Apple Requests PERMANENT Sales Ban On 29 Samsung Devices (& More $$$)

Apple Requests PERMANENT Sales Ban On 29 Samsung Devices (& More $$$)


Permanent sales ban: Three words that no hardware manufacturer wants to hear. Samsung is no longer dealing with 8 devices receiving bans (which is what Apple originally requested), but now 29 of them. Apple recently asked the court that awarded them 1 billion dollars for patent infringement to permanently ban a total of 26 Samsung phones and 3 tablets in the US, which is a pretty hardcore request from the Cupertino company. But Apple isn’t done there, as they are also requesting an additional 707 million dollars in damages from Samsung as well.

Apple apparently requested an additional 400 million for design infringement, 135 million for willful infringements on its utility patents, another 121 million in additional supplemental damages (these were based on Samsung product sales that weren't included in the jury’s decision), and another 50 million in prejudgement interest. Apple’s filing then goes on about Samsung’s “cloned” products:

“The initial success gained through the sale of these six cloned products was the springboard for the second-generation Galaxy S II line of products as well as numerous other infringing smartphones”.

Samsung, naturally, is calling for a completely new trial altogether, as shown in their statement:

“The courts constraints on trial time, witnesses and exhibits were unprecedented for a patent case of this complexity and magnitude, and prevented Samsung from presenting a full and fair case in response to Apple’s many claims. Samsung therefore respectfully requests that the court grant a new trail enabling adequate time and even handed treatment of the parties”.

Samsung also asked that the damages be reduced due to miscalculations made by the jury when reaching its verdict, and stated that the damages should be reduced by 35 million “at a minimum”.

The court is expected to deliver a final ruling on the case on December 6th.

A PERMANENT sales ban on 29 Samsung devices? Does that mean that software updates to rectify/nullify these "infringements" aren't possible?

I sincerely hope that our broken patent judicial system doesn’t let Apple get away with this.

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Source: The Verge

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  • Indeed they did bro!

  • @ Eric Apple just learned that " Its not possible to make a OS and a mapping software overnight" .

  • @Gaurav - Yeah, it really didn't go that smooth this time. By the time they get it totally fixed, we ll be on the next version of Android :-D

  • After all, IOS 6 is a compleate disaster, thx to apple's mapping software , siri and too many bugs.

  • @Guarav - Amazing how scared they became all of a sudden. It's like their confidence is going!

  • @ Eric yup, because they know that some smartphones are better than iphone.

  • @Gaurav - Indeed. They do seem to convey that message don't they?

  • If apple will ban all the droid phones in US , the consumers will have no other choice than to buy a iphone .

  • Looks like apple is using the policy of " If you cant innovate , dont let others do it" .

  • I'd lol if Samsung purchased Apple (then smile because Samsung would turn Apple products into their lower tier production like HP did for Compaq) ...

    If Tim Cook truly wanted to impress me now? He would cease all patent law suits & work with other Manufacturers to see all license agreements were dealt with (& this is what I thought the Foreign Courts were asking for) ....

    How to create a "black market" - tell the public they can't have it & watch them find a way around that ...

  • @Tom - LOL! So true! Gene Roddenberry's family should sue!

    @Chinu - LOL! Apple could never afford Samsung. It would break them! But yeah..they are seriously going crazy lately with all this madness.

    @Nick - True that! I also think that Apple and RIM have lots in common: small updates to design every year (but more or less stays the same) small software updates here and there..Apple just sells it better and has a broader product range.

    @Patrick - I think that if Sammy ever bought Apple, Steve Jobs would literally come back from the grave and slap the hell out of Tim Cook!

  • @Chinu, Considering Samsung (the conglomerate) is waaaaaay bigger than Apple, it's a little more feasible for Samsung to just buy Apple. Just to shut them up.

  •   8
    Deactivated Account Sep 25, 2012 Link to comment

    It's ironic that an article about Iran was posted not long after this article about Apple, because, when you think about it, there are an awful lot of similarities between Apple and Iran...

  • chinu Sep 25, 2012 Link to comment

    Rather than asking for so much of money, apple should buy Samsung. That's the only option left.....

    Apple is really going nuts... Due to these demands they are lacking innovations in iPhones...

  • I've already said that in the past. The iPad is a direct ripoff of Star Trek's PADD device used by every member of the crew in Star Trek TNG.

  • @Robert - HAHAHAHAHHA! YES! The tricorder and all touch panels pretty much prove that the Star Trek creators own ALL patents on anything mobile for the last 4 years :-D

  • Very much so. I'm still waiting on the day that the Star Trek props crew will sue Apple for all that they are worth.

  • Unreal right?

  • Idiots. Pfffff.

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