Top 5 reasons to buy the LG G4

Top 5 reasons to buy the LG G4

There's no shortage of top-end Android handsets out there on sale at the moment and the brand new LG G4 certainly falls into that category. Such is the strength of the competition, however, you may find yourself struggling to pick out the differences between the very best smartphones on sale. Here are 5 reasons to buy the LG G4.

androidpit lg g4 multiple colors
The LG G4 is a handset to be proud of. / © LG

Well, worry no longer — we're here to give you five very good reasons to pick the LG G4 over the Samsung Galaxy S6, the HTC One M9 and the other premium handsets you're going to come across while shopping. If you have your own ideas, feel free to chime in via the comments.

1. The leather look

Though the rest of the market is firmly focused on glass and metal, LG has given the G4 a rather fetching leather-backed look — not only is it great for standing out from the crowd, it also makes it easier to grip the handset. A cheaper plastic backing is available as an alternative.

androidpit lg g4 the leather look
Leather in a choice of colors. / © LG

If you do decide to plump for the leather option, you can pick from black, brown, red, sky blue, beige and yellow (those are LG's terms not ours) and each one uses "handcrafted, genuine full grain leather" for your phone. It won't stay pristine forever, but it will always feel comfortable to hold.

2. Clever design choices

The beauty of the LG G4 goes beyond the materials used too. Take the shortcut buttons positioned around the back near the camera lens for example — they make a phone of this size (5.5 inches) easier to operate with one hand if you need to, and they're intuitively placed.

lg g4 camera
The buttons are well positioned. / © NextPit

You can adjust the volume, turn the device on and off, take photos and more, leaving your thumb free for whatever on-screen actions are required. "The positioning is perfect," we wrote in our review, "as you use fingers that naturally wrap around the back of your phone anyway."

3. Advanced camera features

Let's not forget the LG UX 4.0 software that comes along with the LG G4 hardware — it makes a big difference to the end user experience. One of the highlights is with the camera, because you can use the buttons around the back of the handset to quickly snap a shot any time, any where.

androidpit lg g4 camera features
Quick Shot is one o the features of LG UX 4.0. / © LG

That means no fumbling to open up the camera app when a photo opportunity comes along, and it can even work right from the lock screen. Other software highlights include being able to take photos with a gesture and gathering essential updates together in a smart dashboard.

4. It's safer to drop

You perhaps can't tell from the promotional photos, but the screen of the LG G4 is slightly curved. It's by no means on the level of the LG G Flex 2, but it makes the phone easier to hold in your hand, and means less of the screen is in contact with a surface when you place it face-down.

androidpit lg g4 curved screen
The ever-so-slightly curved LG G4. / © LG

According to LG, it makes the phone better able to survive drops too — there's "20 percent better durability than a flat smartphone in face-down drops", so if you have a tendency to let your precious flagship handset slip from your grasp then it's good to have the LG G4 design on your side.

5. The removable battery

Other manufacturers might be eschewing the removable battery approach — even Samsung has now finally abandoned it — but LG is sticking to its guns. The LG G4 comes with a removable battery (that you can get at by flipping open the back cover) without making any design compromises.

lg g4 battery
You can take out the LG G4 battery. / © NextPit

That means you can carry along a spare battery or even upgrade to a bigger capacity third-party model while you're out and about. Simply swapping out one battery for another is a lot more straightforward than having to carry a portable power pack along with you (which also needs charging).

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  • Lee May 20, 2015 Link to comment

    6. Expandable Storage! should definitely be in here, I can't believe you guys have missed one of the most important features on the G4 with it having expandable and removable storage via a SD Card, in which no other new flagship device has.
    7. The ability to save picture's as a RAW image is more important than the quick snap shot feature "which you can't even see what your taking"

  •   11
    Deactivated Account May 20, 2015 Link to comment

    number 6. Expandable memory, I can't believe you left that one out with all the commotion about other phones not having it. You keep talking about the leather cover wearing over time, so what it's removable and replaceable. You never mention that fact nor has any other review that I have seen. I am beginning think you just want all metal or glass phones without removable batteries and SD cards.