[Rumor] Google Could Eat T-Mobile For Dinner

[Rumor] Google Could Eat T-Mobile For Dinner

If you thought things weren't crazy enough with the Google acquiring Motorola Mobility story, then you've got another hot rumor coming right at you. While you are probably just warming up the idea of the new Google-Motorola phones hitting the market, it appears as if Google isn't willing to stop its spending spree anytime soon. Apparently, America's long-suffering network T-Mobile is next on Google's shopping list.

Yes, the unthinkable may actually happen: Google taking over the entire Android production line from OS developer to cell phone provider. As crazy and outlandish as this may sound, purchasing T-Mobile is perhaps the most logical and practical thing Google could do at this point. Given the fact that they now have control over both the hardware and software aspects of Android, it would make perfect sense for Google to save T-Mobile from the jaws of AT&T and become proprietors of their own network.

This would be a huge game changer in the smartphone world as it would create the world's first fully integrated smartphone company that controls absolutely every aspect of the process. Obviously, there is the very real danger of Google becoming too big and bloated for its own good, but Google could also revolutionize the way network carriers work. Using its innovation and experience, Google could use the T-Mobile network as a launching pad for dominating the American mobile market.

After all, one of the biggest complaints about Apple was the fact that they concluded an exclusive contract with AT&T, forcing users to purchase two year contracts with every phone. If Google can control the entire process from start to finish, this would mean more competitive prices and better customer satisfaction. Google would have no choice but to provide people with the best possible Android experience – including access to a reliable network.

The only barrier in Google's way at this point is the FCC which has yet to rule on the AT&T-T-Mobile merger. At the moment, AT&T chances are dwindling by the minute as both consumers and competitors are mounting a strong fight against the deal. It would take $39 billion in cash to seal the deal, but I wouldn't put anything past Google. And can't see T-Mobile's board of directors having anything against it either.


Source: eWeek

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  • Who said it was too much money? This isnt a fire sale. DT paid 35 billion for voicestream 10 years ago and I do not think it was even half the company it is now. Tmobile turns over 21 billion a year. I think this price is too cheap. But with this economy only the deepest pockets can eye this buyout. I was shocked to hear to hear AT&T to buy T-Mobile. I hate that company. I had always wished it had someone else. I had wished for GE or someone outside the cell industry to pick us up to keep the competition going. AT&T was going to totally rape TMo's customers. They are desperate to get every nickel they can into their own pocket and reduce competition.
    Go for it Google. It shows a lot of ba--s. Not to mention a kick in the a-- to the I pay phone and W7 phone.

  • Google Mobile would be the best aquisition for all involved .. (especially T-Mobile and Google) ... but mostly to keep pricing fair and competition in check ... otherwise the nation is certainly headed for monopoly land as far as cell service is concerned.

  • Man, after chowing down on Motorola Google might want to consider dieting down a bit. If it keeps eating all these companies it's seams (I mean overhead) just might birst.

  • I think it's more realistic to see Google/Motorola come out with a true global phone with free 3G worldwide for a monthly price. Google could totally negotiate a deal like that.

  • Foo S. Aug 18, 2011 Link to comment

    i would be so much happier to see Google buy T-Mobile than AT&T. Google can bring about CHANGE, with AT&T it's the same old monopolizing bullshit service with zero innovation.

  • Google is not gonna pay $39 BILLION for T-Mobile unless they bring the price down. Even for Google that's way too much money and too great of a risk.

  • Interesting rumor, but I don't see how Google acquiring T-Mobile would imporve customer service. the bigger the company, the crappier the service as we all know. Google isnt going to be any different, trust me.

  • this is HUGE NEWS!

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