Apple Files Suit To Ban The Galaxy Nexus In The US

Apple Files Suit To Ban The Galaxy Nexus In The US


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It just doesn't end does it? It has been confirmed by Foss patents that Apple has officially requested a ban on sales of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the US, stating that Google's newest Nexus device infringes on 4 of Apple's patents.

Florian Mueller at Foss Patents stated that the patents involved are a "data tapping“ patent, a patent involving Siri and unified search, a slide to unlock patent, and a word completion patent for touch screen text entry.

Google will have to be especially careful when stating their case against the unified search patent claim, as this could be a direct threat to their core search business. Mueller went on to say that this particular patent may cover functionality involved in Google's mobile search app. The data tapping patent in question allows users to tap on a phone number in an email and automatically make a phone call, and was the patent responsible for getting a hefty ban on HTC products last year. Luckily HTC was quickly able to develop a workarounnd.

The silde to unlock patent is also currently in court against the Galaxy Nexus in Germany, with a decision expected sometime in March. Apple attempted to ban the device in Germany earlier this month, but the claim was rejected. Apples stance this time is much more strategic, as they are focusing on seemingly strong technical patents, and not design related ones.

I didn't expect Apple to easily dismiss the fact that Motorola and Google successfully got iPhone and iPad models banned in Germany earlier this month, and Apple hitting back is actually no surprise. This might be one of Apples most aggressive attacks yet, as they are directly attacking Google's flagship device, and I'm very interested to see the outcome of this particular case. These things can drag out for a really long time in court, and I honestly wish that Apple would just stop. It's just turning into a circle that will most likely never end unless someone steps up and is serious about finding a more productive solution.

Whether that day will ever will come is yet to be seen. 

Source: Cnet

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  • Yeah..that actually wouldnt surprise me at all.

  • Well, some of those judges are probably being paid to make thing drag out! :-)

  • Oh God..I cant even imagine. To be honest, its to late to do that. The judges will be the people who can influence it though. They can just start throwing out silly cases...its such a complicated system. Thats the problem.

  • Just imagine the pain behind trying to change that whole system!

  • I agree. The only solution, to me, is that the courts step in and completely redo the current patent system. Leaving the companies to find a better solution will obviously just kill innovation more and more.

  • Yes, exactly. And the worst part is, this is now becoming ingrained in their thinking as a company, which will affect everything, from design to marketing. I will just never stop.

  • I couldnt agree more. These lawsuits are not only pointless, in the end nobody really wins. Even if Apple gets it banned, Google will remove the feature with a software update. Was that really worth the time and money of a lawsuit? I dont think so.

  • These things can drag on so long, that so many of the devices could already have been sold. And by the time that a device is banned, the next one is already on the horizon. Really pointless, if you ask me. Why not just let them slug it out and see who can make the best devices! That would be my choice. :-)

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