Samsung Galaxy S3 Sells Over 10 Million Units Earlier Than Expected

Samsung Galaxy S3 Sells Over 10 Million Units Earlier Than Expected


WIth the record number of Samsung Galaxy S2 units sold, expectations were pretty high when Samsung debuted its newest flagship device. After being on the market since late May (in some markets), just how well has the Galaxy S3 sold so far? Samsung has reportedly made a statement in regards to sales of the device, and not only has it matched sales expectations, but actually managed to exceed them. Samsung CEO predicted 10 million units sold by the end of July, and with over one week left in the month, the 10 million mark has already been passed.

Samsung didn’t reveal the exact number sold, but informed reporters that over 10 million units have already been sold, which amounts to around 190,000 devices per day over a 2 month period. Not bad Sammy.

The device has seen multiple delays from various carriers due to high demand, and was even in danger of being banned after a potential injunction from Apple. But despite all this, Samsung has done a great job in keeping up the demand for the device, and was also successful in keeping Apple from doing what they repeatedly attempt to do.

With Samsung off to a record start in sales, I wouldn’t expect to see sales of the GS3 slow down anytime soon. This marks a big day for Android, and proves that Apple isn’t the only company that can move millions of handsets in a record amount of time.

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  • LOL. KitKat Apples is an EPIC idea! Mmmm...getting hungry now.

  • Ti Mo Jul 23, 2012 Link to comment

    Or 2 Kitkats and an apple! I mean cmon apple can't sue them for giving away free apples

  • HAHAHAHAH! Nice marketing plan!

  • Ti Mo Jul 23, 2012 Link to comment

    That's the whole deal! When you buy a new galaxy Nexus with android 5.0 kitkat you get 2 Kitkats shipped with it FOR FREE!

  • @Stefan - I thought it might be kernel related. With certain kernels, I can turn on "Fast "charge", which lets me get the same charge time from USB as I do from a socket. Franco and Trinity kernels let me do this. I'm not sure about on the Prime. I will definitely check that out to see. I normally charge my Nexus on the wall, but the charge time is still really slow compared to the Prime.

    @Ti Mo- LOL! Im sure Google would catch a pretty big lawsuit if they used the name "Kit Kat" :-D Would be awesome though!

  • The charging time has nothing to do with the CPU. There are certain technologies that shorten the time (Sony is investing in that area, but I don't like their phones, so didn't investigate closer) and also the output of the charger is important. On standard USB, you only get about 0,5 A guaranteed, and that can be slow. Most dedicated chargers give you 1 A though, should be much faster. Maybe the Transformer charger gives you 2 A? Should be printed on that somewhere.

    Also check with what you are charging the Nexus - on your PC it might just be the 0,5 A. I am pretty sure my wife's Nexus is done quicker on a wall charger.

  • True :-D I also want some Key Lime Pie! But there NO OTHER name of a desert that starts with a "K"?

    Gonna look into that :-D

  • Ti Mo Jul 23, 2012 Link to comment

    Well this year would be the Gnex 2, an imma buy the Gnex 3 with Android 5.0 Key lime Pie :)

  • That will come THIS year bro. I'm willing to bet money on that :-D

    If Samsung does indeed release a new Nexus phone this year, it will most likely be the S3 minus the bloat (TouchWiz) and including all the Google goodies. THAT'S what I'm waiting on!

  • Ti Mo Jul 23, 2012 Link to comment

    Naw man, I just bought the Gnex not even a month ago. Im gonna keep that one till at least christmas next year! Lets hope they are gonna release another nexus then. maybe the Galaxy Nexus s3? hehe

  • @Ti Mo -LOL! Don't worry bud! You're better off waiting for the next Nexus phone anyway :-D

  • That's pretty good for heavy usage. I'm pretty lucky to get a full day out of mine with heavy usage.

    I don't know if it has anything to do with its quad core processor, but I noticed that my Transformer Prime charges WAY WAY WAY faster from 0 to full than my Galaxy Nexus. My Nexus takes like 4 hours to fully charge. My Tegra 3 powered tablet is fully charged in 1 hour. It's crazy!

    Any idea why Stefan?

  • Ti Mo Jul 23, 2012 Link to comment

    I chose the gnex over the s3 cause of 400 dollars I don't have Lol.

  • Late this or early next year I suppose.

    I chose the S3 over the Nexus for storage, power (gaming via HDMI on TV) and battery reasons. The 32nm process really seems to help alongside the bigger battery, despite the bigger screen, it looks like it will get me over a day with reasonably heavy usage.

  • Ah ok. I totally agree with you though. I decided to hold onto my GNexus for now. I mean hell, if you're not gaming with the Galaxy S3, you won't see the power those 4 cores deliver anyway. In everyday performance, my Nexus feels just as snappy.

    Processor wise, you hit it on the head. Any ETA on the 2 processors you mentioned?`I haven't done much research on those chip-sets yet.

  • I am rooted - i said I am on a Samsung BASED custom ROM (already stripped of most bloat during installation). That is because I wanted to test a few aspects of Samsung's modifications like certain drivers and the video player. :)

    But I don't think the next Nexus will be of the Cortex A9 generation, they will probably wait on at least Snapdragon S4 Pro (with updated Adreno 320 graphics and maybe quad core) or an upcoming chipset with "official" Cortex A15. The jump from GNex to GS3 is not big enough.

  • LOL! That's right Jessica! Apple is getting served this time around!

    But you December there will be a new Nexus phone/phones out. You might want to wait!

    Nexus phone from Samsung = Galaxy S3 with no bloat and stock Android :-D

  • Wahoooo! Hells yeah! My S3 will be ALL mine December 1st, 2012 when my upgrade hits! Oh yeah!! :) An Apple got served in the U.K. LOL! Post those apologies, Apple!

  • The screen is so SICK on that phone. I also rooted the one here in the office and threw on CM9 to get rid of the bloat, and it's sooooo awesome. It's really easy to root to. It uses a toolkit just like the GNexus.

    Root it man! You won't regret it!

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