Android Jelly Bean: Offline Voice Typing, Google Now and So Much More!

Android Jelly Bean: Offline Voice Typing, Google Now and So Much More!


Google has officially announced the long awaited Android Jelly Bean, which now brings Android to version 4.1. Jelly Bean brings a LOT of enhancements and a TON of features that Android users are going to absolutely go nuts about. What kind of changes? Notifications, voice search, search in general, UI, widgets, camera, and so much more. 

  • Google just filled us in on “Project Butter”, which is used to enhance Jellybean. Triple buffering was added, framerate was drove up to 60FPS, touch responsiveness was improved, and the entire UI was tweaked for speed. It will not only “feel a lot smoother”, but will even be able to predict where your finger wants to land on the display.
  • Widgets were also revamped. When widgets sizes are being adjusted, apps on your homescreen will automatically “move” in order to make room for them.
  • Android notifications, as perfect as they already are, now show more information. They can now expand and collapse, and are now customizable and even EASIER to view. You even have social sharing options directly within the notification. The video showing this off was VERY impressive.
  • The camera has also been improved (new animations added), and allows you to review photos you’ve already taken in a MUCH faster manner than you could on Ice Cream Sandwich.
  • But what is Google known for? Search of course, and it has also been revamped for Android. It has a new UI, is faster, and introduces a “knowledge graph” to easily display information. Voice search is now, well, SIRIously AMAZING is all I can say. It sounds like a HUMAN, and not like a computer's voice. It’s also FAST.
  • Google also introduced a seriously EPIC feature called “Google Now” to use your search history, calendar, and other information to figure out if you’re going the quickest way, when the bus is coming, how long it takes to walk there, what the restaurant you’re sitting in is best known for, what the score of the game is of your favorite basketball team is, how far away that meeting is with your client is, and so much more. I was actually so blown away from the live presentation of Google Now that I could barely fathom how much this feature could actually change the way we live. It’s really incredible.
  • Android Beam also got some love, and 2 new features were introduced: instant pair to another device by tapping, and one tap sharing.
  • Predicted text was also improved, and voice typing was revamped to where it can now be used OFFLINE (EPIC WIN). Gesture mode was also introduced, which will make things much easier for blind users.

Google is confident that this is the fastest version of Android yet. “Every corner of Android was touched” according to the opening keynote address, and the improvements will be seen not only in applications, but more so in day to day use. The Galaxy Nexus, Motorola Xoom, and will be receiving OTA updates to Jelly Bean in mid July, and the SDK is available now from Google's developer website.

Here's a video of Android Jelly Bean in action (Youtube link here):

Amazing stuff guys! What do you think about the changes? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • i going to wait calmley for it

  • Ti Mo Jun 29, 2012 Link to comment

    No im saying I want an iPad(not iPod, there's no point in buying an iPod) because of this one simple reason:
    The App store IS better. and if you say it is not, then you are effing insane. I hate it too.
    For what would I use a Tablet? To chill at home on my couch and play a game or browse the internet.

    And that Ford Truck you're talking about could be the Transformer Prime, right? Costs over 30% more ;)

    And the Mazda RX-8 just is the best car for the way I use it...

  • Ti what your trying to say is you want an ipod even though they suck because it's build nice?! That's like buying say a Mazda RX-8 (nice car) that dosent have a ton of power when you could get a Ford Truck for less and pull the entire world with it

  • I can tell you bro, I have Jelly Bean running RIGHT NOW on my Galaxy Nexus, and I wouldn't consider this a minor update at all. Just because the UI didn't drastically change doesn't mean that there aren't lots of changes. :-D

  • Ti Mo Jun 28, 2012 Link to comment

    See.. I don't need siri. It's unnecessary to me. I don't need voice commands. I don't need a new notification system. I have my app for that and that makes me perfectly happy. And yes, it's great that the speed and stability is better and the camera is better..

    But I guess you can't expect much more from a rather minor software update, can you?!

  • @Ti Mo - overhyped? Not at all!

    So many under the hood changes, improved voice search (which is really a siri killer), FPS tweaks, speed tweaks, Google now, camera tweaks, notifications redone (by the way, if you dont like android notifications, dont buy an iphone, as IOS notifcations are still epic fail even though they TRIED to copy android), and so much more.

    As far as iPads go, I have owned an iPhone 4 and an iPad, and they were both great. But they are what they are, which is glorified app launchers. That's it. Customization options allow you to make folders or change wallpaper..that's ALL. If that's your thing, pick it up, as it is an amazing device and does what it was made for really well. But I can tell you after being now on my second Android tablet that you simply cant compare them at all.

    Remember man..ICS was already awesome. This just took an amazing OS and moved it a step further towards perfection :-D

  • chinu Jun 28, 2012 Link to comment

    aWesme.... waiting desporately

  • Ti Mo Jun 28, 2012 Link to comment

    Why should I NOT buy an iPad 2 for 300 Euro?
    There is NO Android Tablet that you can compare to the iPad in that price range. Dude, I hate Apple, but they can build tablets. And the Nexus is just too small for me. Plus there's unfortunately like a million more games for iPad than for Android Tablets.

    And sorry, but voice search, little bit improved widget moving widgets, a Bluetooth for Android and a new camera animation just dont drive me crazy.
    Believe Im the last one who would be considered as an Apple Fan Boy and the first one to be considered an Android Fan Boy...... But this just didn't impress me at all.

    Ouh and try punctuation man.. Your post would be a lot easier to read with it

  • To Ti Mo im very happy I personally don't know you other wise I would off face-palmed through my head if you have an android device and are switching to apple then you are either A peril and incompetent or B don't like true innovation and uniqueness

  • Ti Mo Jun 28, 2012 Link to comment

    Wow dont you think you overhype that a little bit?

    Except for Maps Offline it sounds very boring. Ok its nice that it's smoother.. But don't they say that every time?
    Android Notifications suck anyways, I use iphone Notifications so you get a banner on the screen.
    Who needs android beam? We have whatsapp

    And be serious: Who TF uses Voice Typing? I don't even use that stuff at home. And don't tell me your in the U-bahn and dictate a text you wanna send a friend.

    Very dissapointed from the IO so far. Not gonna buy the nexus, too small, guess Im just gonna pay 100€ more for an iPad2.
    And jelly bean is so overhyped. You definitely use the word epic too much. A monkey putting his finger in his butt then smelling it and falling from the tree is epic. Voice Typing on the other hand is just lame and overrated.

  • Joni Jun 27, 2012 Link to comment

    Its coming to Nexus S too!

  • Mine too! And the great thing is, we only have to wait a few weeks! :-D

  • Amazing man! My galaxy nexus awaits :-)

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