OnePlus 6 arrives today: here's what you can expect

OnePlus 6 arrives today: here's what you can expect

The OnePlus 6 will be presented in London today and we're eagerly awaiting the unveiling to see the new flagship killer in its final form. Thanks to various previews and teasers in the lead to the event, we already know quite a few things about what the phone will look like, and how much it will cost. Read on to psyche yourself up with all the rumors and leaks so far!

The OnePlus 6 launches today in London

The launch is taking place at a special event named "The Speed You Need" in London today at 6pm (12pm EDT, 5pm BST or 9am EST).

Those who are members of the OnePlus community will have the first opportunity to test the device, and attendees will receive a goody bag, which was also the case last year with the 5T event, where a $40 discount on the device was given away. We can expect the bags to contain gadgets with a value more than the ticket price.

The occasion is all sold out, but if you can't make it, we'll be keeping you up to date with all the latest, so watch this space!


Questions about the OnePlus 6:

European price and launch date are known, US carrier deals planned

The launch of the OnePlus 6, the smartphone that many of you are waiting for, is now imminent. After many tidbits teased by the brand over the last weeks, Amazon Germany has answered some important questions: when will the device land on the market? How much will it cost? 

The guys over at Winfuture didn't miss this information. So without further ado, the OnePlus 6 will cost...519 euros (around $600), for the model with 64GB of internal memory, and 569 (almost $700) euros for the one with 128GB. The smartphone is expected to arrive on the market on May 22, although Amazon has already removed this information from the site.

We will keep you updated once we know more about the price and availability for the US.

Op6 black
OnePlus 6 in Midnight Black (left) and Mirror Black (right)! / © Amazon

In addition to these important details, the online shop also revealed that the OnePlus 6 will come in two different finishes: Mirror Black, with glass paneling, and Midnight Black, which has a matte look.

What about availability in the US?

Regarding US availability, Pete Lau did say that said the company would begin talks with US carriers. Given that the majority of US consumers obtain their phones through a carrier, striking such a deal is crucial for still-niche Chinese manufacturer to break into the mainstream. 

Given the timeline, it seems unlikely that that this kind of deal would be ready in time for OnePlus' next device. More realistically, an agreement reached this year could apply to a potential OnePlus 7 in 2018. But perhaps negotiations are further along than Lau and Pei were willing to let on.

Huawei, another rising star from China, hit a stumbling block on their path to dominance when a highly anticipated carrier deal with AT&T for their Mate 10 Pro fell through due to pressure from the US government. Could this work to OnePlus' advantage?

Worth waiting for the OnePlus 6T?

Lau also confirmed that the next OnePlus phone could arrive late in the second quarter of 2018 (so, around June), in line with the OnePlus 5's release date last year. As for a potential OnePlus 6T, Lau stated that he was "not 100% sure" if OnePlus would release a second phone in 2018.

One might recall that last year, OnePlus kept us guessing about the 5T until almost the last minute. However, according to a leaked list of smartphones scheduled to carry the Snapdragon 845, both the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T are scheduled for release with Qualcomm's new chipset. 

What features will the OnePlus 6 have?

In-display fingerprint reader, OPPO and Vivo style design

Not even the CEO is trying to keep his new smartphone secret from the public. During a meeting between Pete Lau and Indian star Amitabh Bachchan, two new OnePlus 6 units were spotted.

No blurred photo teasers this time. In the meeting, the OnePlus CEO physically showed the new smartphones in black and white to the actor and presenter.

ced244c1 0043 440f 9bd5 753f9582ee61
Pete Lau and a white OnePlus 6 on the left. Amitabh Bachchan and a black OnePlus on the right. / © SlashLeaks

The video was posted on Amitabh's Twitter profile but was promptly removed, probably at the request of OnePlus. As you well know, nothing escapes the keen eyes of Internet users and, above all, nothing can really be removed from from online. 

