7 reasons to buy the Moto X Play

7 reasons to buy the Moto X Play

The Motorola stable seems to grow by the day. That can sometimes mean that new devices slip through the net, and that may have happened to the Moto X Play (Droid Maxx 2 in the US), which was launched alongside the Moto X Pure Edition. This mid-range phone has enough features to make it an intriguing option, though, so here are seven reasons to buy the Moto X Play.

1. The display is a cut above average

We'll start with the most obvious reason to buy the Moto X Play: the 5.5-inch, 1,080p display, with a pixel density of 401 pixels per inch. It isn't a market leader, but it's certainly an improvement on the Moto G and Moto E and compares favorably to most other mid-range phones.

The display produces a sharp picture, well-balanced colors and excellent viewing angles. Its bezels are well proportioned and there's no sign of the problematic yellowish tint that previous AMOLED Motorola devices suffered from.

The Moto X Play has a 5.5in, 1,080p display. / © ANDROIDPIT

2. It's really easy to use

Motorola has a history of leaving the Android operating system to function largely in the way it was intended, and that's what it's done with the Moto X Play.

Unlike many newer phones, it comes with very little in the way of bloatware, so its performance is slick and rapid. The phone does come with a few, well-chosen added features, including Moto Voice and the ability to open the camera with pre-defined hand gestures.

AndroidPIT Moto X Play home screen quick settings
The Moto X Play software is close to stock Android. / © ANDROIDPIT

3. The battery can last up to two days

Unlike just about every other set of phone designers working in the industry, those behind the Moto X Play have accepted that larger, faster, brighter phones need – wait for it – bigger batteries to power them. Finally.

Motorola claims the Moto X Play's 3,630 mAh battery can last up to two days – double what most smartphones are capable of these days. In our review we found it could handle up to 23 hours of moderate use, without resorting to battery saving mode, which is still pretty great. Even better, when it does need extra juice, it charges quickly, so it can spend more time being, well, mobile. Which is kind of the point.

4. It has a great camera for its price

The camera is not the best on the market, but it's a pretty serious photographic device for the price point, and is certainly better than the camera in OnePlus Two, which comes in at a similar price.

The 21 MP rear-facing camera and 5 MP front-facing camera both produce impressive results and the phone also features 1,080p slow-motion video recording and a dual-LED with color correction. There's also panorama shooting, night mode, macro, tap focus and exposure control.

It also performs well in low light but can struggle without the flash. The camera software is also easy to use and it's clear how seriously Motorola took getting the camera right here.

motorola moto x play front camera
The Moto X Play has a 5 MP front camera and a 21 MP rear camera. / © ANDROIDPIT

5. The price is right

If you're going to make a mid-market phone, you need a generous price and US$384 for the base model Moto X Play seems pretty reasonable. It's generally a little cheaper than a One Plus Two and about US$200 cheaper than a flagship such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

At the moment, the  Moto X Play is only available on Verizon in the US market but those particularly keen would be able to source one fairly easily from Canada or the UK, where it retails at £279 for the 16 GB version.

6. It's well made and looks good to boot

While looks are subjective, the design of the X Play has been pretty well received. It shares many features with the Moto X (2014) but is a little less slippery that its bamboo-backed predecessor. 

The price of the new model means that there have been a few corners cut in terms of materials, such as in the use of metallic looking plastic rather than metal, but the rubberized texture on the removable back panel looks good and adds to a nice, sturdy overall feel. 

motorola moto x play back white
The design of the Moto X Play has been generally well received. / © ANDROIDPIT

7. It's packed with added extras

For a relatively cheap phone, the Moto X Play includes a decent number of valuable added extras. It has a special nano-coating that protects it against moderate splashes of water. It's still not entirely water-resistant, but if you splash it by accident, it shouldn't be any worse for wear.

It's also customizable through the Moto Maker scheme, which is a big reason why many people pick Motorola. There is little you can't customize – you can choose everything from the front and back colors, to different back covers and accent colors, to engraving and custom boot screen messages.

Moto Maker lets you customize your X Play exactly how you like it. / © ANDROIDPIT

Last, but not least, Motorola has listened to the Android public and included removable storage in the Moto X Play. It has an SD card slot that lets you expand the memory to as much as 128 GB.

Do you own the Moto X Play? Are you planning to get one? Let us know what you think of our reasons to buy one in the comments. 


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  • Linda Marrero Nov 17, 2016 Link to comment

    I love mine!!! Excellent pictures and excellent performance just what I needed!!!

  • Mike Connors Dec 4, 2015 Link to comment

    I agree with everyone above. I can easily squeeze 2 days out of my moto x play (7 hours screen ontime). Got the rapid charger also (included in the Canadian version) which charges to full in a hour! I've tested gta:sa, cod zombies and nhl2k and it plays them flawlessly with no noticible battery drain (coming from a nexus 5, this is amazing to me). The camera is also amazing in bright day and night shots (flash on) once marshmallow comes (within the next month)the SD can be converted to internal memory. I am also a fan of the large screen, its huge but fits in my hand great, excellent design. I've come from strictley nexus's (4,5 and 6) and i do miss instant updates but having this battery life and camera, I'm over it. Looove this phone !

  • Snow McKing Dec 2, 2015 Link to comment

    I love it and want to own Motorola phones all the time. But in my country.. Myanmar.. it's hard to find Motorola phones.

  • Joshua Hall Dec 2, 2015 Link to comment

    I have a moto x play I bought a month ago. It's a nice phone, great screen and speedy boot and shutdown. Overall UI is fantastic, almost stick Android. Camera is great too. The best part is the battery life, with me playing FIFA through the day it still is at 80-85%. I would recommend this phone to anyone on a buget.

  • Harshith Dec 2, 2015 Link to comment

    Motorola is best

  • Tyler Price Dec 2, 2015 Link to comment

    All of this is right on point.I could easily charge my phone every 2 days. If u have owned a moto, you know about the features. I get a text while driving? Moto play reads it out to me and asks if I want to respond, which allows me to say a message for it to convert to text. I shake the phone twice, instantly opens to camera. This is truly the phone that loves you back.

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