24 hours with the P20 Pro: Will the spark be triggered?

24 hours with the P20 Pro: Will the spark be triggered?

The Huawei P20 Pro is official, but its availability stateside is uncertain. The device is already available for pre-order in Europe for 899 euros (which would be around $1000), and we've had a chance to spend some time with it. It's a flagship may have revolutionized smartphone photography, and it packs an impressive Kirin 970 processor: an attractive smartphone that I couldn't wait to meet!

Definitely an attractive device

One word: beautiful! The Huawei P20 Pro is a smartphone that strikes you from the first glance. It looks sleek and elegant, it's easy to handle and can be used with one hand without a problem. The assembly and overall finish is almost perfect.

Be careful when placing it on a smooth surface, though, as it tends to slip away. From the coffee table in the bar to the one in the airplane, in less than 24 hours I had to rescue the phone from falling. Luckily, it didn't drop on the floor, thank goodness! It's a little too early for a drop test. 

Another small detail: the double camera protrudes from the body making the P20 Pro sit unevenly on a flat surface.

AndroidPIT huawei p20 pro front 2cbu
Beautiful, well made and handy / © NextPit

Be prepared to clean it

The Huawei P20 Pro's blue body creates beautiful light effects (unfortunately I don't have the Twilight version, the colors of which are even more stunning) but, as always with glass panels, it will soon be covered with fingerprints. Less than an hour from my appointment, the new Chinese flagship already needed some spring cleaning.

Glass body creates pleasant light effects but shows fingerprints easily

The camera is looking good!

The P20 Pro has introduced not two, but three cameras that work together to improve the quality of shots. On paper this is really impressive and promising (40MP main sensor, 20MP monochrome and 8MP tele, 3x optical zoom, autofocus laser, larger pixels). In reality, how good are the photos taken with the device?

The first shots were great, with accurate detailing. Black and white is once again one of the tools in the device's camera, and the 8MP sensor allows the use of the 3x zoom even if not with the 40MP resolution. One feature I was impressed by was the ability to take good photos at night without a tripod, you can hold the phone for a maximum of 8 seconds and the result isn't blurry.

We'll obviously write a separate article about the camera, but while you're there, take a look at the first shots of the P20 Pro and let me know what you think:

Face unlock

I wasted no time in activating face unlock. I wanted to test the feature because i've been using it for some time on the LG V30, and with the View 10. It worked smoothly and unlocked quickly with the Pro, although I must admit the OnePlus 5T is faster. This isn't an issue though, when I pulled the P20 Pro out of my bag to use at the airport, it was ready to use in a flash. 

By activating the face unlock from the settings you will notice that the Lift function is activated by default. This may affect battery consumption and may be annoying during use, but it depends what your preferences are.

AndroidPIT huawei p20 pro 4d autofocus tracking 2cbu
The first photos taken by the Pro are promising! / © NextPit

How long does the battery last?

It comes with a large 4000mAh battery capacity, despite its slim size (7.8 mm thick and 180 grams in weight). We haven't done any battery tests properly as of yet, but during my first day with the phone it had around 30% charge left over in the evening after using it to browse settings, take pictures, launch some apps and send some messages.

Love at first sight?

It is not easy to resist its charm. Personally, I find the Huawei P20 Pro to be a beautiful smartphone. Yes, the design is the same as the iPhone X, but I have to say that this doesn't bother me too much. On the software side I noticed that some apps suddenly closed, this is probably because the phone I tested was not the final version - in the next few days I will tell you more.

The P20 Pro could have proven itself as more original and not taken so many features from its competitor (the icon of the Music app is really a copy of the one used by Apple) but with the three cameras it manages to redeem itself. We'll have to do more of a thorough test to see if these three sensors make a difference, but for now my first impressions are that Huawei has pulled it out of the bag with an attractive design and interesting features.

I enjoyed my first 24 hours with the P20 Pro: a second date is scheduled! Keep your eyes peeled for a further review.

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  • Neha Gera Apr 4, 2018 Link to comment

    I think it is a best phone to buy but it's price stop me

  • bulitz ec Apr 4, 2018 Link to comment

    Too expensive + a notch! Ugh.

  • Andrew Burgin Mar 31, 2018 Link to comment

    what was the use of creating a back glass cover that might look good a first glance,then spoilt with the camera humps sticking out,so to want to put your phone down flat on a surface a cover will be required to make sure the P20pro lays down flat,just wish these mobile produces would think about the person buying these phones with glass fronts & backs that break so easily,this could deter people away from buying the P20pro the camera humps sticking out to much and the damage to the camera lens when laying the phone down

  • Rusty H. Mar 30, 2018 Link to comment

    Personally, I think the price is too high. The $400-500 dollar phones for me, are the better value. Everything else pretty much is window dressing fluff.

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