3 things you must consider before buying the OnePlus X

3 things you must consider before buying the OnePlus X

We’ve talked a lot about why the OnePlus X is a great value Android phone, but we have to admit that it is not perfect. Before you rush out and buy one (ha, as if you even could), here are three important things that you must consider.

oneplus x buttons
Here are three things you must consider before buying the OnePlus X. / © ANDROIDPIT

You might have to wait a while

This will seem obvious to anyone familiar with the OnePlus invite system, but there is no guarantee when you will actually be able to buy a OnePlus X, no matter how much you want one. Unless you are willing to pay outrageous prices on eBay, the only way to get a OnePlus X or even an invite to buy one is to wait.

OnePlus has regular promotions that can increase your chances of receiving an invite, including occasional 'buy without an invitation for 72 hours' offers. But there’s no way of knowing when these will land, so they're easy to miss.

oneplus x screen 1
No matter how much you want to buy OnePlus X, you could be waiting a while to do so. / © ANDROIDPIT

It suffers from some LTE issues

We recently updated our OnePlus X review in light of some disappointing news about its LTE performance. The OnePlus X doesn't support LTE bands 12 and 17, which means that both T-Mobile and AT&T customers will be stuck on HSPA speeds in many areas of the US.

This does not mean that mobile data won’t work, just that it won’t be as fast in the areas that support LTE speeds. While this may not be a deal-breaker for many, if you require fast mobile internet you may be disappointed. If you mostly use Wi-Fi, or only use mobile internet for web browsing or messaging, it may not pose a problem.

oneplus x side 4
If you live in the US and require LTE speeds, the OnePlus X isn't for you. / © ANDROIDPIT

Its camera is relatively weak 

If taking good photos on your phone is important to you, you ought to bear in mind that the OnePlus X camera is a relatively weak offering. The shots it takes are regularly out of focus, its low-light photos are grainy, and the HDR mode adds little real benefit. The photos below illustrate these points, and you can check out our full OnePlus X photo gallery here

androidpit oneplus x camera 17
A shot taken on the OnePlus X with HDR. / © ANDROIDPIT
androidpit oneplus x camera 16
A similar shot taken a moment later without. / © ANDROIDPIT
androidpit oneplus x camera 18
An indoor selfie (and the best of three similar shots). / © ANDROIDPIT

None of this goes to say that the OnePlus X is a bad device. For US$249, it’s an undeniably attractive smartphone and offers a lot for its price. Indeed, there are number of reasons why you should buy the OnePlus X, but you should consider whether the points above are minor quibbles or serious problems.

Would you still consider buying the OnePlus X? Let us know in the comments.   

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  • Sofia perez Jan 8, 2016 Link to comment

    Now i dont know wich phone buy. It thought the opx was perfect for me but if it takes that kind of selfie 👎

  • Randy Derrell Dec 13, 2015 Link to comment

    Ok, so I ordered the X Dec 9th and will have it on the 14th according to tracking. The shipping charge was $17.00, more than I expected to pay seeming that I'm buying their product. But I'll say that I had no idea the phone would be coming so soon. I was given a two week window but it was actually going thru customs in China on the 11th. Impressed! I confirmed the order by phone and complained about the shipping cost but was told it was because they ship express. I'll be waiting...

  • joost Nov 23, 2015 Link to comment

    and.. dont forget the absurd high shipping costs! i had to pay 25 € to get mine. okay, i understand, it must come from china, but still a lot of phones from "normal" onlineshops come with zero shipping costs.

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