxy war in their much larger fight against the whole Android OS. After all, Steve Jobs famously said he wanted to "destroy Android" – not Samsung. Could these talks mean Apple is focusing their legal attention elsewhere?

It's possible that Google and Apple would like to resolve their issues over stock Android, including unified search, which Apple recently claimed infringed on their patents. Apple won an injucntion against the sale of Samsung's Galaxy Nexus over this patent, but Google has promised to find a work-around in the Android Jelly Bean 4.1 update.

I want to be hopeful that these talks will lead to fewer lawsuits, but I can't imagine Apple giving up their patent superiority complex. Maybe they'll find some settlements and work-arounds for stock Android, but I'm sure the OEMs will continue to be seen as enemies in the eyes of Apple. They still want war.

Source: The Guardian

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  • Anyone else wonder if it's Google's brand new Moto patent portfolio that has Apple willing to talk?
    Apple did need to kick Google off of iOS. Honestly, Google maps and the youtube app are both HORRIBLE on iPhones. Much better off with a new map app and browsing youtube. I always figured Google was just keeping the quality of the apps low intentionally.

  • I read the Reuters article (& posted a link in another post re: Samsung vs Apple), I do believe its in GOOGLE's best interest to enter negotiations with APPLE ...

    As a Consumer, I would rather see Manufacturers spending $ on research & development vs courts & attorney feeds (but as a Consumer, the American Court has made this situation a cluster"phuck") ...

    GOOGLE isn't the only Company challenging APPLE, so is HTC (the only Company taking a back seat now is SONY - for obvious reasons as they have their own patent deals with APPLE they don't want to sour) ...

    I guess APPLE is going to learn it needs to give a little to get a little, or else GOOGLE can join SAMSUNG & HTC & keep filing legal challenges until APPLE ceases behaving like a brat (in the meantime? This isn't good for Consumers, this could mean longer delays for future Smart Phone / Tablets to reach the market) ...

  • chinu Aug 31, 2012 Link to comment

    its like age of empires going.... aztects and mayans...


  • they aren't very secret negotiations if a dozen news organizations have already reported on it

  • intelectual property my eye!! wasnt apple the intelectual property of a now estranged partner? touch screens, maps, gps, all star trek all of em. tablets it goes back as far as captain kirky

  • the greatest cry ever shouted in the history of the universe.

  • War you say? THIS....IS....SPARTA!!!!


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