More Details On Verizon's Upcoming V Cast App Store

More Details On Verizon's Upcoming V Cast App Store

An article from PCMag gives us more insight into Verizon's recently revealed plans to launch their own Android app store in addition to the Android Market, which Verizon expects to have ready and installed on many of their phones by the end of the year. At the Verizon Developers Conference yesterday, a Verizon spokesperson revealed the reasoning behind Verizon's actions, and according to a tweet from Verizon Wireless, it's "about choice, and about simplicy -- carrier-billing -- and quality -- great apps."

I will agree with Verizon that the current Android Market definitely needs improvement, but as TechCrunch notes, I have more confidence in Google fixing "that than with Verizon circumventing it."

jkOnTheRun comments that Verizon "is looking to add value to for its customers by leveraging the information unique to Verizon, as opposed to perhaps looking at a more drastic approach, such as creating its own OS as other operators insist on trying."

TechCrunch believes that Verizon is opening up Android to even more fragmentation, where an Android phone on Verizon and an Android phone on Sprint "will soon only share a bit of branding in common" as carriers and manufacturers bend and morph Android into the OS that suits their needs, while abandoning the open ecosystem approach Android is known for.

Androinica clarifies the future Verizon wants for their V Cast store:

In the official Twitter stream of the conference, Verizon promised to quickly approve apps and provide new API’s and tools for developers to create. The company declined to clearly state how – or if – V Cast will interface with the Android Market. Haller said that Verizon would help customers discover apps “and let them decide how they want to get them,” but he also presented the new store as competition for the official Android Market rather than a companion to it.

As it was pointed out in the comments in the TechCrunch article, these kinds of developments are something that goes with having an open OS like Android.

As for what devices we should expect the V Cast app store on, Greg Haller from Verizon didn't get specific, but talked about the Droid, Droid Incredbile, Droid X, Fascinate and the soon-to-be-released Galaxy Tab. Additionally, only device running Android 2.2 (and probably higher) will be receiving the V Cast app store.

Other Sources: Androinica, jkOnTheRun, TechCrunch

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Source: PCMag

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