The Nexus 5 is dead! Google flagship no longer in Play Store

The Nexus 5 is dead! Google flagship no longer in Play Store

The classic black Nexus 5 is no longer available to buy in the Play Store, and stocks of the popular smartphone will not be replenished. This means that if you want to buy what many regard as Google's finest phone, you'll have to scour third-party retailers for it.

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The Nexus 5 is Dead. / © ANDROIDPIT

Production of the Nexus 5 finished at the end of 2014, and after a further three months it seems that the final stocks of the much-loved phone have been depleted.

The Nexus 5 is widely considered Google's most successful smartphone. Made by LG, it had all the characteristics of a premium handset, but at a very reasonable price. It was fast, sturdy and well-priced, making it fully deserving of the five-star score we gave it in our review.

Of course, the Nexus 5 isn't really dead, and is still going to be near the front of the queue when it comes to receiving the latest Android updates. It's still one of the most widely used phones among AndroidPIT readers, so we're going to keep showering you with tips, news and updates on the Nexus 5 for some time yet.

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  • Check it out:

  • Nexsus 5 (NEW) is being sold by Rogers and one other company the only problem is Google only gives refurbished phones. My phone purchased in October /13 was replaced in November /13 with a refurbished phone Google people refused to replace with a new phone. No more google phones for me.

  • I must be nuts. Nexus 6 is not a replacement for Nexus 5. I will not carry a refrigerator in my pocket.

  • can't find update to 5.00 . it is available but google have not sent it or made it available. come on!

  • Stevan Dec 13, 2014 Link to comment

    Are there any "bug fix" updates for rooted N5 on 5.0 yet?

  • OK for me since few hours now. Received the 6 & wouldn't be able to make the way back... Never taste a bigger screen... 5 will be a nice present for my father, not ready to invest at first but always happy to have my last's one.... Little screen are dead today.... Love Lollipop. It's really a Candy...
    Joyeux Noël... Utiliser le pour rendre les autres heureux...

    • Franck do use a Knapsack? little screens as you call them are alive & doing well.
      If your in Montreal Que go to Gibby's and send me the bill. You know Cheque is in the mail.
      Have a great holiday

  • So i have a question hopefully someone can answer. I have purchased insurance for my nexus5. If breaks,cracks etc. and I need a new phone, what do I get in return?

    • You will get a refurbished nexus 5. They probably have hundreds if not thousands in a warehouse somewhere. That's how all insurance plans are. Nobody gets a brand new phone only refurbished.

      • This am The Nexus 5 was advertised by Fido a div of Rogers "New Phones" on a pkge deal. As for little screens are dead, well bigger is not better in this case, if I wanted bigger I would carry a Lap Top or a tablet. My pocket just accepts a N5

  • What's the fuss about Lollipop 01. I have it on N9 and it still doesn't work with SkyGo

  • Google has a marketed brand in Nexus

    While the Nexus 4 is definitely outdated (in my opinion)
    The Nexus 5 (if given better specs) could continue to be sold
    I don't hate the Nexus 6

    I think it would be in Google's best interest to have a
    Phone Phablet Tablet Nexus brand available for Consumers
    Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 would provide that

    this is all my opinion , no source necessary, nobody to quote

  • What are the best music app downloader?

  • Making stories up now? Respectable journalists verify their claims.
    ht tp://

    • Jake, we were told by Google that once the Nexus 5 is out of stock, it will not be replenished. We didn't make it up.

      • My1 Dec 12, 2014 Link to comment

        do you have proof of that you were told this by Google and that it was not counterfeited information?

        I dont want to doubt you but true belief comes from clearing all doubts.

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