It's the real thing! / © SlashLeaks

Aiming for a premium feel with glass back

At first, it was uncertain whether the materials used in the OnePlus 6 would be metal, ceramic, sandstone, or glass. Every option has it's fans, but a glass back for the OnePlus 6 was confirmed by CEO Pete Lau in a lengthy post on the OnePlus forum.

Explaining the decision to go for glass this time, Lau describes the Chinese brand's approach to industrial design and its history using different materials, such as the change from sandstone to metal with the OnePlus 3.

When it comes to the OnePlus 6, the new device will be familiar in appearance: the signature horizon line and precise curve to the back of the device is here to stay. 

Lau shared an insight into the industrial design process of the OnePlus 6. / © OnePlus

So why go for glass? Lau justifies the decision thusly: “glass communicates a transparent, bright, and pure feeling”.  The aim of the design was to communicate a "sense of value" and "premium hand-feel" to the end user. The CEO also stressed that the decision was based on a rigorous testing process—designers went through over 70 glass prototypes before selecting the best one. 

oneplus 6 teaser
The header image to Lau's post teases a purple variant. / © OnePlus

An interesting detail is that the glass back of the OnePlus 6 consists of five printed layers of Nanotech Coating instead of the usual three. According to Lau, this will create a subtle but strong sense of depth to the device that users will certainly appreciate.

A new render also surfaced from VideoCardz. You can check out the details close up, including its dual camera, fingerprint reader which is located on the body, the notch, and a white back that will be made of glass.

This is the first OnePlus phone (and hopefully last) with a notch
The OnePlus 6 is looking good so far, besides the notch of course / © SlashLeaks

From these photos you can also see how the company's iconic alert slider, which has been moved to the right side.

Avengers Limited Edition: carbon-fiber smartphone

The new teaser shows us the Avengers version, available in India exclusively on Amazon. It's not looking like we will see this special edition in the US. OnePlus seems to have opted for what looks like a texture similar to the carbon-fiber cases, a material that has already been used on many of the company's smartphones and covers.

The Star Wars edition of OnePlus 5T was released with the name Sandstone White, so we could expect a version without the Avengers branding to be released stateside.

A similar design to the successful OnePlus 5T

The first and original OnePlus, the flagship killer, was anticipated by a teaser image from the company showing a Sony Xperia Z1 positioned to hide the legendary OnePlus One. It aimed to demonstrate how it was possible to insert a 5.5" display under a smartphone by just 5".

OnePlus tries again with OnePlus 6, which in the last image posted on Twitter appears hidden under a OnePlus 5T as a demonstration that the overall size of the smartphone will remain more or less unchanged.

From the image we can see the left side of the smartphone, which lacks the now iconic Alert Slider, despite this feature being teased previously by OnePlus itself. It has probably been moved to the other side of the OnePlus 6.

Really, OnePlus? / © Twitter - @johgru2

It could be the first of the series to be waterproof 

The OnePlus is likely to be waterproof. It would be the first smartphone from the company to offer this protection, which is not officially present on OnePlus 5T. In the latest from the OnePlus Twitter account, the reference to this feature is obvious (although the video doesn't show the device):

OnePlus CEO shows off the camera work

The OnePlus 6 should be equipped with a dual camera on the back, 20+16MP, according to exif information analyzed and extracted. Numbers that, as always, say nothing on their own. Today more than ever, where software, the presence of artificial intelligence and different modes often make a difference.

Pete Lau, CEO of the Chinese brand, decided to share some photos taken with the new OnePlus 6 on his Weibo account. The photos were taken in Stanford, California, during a sunny day, with excellent light conditions. Results? Admire them for yourself and let us know what you think!

OnePlus 6 Peter leu 01
The shaded areas show a lot of detail. / © Pete Lau
OnePlus 6 Peter leu 02
The colors appear bright. / © Pete Lau

In-display fingerprint reader as previewed by OPPO and Vivo

OnePlus is part of a larger company called BBK. This holding company controls some of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, even if you probably have never seen one of these companies' devices in person as they are not officially sold in the West: we are talking about Vivo and OPPO.

banner 2p
Oppo R15 has a version with ceramic back, it would be nice to see a similar version of OnePlus 6. / © OPPO

In the last few days, the new devices of the two OnePlus sister companies have been announced, which have a common design language that confirms the leaks of recent weeks. Both the OPPO R15 and Vivo X21 have a very similar design with displays covering most of the front surface (including notch) and a glass or ceramic back. This would give even more credibility to the leaked photo of OnePlus 6 that you find below.

