Has this sensational new Omate X smartwatch already beaten the Moto 360?

Has this sensational new Omate X smartwatch already beaten the Moto 360?

The web is alight with excitement about the forthcoming Moto 360, but now a new smartwatch from French start-up Omate shows just how beautiful "square" can be. At 129 USD, the Omate X comes with 7 days of battery life and Sapphire Glass. Here’s why the Omate X might be the Moto 360 killer.

omate x 3
The Omate X: proving that square smartwatches can look cool too. / © Omate

Omate launched its first smartwatch last year, the TrueSmart, thanks to a successfully-funded kickstarter campaign. Omate has now unveiled its latest project, the Omate X, which will be arriving on September 1st.

Featuring a sleek design and removable leather strap, the smartwatch is able to sync with your device to receive push notifications for incoming calls, social media updates, messages, reminders, and more. All of this is displayed on a 1.54-inch display with 240 x 240 pixel resolution, protected by a layer of Sapphire Glass.

Here are the official specs:

Omate X specs
The Omate X technical specifications don't disappoint. / © Omate

In the official press release, Omate states: “When we think of a smartwatch, we tend to picture an expensive tech-gadget or a cheap fitness-accessory. Every single smartwatch in the market asks the user to compromise – be that on battery life, functionality or style.”

Omate is clearly trying to make a stand against these problems that have been plaguing past smartwatches, with a customizable design that focuses both on style and longevity. It doesn't appear to have scrimped on the specs, either. 

A smartwatch with sleek design and impressive battery life is what people have been crying out for. / © Omate

With an early September release it will be in prime position to take on the hotly anticipated Moto 360, and at half the price, with almost 3x longer battery life, it's looking like a real contender for the best smartwatch of 2014.

What do you think of the Omate X? Do you think it can compete with the Moto 360?

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  • David Aug 23, 2014 Link to comment

    Not there for me. I think for me the key to smart watches will be making them a good auxiliary to the phone. Allowing basic functionality with the phones functionswhile adding some new functions. The phone has a camera, no need to have that on the watch.
    Where the 360 gets this right is not adding unnecessary items to replace functions of the phone but additional features such as the heart rate monitor. No charging port will make it look nicer too.
    It seems to me that this watch doesn't add enough to the functions of the phone to be able to beat the Moro360.
    They both achieve what they do with style though. Both very nice looking devices. If the lower functionality with lower price suits, then this might suit. If you want a little more, then pay a little more. That's just the way I see it.

  • great news for me.... wasn't ready to spend that much on the moto 360.. might as well buy a one plus one

  • Ridiculous. In no way a Moto360 killer. First, a proprietary OS, not AndroidWear and second some fly-by-night company with a reputation for not delivering or supporting their products. Any BS company can make outlandish claims. Sounds more like an iWatch killer, one vapor device besting another.

    • True, Omate's claims may be inaccurate. If they are correct though, if the device has 7 day battery... that's already much better than the current competition. And I'm not sure how important true Android Wear integration is going to be. I guess I'm not impressed enough by Android Wear's current capabilities to really see it as a necessity for all smartwatches. I agree with you though, Omate is yet to prove itself, until it does I will remain skeptical.

      • I think it is only logical that Android Wear and whatever Apple decides to call their OS will receive the most developer attention. It just makes no business sense for a company to continue investing in development for a platform that will quickly require updates to processing speed, power consumption, etc. So, I think you will see developers coalesce around the two platforms and these single-company platforms will quickly be left in the dust. I think even ones like Pebble will be overtaken in the not too distant future. Developers won't be able to make a living developing for a platform whose user base grows smaller and smaller. I was following one called the Agent Smartwatch which is now irrelevant even before it goes to production.

  • Do not under any circumstances buy anything from Omate. They started with the True smart watch on Kickstarter and did not deliver the product they promised but a severely inferior and defective product. Read through the comments on the Kickstarter campaign or go see a condensed version of the complaints on Wikipedia. They have not given refunds or replacements. They have ignored their backers and made numerous false promises. They are an online company only so it is next to impossible to find them to file a complaint with the authorities - I have spent several hours trying.

    • Sadly, this is a familiar story for many kickstarter projects. They all begin with such high hopes and many promises, but it's very hard to predict how a project will develop. It's a shame, but this is kickstarter - you don't really pay for a product...you pay for a project. These guys didn't really have a proven track record when they went to kickstarter, people were funding Omate at their own risk.

      It's disappointing that they haven't been able to deliver the first time around. I hope this next device has more success.

  • I love the fact that the 360 is round so no winner for me. It's not only specs for me.

  • Not bad looking and a step in the right direction. But, somehow still not there... Is it really hard to make something like this: http://www.dezeen.com/2013/09/11/nismo-smartwatch/

  • Ed E. Aug 20, 2014 Link to comment

    Love the look and design......hope its as good as it looks. Will be considering buying it if it works like they say.

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