AndroidPIT is insolvent. Are we going to be gone soon?

AndroidPIT is insolvent. Are we going to be gone soon?

I certainly would have liked a different angle for a birthday article. It is now a little more than 10 years since I made writing on AndroidPIT my profession on 1 May 2009, and ever since then, articles have appeared regularly on this portal. Over the years a lot has happened: From a single person at the beginning, the company has grown to about 50 employees. Last week, however, we had to file for bankruptcy. But this is not the end of AndroidPIT, but much more a new beginning.

How it all began

Everything was better in the old days... how many times have we heard that sentence in our lives? And we are actually sitting here in the editorial office, with old smartphone veterans and pondering how great everything was back then. Exciting, wild, thrilling and full of possibilities.

The German language domain was soon joined by the English domain, followed by the French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese domains. There was even a time when AndroidPIT was available in Russian and Turkish. And so, of course, the company grew.

Lots of readers do not mean lots of money

Not only the number of employees grew, but also the number of readers. At its peak, we had more than 22 million readers. Per month! Even my grandmother knew back then that a lot of eyes doesn't always mean a lot of cash. Costs and revenues did not usually develop in proportion to each other. The business model of "advertising" is and will certainly remain an unloved child in the media. Paywalls that make our content visible only to paying readers may work for old-established media - but for us, that was not an option.

The financial basis for our business was, and is, built instead on other things: app marketing, content marketing, community management, and our own ad format. The actual business operations and the business model are therefore not directly interwoven.

It is time to go back to basics

It is fair to say that we have really tried everything to crack the difficult "Digital Publishing" business model. But the complexity of dealing with an international site in six different languages and different business models had its pitfalls.

Now we have had to file for bankruptcy - a process and term that first frightens people and perhaps raises the question of "what did they did wrong?". Just to be on the safe side: We are not turning off the lights right now, but have the opportunity to reposition ourselves over the next few weeks without too much pressure.

We believe that there is nothing to be ashamed of or hide for, and are proud to be one of the biggest tech websites in the world and to be read by so many people.

Even if many things seem uncertain in the current situation and we certainly have to go through many, even unpleasant changes here, we now see it as an opportunity - an opportunity for a new beginning!

First of all, more advertising for everyone. But no more ads for active community members.

In the past few days, we have received many messages from partners and customers, colleagues and competitors, as well as friends and community members. Almost all of them were encouraging, courageous and very positive.

And this is how you can help us:

In order to strengthen and consolidate our sales side in the short term, we have decided to put more advertising on the site. We realize this won't bring joy everywhere. But at the same time, I want to ask for your understanding and promise you that we will work on better solutions.

At the same time, we want to give a small gift to those to whom we owe a lot and encourage others to become active with us: All AndroidPIT members with a level over 40 will no longer receive ads in the future! Even without an ad blocker. And to everyone else: I'd love you to turn off your ad blocker. That really helps us.

Please support us in this

It hurts us all to see our baby in such a state. That certainly sounds a little dramatic, but many of you have been here for several years and some have even been here from the very beginning. I'm sure all of you can empathize with what I'm saying.

The next few months will certainly be exhausting - and always with an open end. But we remain positive. And we hope you will remain so too.

Thank you for reading, for everything!

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  • Un Listed Jun 15, 2019 Link to comment

    Well, now. Happy birthday Fabien.
    I came over to the main site after none of the links in the weekly would resolve and wanted to read the Tesla article. Then I spotted the AP insolvency article. I felt a bit of despair for you and figured that the ads probably wouldn't be much to endure...what's another picture to scroll past, or bump in the margin.
    Mentally wishing you luck, I went on to Tesla then off for a bit, only to return and see....what?!.....A %¥@$*!# LOCKSCREEN AD, with attribution to Android Pit!!!
    I could write many hateful things here but let's just say that despair is gone, and so is interest in the 'pit.

  • Dwarfer66 Jun 8, 2019 Link to comment

    Ads will drive people away. The biggest gripe online, smegging ad popups.

  • Gavin Runeblade Jun 7, 2019 Link to comment

    The Ted Talk by Patreon's founder had a wonderful moment where he showed a screenshot of his google ads income from a month where his music on youtube got 1million views being $166. Then he put up a picture of a concert with 20,000 people in the seats and asked "This is 20,000 people. Like, in what world is this not enough? What systems have we built where this is not enough for a person to make a living?"

    Ads help. But ads aren't enough. Don't be afraid to offer a blended model. But please don't lock everything behind a paywall. I think Quartz has the best model for a media site that I am familiar with.

  • CJ Brown Jun 7, 2019 Link to comment

    Practically every website I'm on regarding tech uses advertisement, so androidpit shouldn't feel any different (if it was a print magazine? there would be advertisements).

    Do whatever you need to do to stay alive (I will keep reading and complimenting)👍

  • DickB Jun 7, 2019 Link to comment

    I have enjoyed your work for years, but recognize that nothing is truly free. Do what you need to do to resolve your situation. Have you considered Patreon? A number of small contributions can make a large difference and I would contribute as I already do with some tech providers that I appreciate.

  • Chris Laarman Jun 7, 2019 Link to comment

    1) Nah... "Glückauf" etwa? ;-)

    2) I don't mind ads at all, but somehow even my advertising profile with Google doesn't stop certain advertisers from wasting their budget on me.

  • storm Jun 6, 2019 Link to comment

    Level 40 and up ? According to the site's Hall of Fame, that's 4 people. I'm number 5.

    • Ken Jun 7, 2019 Link to comment're to be whitelisted on my blocker...I'm an apps whore n u guys feed my habit...and brain.

    • David McCourt Jun 7, 2019 Link to comment

      The level threshold is a cross-domain thing. On our German site, for example, 90 members qualify for the ad-free version.

      •   25
        Deactivated Account Jun 7, 2019 Link to comment

        Davis Sir I don't want to believe all that I have read. Why is there so much struggle in this world, why not an utopia where we can freely love and give to each and everyone the first share of everything emotionally and physically we own. Let me complete my studies and become independent, I will do something about it. May be I can change the world.

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