Screenshot 2018 3 19 New Vivo X21 UD hints at OnePlus 6 scanner embedded in the screen waifu2x photo noise3 scale tta 1
The new Vivo X21 UD is a minor update of the X20 UD, which was the first smartphone with an integrated fingerprint reader in the display. / © Vivo

What we would like to see on the new OnePlus 6 is the fingerprint reader integrated into the display. Vivo is using this technology for the second time in its X21 UD. The photo circulated on the net previously showed a fingerprint reader on the back of the next flagship killer but the new smartphone from Vivo puts everything back into play.

If OnePlus could use this technology, it would be a step ahead of all competitors (Samsung, Apple or Huawei) as the first smartphone marketed in the West with this functionality.

Even in the photos previously published by the Chinese ITHome website, the presence of the notch was revealed, in perfect iPhone X style. It also shows the settings screen that reveals the presence of Android 8.1 Oreo, OxygenOS 5.1.0_MEA_3 and security patches updated to December 5. The display unit offers 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory.

oneplus 6 leak hands on
Glass shell and notch on the front - the supposed prototype of the OnePlus 6. / © @熊本科技

The image also shows the shell in glass, which houses, in addition to the brand logo, a double camera followed by the flash and fingerprint reader. OnePlus 6, if this is the device, may therefore offer wireless charging.

Good news for audio fans

Evan Blass tweeted a legitimate looking image of the OnePlus 6, and yes, it has a headphone jack! Also along the lower edge is the speaker and USB-C port alongside it.

Looking at back of the phone, its surface has an interesting pattern and texture, almost like the design Google adopts with a range of devices, contrary to previous leaks that showed the device having a glass finish. The positioning of the fingerprint sensor looks easy to reach, sitting just beneath what looks like a dual camera, a feature that we can expect to be continued from the OnePlus 5T, although this is not completely visible on the image.

The design is reminiscent of the 5T, and shares similarities with recent flagships such as the Galaxy S9, looking at the positioning of the fingerprint sensor and camera.

The OnePlus 6 will have an Alert Slider

It's shot, as per usual: 7 seconds during which you can see a light bar that moves horizontally. It seems to be the Alert Slider, the physical button integrated on the side of the smartphone in previous generations. It will be on the OnePlus 6, but will it do something different this time? 

The answer is probably yes! The Chinese company has added a curious phrase to the tweet with the video: "Slide to focus with the Alert Slider". The familiar physical button has until now been for adjusting the volume or activating the Do Not Disturb mode in a snap, but with the OnePlus 6 it could allow you to adjust the focus when using the camera.

At the moment, it's difficult to know how it will work or if the physical button with change positions. Nevertheless, it seems that OnePlus has something new to offer users, and who knows, it could be a feature which could roll out to previous models via software update.  

Love it or hate it, there will be a notch

As mentioned, the notch has already been confirmed by Carl Pei in his interview with The Verge, as well as on the OnePlus forum and the cases designed by Olixar, backing up the leaks we've seen previously.

XDA Developers found evidence of a display notch for the OnePlus 6 in the OxygenOS Open Beta 4 firmware based on Android 8.1 Oreo for the OnePlus 5T. The codename for the device appears to be enchilada, which matches with previous codenames like bacon and cheeseburger. XDA found an image file called screendecor_up_img_enchilada_1 which could have been used as an overlay for OnePlus engineers to test apps with a notch while a prototype was in development.

In the image below, you can see the mentions of enchilada among other device codenames in the code, as well as the shape of the notch overlay. Take the notch news with a pinch of salt though, as this might just be evidence of nothing more than a test.

oneplus 6 notch enchilada
The enchilada might have a notch! / © XDA Developers

Phone cases confirm our notch nightmares

The release of the OnePlus 6 is imminent, and you can now pre-order cases designed by Olixar to protect your shiny new phone. We already had confirmations from Carl Pei himself that the notch was here to stay, but the product images below make it all real:

oneplus cases
The cases are available to preorder / © Mobile Fun

We can also take a look at the placement of the fingerprint scanner, too, which remains on the back of the device (thankfully, as this is easy to reach). The only difference from its predecessor, the OnePlus 5T, is the size of the sensor, which will be a little smaller. Just below, we can see the dual camera is vertical and centered, making the phone look perfectly symmetrical. 

Regarding the bezels, it looks like the majority of the front of the phone is taken up by the display (besides the notch of course), and on the side, the volume is located further up and the alert slider has moved places to the right.

It's coming with a Snapdragon 845 processor

The latest information comes from Weibo, and has given us a clue about the pricing, as well as some specifications. In the image below, you can see that it has been compared against other flagship smartphones, such as the iPhone X, Huawei P20, and Samsung's Galaxy S9+. If the leaks are true, the OnePlus 6 will be packing a Snapdragon 845 processor, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. 

Aside from the specs, we can also see the pricing in this table. It's significantly more expensive than the 5T at $749 which might be disappointing for some fans, but if we are to expect the rumored specs and features listed here, then it's inevitable that the price will increase. After all, the device could be the first flagship to have an in-display fingerprint sensor.  

OP6 price
Specifications to compete with this year's flagships / © Weibo

According to Pete Lau, the company has “no choice” but to use the Snapdragon 845 SoC. This appears to confirm the validity of the list, unless the production schedule is somehow disrupted.

Interestingly, the OnePlus bosses won't be touting artificial intelligence a major selling point for their next Snapdragon 845-powered phone. According to Lau, AI has “become a buzzword” with little to offer that the average user can appreciate. Given how much of a hot topic AI has become in the mobile world, that's an interesting take from the Chinese up-and-comers.

Could it have Android 8.1?

A photo leak from ITHome showed a device with the model number P7819. It's running OxygenOS 5.1.0_MEA_3, which is based on Android 8.1.0 Oreo, along with a December 2017 security patch. The device in question has 6 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage.

Benchmark screenshots leaked confirming the notch

Android Central published two screenshots of AnTuTu benchmark scores supposedly from a OnePlus 6 device which came from "a source close to OnePlus". The benchmark shows an overall score of 276,510, beating the top score of the upcoming Mi Mix 2S. Plus the CPU score means it's all but confirmed to come with a Snapdragon 845 processor.

oneplus 6 antutu android central leak
The leaked benchmark screenshots hint at a notch. / © Android Central

What's really interesting about these screenshots is the status bar at the top. You'll see that the time is nestled on the left, while all the icons are pushed to the right. This is exactly the same configuration that was shown on the live photos that were recently leaked, meaning the presence of the notch has been corroborated, for better or for worse.

While OnePlus has enjoyed record sales in 2017, its rise to prominence has also been dogged with some embarrassments, including multiple discoveries of hidden software in their OS which harvested unreasonable amount of data from their users without explicit permission.

Nonetheless for many users, including our own readers, the attractive pricing and premium features of the OnePlus phones outweigh concerns about privacy, and the OnePlus 5T was the fastest- and best-selling device in the company's history. OnePlus has followed up on its success by releasing special limited editions of the flagship killer, including a Star Wars edition and the new Sandstone White edition.

OnePlus 6: Technical Specifications

OnePlus 6 Technical Specifications
Display 6.28inch, AMOLED, 1080 x 2280 pixel
OS Android 8.1 Oreo
Processor Snapdragon 845
Memory 64 or 128GB
Camera Dual 16MP f/1.7, 27mm + 20MP
Battery 3450mAh, non-removable

Are you looking forward to the OnePlus 6? What features do you expect from it?

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  • Javi Jun 4, 2018 Link to comment

    Accesories discount :
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    20$ of free accesories
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    Nice Phone. OnePlus 6

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    I firmly believe the notch is not a feature it's a compromise!

  • Ivan C. May 14, 2018 Link to comment

    .... bring back the small form factor phones like 4.7" screens!!!!!

  • David Martrano May 14, 2018 Link to comment

    So one plus is having talks with US carrier's. I think if these phones are carried by the major carrier's here in the US they would have banner sales especially with the prices cheaper than Samsung & Apple. What are the chances?

  •   16
    Deactivated Account May 14, 2018 Link to comment

    OIS or bust. you don't get to charge $700+ for a phone being the new guy on the block without carrier support, especially when your products depend almost fully on the hardware chosen and hardly on the software. carl and friends have a rude awakening on the way.

    • David Martrano May 15, 2018 Link to comment

      Matt, that's what held me back from purchasing the z2force, no OIS with the camera. I jumped ship from Lenovo because how they downgraded that feature! For myself without that camera feature it's fruitless!

  • John May 9, 2018 Link to comment

    it's not a notch
    if you think about it the notch is where the upper black area would have been so, far from the OnePlus 6 having a notch encroaching into the screen, the screen is extended into the previously black area, so it's actually a screen extension! more screen is surely a positive thing.

  • storm May 8, 2018 Link to comment

    Meh I'm not into scat play. If this gets deleted, I fully understand. It's pushing a boundary

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    Surplus Oppo chassis...

  • Sorin Apr 28, 2018 Link to comment

    Since the first model, OnePlus has proven to be able to maintain a highly competitive market, where every detail counts, each technical specification must be at the highest standard, and last but not least, the look to be liked by buyers. Often, the look seems to be an even more important attribute than performance, because today it has reached very high performances even on phones considered "weak".
    And OnePlus 6 looks bestially beautiful.

  • Kent Shephard Apr 26, 2018 Link to comment

    Not even in consideration.
    If it doesn't work on Verizon, there is no point.
    Also looking at the Antutu score of 276K is good, but my Essential manages to score 209K; which I think is plenty fast.

  • Rusty H. Apr 23, 2018 Link to comment

    The faster you release it, the faster the OnePlus 6T comes along LOL.

  • storm Apr 12, 2018 Link to comment

    You'll have to explain why I should care about a buggy copycat design with a secret message. That's only interesting to the converted fanboys

  • Isaac Muyiwa-Ojo Apr 7, 2018 Link to comment

    I have been with OnePlus right from the beginning when many are skeptical of their quality or longevity. I went from 1 to 2 and now on 3T. The problem with them now is that they are joining the Shylock and elitist phone factors. They should remember that they were still making profit even at the peoples prices they sold their phones. They've been making very good phones ok. And one remarkable thing about them was the ability to keep updating the old phones to latest Android ware. My One Plus One was upgraded to Android 6.0 before I jettisoned it for 2 and 3T shortly after. But now Hmmm... they are leaving us who supported them from the beginning behind and running a race against our interest. Well, I am sorry, 3T may be my last with them.

  • Rusty H. Mar 12, 2018 Link to comment

    I wouldn't consider it, unless they return to the camera on the 3/3T, which was a gyro based OIS, not the cheaper EIS software version. Not to mention unless you have to be first, it's best to wait about 3 months. After the 6 comes out, they will obviously release a 6T anyway LOL.

  • Holy Mung DiveR Mar 8, 2018 Link to comment

    you guys dont even list the price of the oneplus5t from oneplus website wich us only 500 bux for the 6gb version....also been thinking about at trying a oneplus but if there going down that extremely weak notch road then i wont bother that notch is the worst thing to happen to smartphones since att

  • Kent Shephard Feb 28, 2018 Link to comment

    No Verizon support means I won't even look once.

  • storm Feb 28, 2018 Link to comment

    Two terrible ideas from Apple are their major design ideas. That's beyond settling. Enjoy the nothingburger from OPPOs hype house

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